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  1. Food for thought. If they truly have no authority behind them, why do you hold them as authoritative?
  2. And with what authority are these pronouncements endowed?
  3. How...never mind I don't want the answer to that question.
  4. It would almost certainly be catastrophic to very many schools. This is an excellent example of the principle that governments which are restrained from interfering with customs and institutions in a de jure sense are able to exert similar influence de facto if those institutions have first been brought down to dependence on that government for basic operations. We were given the following "gracious" allowance (to borrow from Chief Justice Roberts' verbiage) in Obergefell's majority opinion. Chief Justice Roberts didn't buy it. Neither do I. Apologies to @smac97 for my
  5. There are not enough Seinfeld references on this board. Though @JarMan's profile pic is a good start.
  6. Similar reasons I'd expect. A TV interview is not a good format for laying out a full doctrinal exposition of the Plan of Salvation. Also, it must be considered that the dominant conception of God in Hinckley's audience of Protestant Americans is that of an omnigod, which we will not become. It's unlikely for that nuance to really get across to everyone who will just hear "yep we're gonna be gods folks". His confirmation would have ultimately resulted in a damaging misconception. Just as Taylor, if he had confirmed polygamy, would have given credibility wholesale to the slanderous, salacious,
  7. This is an interesting one. It certainly does go against our felt-board expectations and doesn't look particularly great. In context, Taylor was dealing with allegations from one infamous Dr. Bennett which were inaccurate, fanciful, and more lurid in nature than the actual practices in Nauvoo, not to mention entirely lacking the theological context. I can understand the thought process. It would be easier at the time to deny as opposed to lay out the entire schema, most of which would immediately be used against him and likely combined with Bennett's false allegations to give them credi
  8. I found the following argument convincing:
  9. Yeah, I watched this movie on my mission probably more times than I should have. I didn't get pedophilia vibes. Just saying.
  10. I didn't know this dissertation existed. I have my reading plan for the next few days.
  11. All I can say is that actor who played Brigham Young in this movie had the smoothest and most buttery voice I've heard anywhere. Even if he was wrong he sounded right.
  12. I'm inclined to agree with you. I'm not convinced Christ's divinity was in His DNA. I tend to agree with Blake Ostler that divinity consists of union with God and thus Christ was God by virtue of His union with the Father. If He's genetically aligned with the Father that would probably be easier. But I doubt that we're dealing with Percy Jackson-style inherit-mad-powers-from-your-divine-parent mechanics here. One thought I've been toying with is that we are sent to the parental combinations we are sent to because their union will permit genetic profiles which suit our premortal personali
  13. To be well and good the esoteric must be moral, but the question is: whose morality? It is a known fact that cultures often lace morality into their assessments of one another and view differences between them as moral matters. Is the mere presence of the disapproval of the dominant culture sufficient to justify their critique of the separatists? A good question. I believe there are moral facts which bind even God, but I don't think highly enough of human social cognition to think that we can really understand them beyond the realm of impulses. Better definition of right and wrong has
  14. I'll be honest, my conclusions about the morality of the enterprise taken as a whole are different from yours. There isn't a way around that. It's partially because I am not as confident as you are in the accuracy of the coercion and deception paradigm. There's also more to it. I'll also state that a true cultural divisor, in order to be a real divisor and not merely a quirk, must be repellent to the dominant culture. That does not justify the dominant culture's assessment as authoritative. And to fully accept your argument I'd have to adopt suppositions about the authority of dive
  15. I feel so bad for your poor missionaries. I approve. I'm a fan of CKII but I haven't tried CKIII because II is so cheap on Steam.
  16. I'd like to pose a question to you. Do you believe that what you see is reality, pure reality, reality itself, and that your experience and what you have learned have nothing to do with how you interpret these perceptions? If not, then that indicates that your background experience and state of learning and wisdom affect what you perceive to be real. In which case it is obvious that maturity is needed to understand some things. Why wouldn't spiritual maturity be needed to understand some things of the gospel? That isn't arrogant or ludicrous. Experience and maturity are needed to un
  17. I think this binary adopts an approach to prophetic revelation that I don't believe is valid. I don't believe God can just download the Right Way To Do Things into our heads ex nihilo. At some point post-exaltation we're supposed to walk out on our own, at which point we will be the law unto ourselves. An arbitrarily-chosen bulk-downloaded Right Way won't be a sufficient education. The point of a mortal experience is not merely to exercise agency but also experience the pitfalls of it etched into our souls, which requires the incremental, line-upon-line style of divine correction manifes
  18. US-centric does not mean limited to the US, especially given the position of the US in the global economy. The government can borrow to cover for Social Security when the fund fails, so Social Security will only ever truly crater when the US government exceeds its capacity to pay interest on its debt and defaults. That is a global financial problem. In any case, I fail to see your point. There are a lot of members in the US who would be hit by that, why should the Church not be concerned about that?
  19. Consider me the minority I suppose. This has not been my experience.
  20. Agreed. I find it absolutely illogical that, out of ALL the characters on the papyri available to him, he would fixate on the ones from which he derived the Book of Abraham...and repackage them in a context that would completely blow his cover for anybody who had been a part of the translation process or had access to his translation manuscripts which he could have easily destroyed but didn't. Basic stuff. It's also interesting to realize that Joseph's inclusion of those particular hieroglyphs might well be the result of a process of inspiration similar to that of Mormon including the sm
  21. High-quality post. In supplement to this, I would argue that, since Phelps appears to have gotten his knowledge of "short-hand Egyptian" from Anthon by way of Harris, this gives us a precedent which would support Nibley's theory of reverse-translation. Phelps, seemingly the project's main driver, clearly knew such was possible, for he knew Champollion's precedent. It would make sense that he would try the same. Of course, I do think Schryver succeeds in demonstrating that the Grammar and Alphabet are not papyri-derived. But it is a curious note.
  22. Good take in my opinion. A few of the more convincing reasons I've heard for polygamy: 1. Cultural divisor. The Saints needed something to set them apart as a community from the broader world. 2. Cultural unifier. The backlash to the Manifestos highlighted the fact that polygamy had sunk into the Saint's "peculiar people" identity. I can see such a peculiar identity being necessary in keeping things together in the early days. And for obvious reasons the unifying factor could not be something anodyne...or else there would be nothing "peculiar" about it. 3. Abrahamic tria
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