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  1. There's also the question of whether or not Joseph had the coopering skills necessary. I don't know of any source from later in life that has Joseph working as a cooper, which would be an obvious choice of profession if he had the training and financial need, and he clearly had the latter.
  2. I don't know of any way to make lead or iron appear golden or greenish, so I don't think that lead can satisfy witness descriptions even if it is comparable to ironworking. Coopers did use iron to make the bands for barrels, but the plates would require considerably more craftsmanship and probably a specialized set of tools. A basic forge and a hammer won't do it, you'd need specialized molds. Furthermore I think iron would be too tough to engrave the fine characters observed on the plates, and it would be too light to match descriptions of the plates.
  3. There are a lot of things that could be construed as "taking a step towards losing one's faith". What counts as "taking a step towards losing one's faith" depends on where you stand at the start and what you consider to be the ultimate definition of faithlessness. Is it not taking every last word of the scriptures to be literal that constitutes faithlessness? Does faithfulness depend on maintaining the iron separation between faith and science? I don't believe so and I do believe Joseph Smith when he says that our faith encompasses and adopts all truth. My belief in ongoing revelation demands
  4. I'm gonna be honest, I think this is an extremely unconvincing argument. Have you ever read Livy whenever the topic of Scipio Africanus is brought up? Or Fabius Cunctator? Or Marcellus? Talk about hagiography - and yet the one-dimensionality is clearly not a justifiable reason to believe that these characters were not real. Modern nuancebros love complicated characters and complex storylines - complexity as measure of quality. It was not always thus. Frankly I find more humanity in the guilty Nephi, the insecure Moroni II, the brash and aggressive Captain Moroni, and the penitent and remorsefu
  5. All of that is phenomenally cool. I'm sad that Istanbul has sprawled over and largely flattened the monumental structures of ancient Constantinople (with the exception of the Hagia Sophia, of course). I've been told that good Byzantine ruins exist in Thrace which I might try and check out one day. Touring these ruins with an expert would be a dream come true.
  6. Well, I mean, I'm not the happiest with the current Pope, though I suppose it doesn't matter so much because I am not a Catholic and my opinion means squat. That said, he's definitely the most globally prominent Christian (in the eyes of the world, at least 😉).
  7. What the heck, I didn't even know they did that. I'm going to find out and if they still do that I will get there no matter what. Honestly, I wouldn't dispute that the Pope is the closest thing there is to the leader of the global Christian community. Save Jesus Christ, of course. And anybody who would dispute that Rome is the historic heart of Christianity is bonkers.
  8. She's going to Tacoma. Hopefully it'll be a good experience. My poor cousin was assigned to Tahiti and has spent around 10 months in Kentucky. A friend of mine from college was assigned to Russia and has spent around 10 months of her mission in Missouri. If she ever gets to Russia she'll only have a few months. Her mission will have been Missouri. My heart goes out to them.
  9. "souped-up version of mortality". That's a funny line and I approve. Actually that's how I've always viewed the telestial kingdom - souped-uo mortality. The celestial kingdom should not be considered in the same category. Edit: I encountered a discussion on some other board about the laws of physics and the gospel and many Smart People™️ were posting and a consensus was that, since God is a physical being He has to obey the laws of physics as we know them. And because many Smart People™️ were going along with this I bought into it for a bit until I looked up and was like "wait why the fr
  10. It would be. She's still in home MTC right now so there's plenty of time though.
  11. My sister was called to the Netherlands but she's been reassigned to Washington for the time being. Not sure when she'll get to go.
  12. Multiverse confirmed . I'm skeptical of many worlds theory though. I am not scientifically adept by any means, so I'm probably butchering this, but I've typically found my response to the problem of entropy and eternity from this. I don't think there's reason to believe that our reality is a closed system. Also it's possible that celestial glory changes basic laws of physics. I don't dip too far into that bottomless well.
  13. I expect she's doing just fine, for magnificent she was, though I'm obviously in no position to render a verdict. I unfortunately lack the quality of "being God" that would give me that right.
  14. D&C 88:99-101, emphasis mine: Juxtapose this with D&C 76:71-73: From this I've thought that the people resurrected with the second trump are those who inherit the terrestrial kingdom. It's clear that they, unlike the telestial inhabitants, rise at the beginning of the Millenium, and therefore take part in the resurrection of the just. This makes sense, since D&C 76:75 calls the terrestrial-dwellers the "honorable men of the earth", with the caveat that they were blinded by the craftiness of men. I also think that time works differently for spirits. Given tha
  15. "Destroyed" is a funky word in the scriptures. It can mean damnation, it can mean a merely temporal destruction, it can mean being separated from and divested of the fruits of the priesthood, and in the scriptures you even see references to being destroyed in the flesh but saved in the spirit. The common overarching theme appears to be "falling short". If this is the case than we live in destruction continually and salvation rises as a phoenix from the ashes of a once-fallen reality. So I don't see a specific consignment to any postmortal state in section 132. Also, those who inher
  16. I'm in. Got David Paulsen (may he rest in peace and work in heaven) and Blake Ostler on standby.
  17. "And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams" - Acts 2:17, citing Joel 2:28 Nice scripture reference . Peter and Joel had an inkling of what was to come.
  18. General charity would ask us to take his words at face value but at the same time what you are talking about is an observable phenomenon, at least if you take r/exmo posters at their words. Quite an unfortunate situation. "May God judge between me and thee" appears to be the only safe recourse.
  19. Beautiful place. I was never more than an hour and a half's drive from the mission office. Nowhere in the mission was, even in LA traffic.
  20. It's been said that the Vulgate Bible was the pillar on which Europe leaned as it fought off invasions from the south and the east. The church also provided the foundations for the university system and it is thanks to the monks and scholars that we have what documentary collections we have from classical Mediterranean history. We would know nothing of Polybius and Livy and Plutarch and Diodorus were it not for dusty monks in monasteries, toiling away on manuscripts and building better than they knew. I've generally been sympathetic to the Catholic Church and that kind of increased when I went
  21. I was a missionary a couple of years ago. My situation was probably different than most because I was in urban Los Angeles and all of us missionaries were very close together. We saw our zone and district leaders every week for district meetings and we saw the APs and President twice every six weeks for zone conference and the once-a-transfer interviews with the President. We'd get trainings from DLs every week. We'd also go on a couple of exchanges every six weeks where we'd swap companions and train or get trained for a day. So in my experience mission leadership was more integrated into the
  22. Actually Ammon is a pretty good example. In a physical self-defense situation he was a force of nature but he was an exemplar of service and humility in any other situation. Gentleness is all the more praiseworthy when the ability to be otherwise is there. As for the examples of Captain Moroni and Elijah, it's a little different. Religion was woven into the state and it was a matter of kill or be killed. And so they did. Thankfully, we do not live under such conditions. Better to follow the examples of apostles and prophets in conditions closer to our own. I can think of 15 of the top of
  23. One of the highlights of my life was visiting Rome a year or two ago. It changed everything for me. I was awestruck by the beauty of all the old churches and just astounded by the ancient Roman structures older than any building I'd ever seen before. They have this air of immensity that applies to the whole idea of the Roman Empire. From the first-century until the 19th there was always somebody proclaiming themselves as the heir of the Emperors on the Palatine. I became so absolutely intrigued that I chose the Roman navy as my research topic this semester and am considering professional work
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