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  1. Okay. We've invited me into a mindbogglingly unlikely horror fantasy, where my kid gets sex trafficked. (Was he stranger-kidnapped too? If so, I'll need even more commas to property express those odds.) So the question is how would I feel about LEO leveraging my kid's very personal nightmare & spinning it into a mostly fictional dystopia where sex traffickers are so prevalent & so powerful that parents could reasonably go day to day believing kids were in actual danger? I'd be pretty cheesed off. edited for spleling.
  2. An About Us page? That seems an odd substitute for sourced, reviewable data from an independent body.
  3. I'm all-the-way behind this. Whatever we traded family-based child/aged care for, we got scammed. The pressure to chop up and scatter families (shaming @home 20yo, zoning laws, corp-centric job markets) shapes every inch of modern living.
  4. The news of longest lasting impact is political & is having a tremendous impact on US Saints. I predict it will not be directly addressed. Addressing it in a way that meaningfully reflects the reality of Black Saints in the US would be interesting. I'd welcome that. But not the protests? That would be some Super-Duper level dog whistling. Pretty much an open declaration of political alliance.
  5. Your suppositions are perfect openers for nearly every societal rant I have. I feel like I should contribute to your kickstarter or something.
  6. I think it's less that society turns a blind eye to US domestic sex trafficking and more that US news orgs reflexively parrot LEO's routinely overblown claims about trafficking, without ever vetting them first.
  7. So, I came up with a couple of response options. tl;dr Option: Most parents have little choice except for society to take on some of the load, because their daily demands outstrip available parental resources. Or the Verbose Seminar Option What we had for most of human history: Generational families in ongoing physical proximity, toiling toward the family good. Children routinely roamed unsupervised, developing critical independence & interaction skills. What it's been replaced with: Families segmented by separate responsibilities and distance. Parenting that used to ta
  8. An unmemorable GC forces us to rewatch it often. Clever!
  9. It's a lot to have your evening routine disrupted - a routine that's necessary, in order to be able to complete the bazillion things that callings and life demands of your family.
  10. sidebar: I feel the same way about our hymn-singing time. Yes, I am a child of God but that doesn't translate to I am 6yo & enjoy singing nursery school hymns. I seem to be the only one tho. That's all. Thank you for coming to my TED rant.
  11. Why not? I'm sure two guys with chip on their shoulders can have a perfectly civil discussion about stuff that gets their haunches up.
  12. Loud - It's our PA system that's overly loud. As in, rattle your teeth, reverb off your skull loud. Even tho the median age of our ward is death, the old people all sit up front & it's the 1st overflow where volume is set to 1 gazillion. We mentioned it for about a year and eventually gave up. We now leave to the RS room after sacrament gets passed. Kids - I'll disagree with you all day long about entitled children. After five kids I can't promise to be unbiased but it is my nature to throw shade on me+my world, when deserved. Kids get a pass from me because misbehaving is part of th
  13. I'm not that invested in this handle; I can just start over fresh. It's not hard to find another 25 posts of things to say. Maybe I'll be RecoveringEvangelicalBigot or REB. Or not.
  14. Hear hear. My dad's preferred method of birth control was beating my mom in her 3rd trimester. We need a discussion one day about temple work. I explained eternal families to one of my new sisters and the thought of eternity with my father fully horrified her. I'm reserving his temple work to prevent it from being done.
  15. This is kind of subjective. After a few years of little to no food, being able to pay the bills feels at least 2 classes above where we were. With that, this has been our best pandemic ever. I love meeting over Zoom and not in our VERY, VERY LOUD chapel. I love Sundays with no crowds and sharply reduced politics. Everything that was awful about Sunday was gone. Regarding the study, I'd say we're aligned with it - though the partner thing may not apply because my wife lives with her bf. However, my kids and I are happy to be housed up together. Three-of-Five and I are busy returning a
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