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  1. So, do you think the Book of Abraham text was mixed in there with the Book of Breathings? Was it after it on the papyrus, or on the other side?
  2. I took a look at his FAIR presentation and the Youtube links. Interesting stuff. I read your own scholarly commentary on the Book of Abraham once but I can't seem to find it now. Could you post me a link so I can bookmark it? I'm eager to hear your take on things. I am aware of a significant amount of connections to the ancient world, though I'm also familiar with David Bokovoy's criticism of the Book of Abraham as anachronistic (though a Semitic redactor model around the time of the writing of the papyrus would largely deal with that while retaining the ancient character of the book). I
  3. With the red banner up top I am hesitant to approach anything in the vicinity of politics, but this is insightful. On the one hand, I can empathize with the fear of many who have no paycheck coming in. It's understandable why they want the economy to reopen. At some point we'll have to, vaccine, flattened curve, or no. But it truly presents a regrettable commentary on our society, that our lines of supply and sustenance are so fragile and complicated that it collapses so fast. All this for cheaper luxury. Mammon does not seem to be a particularly considerate or intelligent god.
  4. Well, he claimed it provisionally, to be fully realized in the future. Millenial kingdom of God and all that.
  5. Wilford Woodruff referred to the Book of Abraham translation work as being executed through the Urim and Thummim, which is cognate with seer stones: Orson Pratt referred to the BoA translation as follows in the Journal of Discourses: I had gotten it into my head at some point that Warren Parrish had mentioned a seer stone being involved in the 1835 translation period of the BoA, for which he was a scribe and firsthand witness. I cannot, however, find the source at the moment, so take that with a grain of salt. I don't think there's any other firsthand corroboration of the prese
  6. Interesting. Is it common for Egyptian ceremonial texts to have writing on both sides? Of course, it doesn't have to be common to be plausible; clearly this was no ordinary Egyptian ritual text. Would it be possible to observe the backs of the extant papyri to examine them for writing, or would that be too damaging? I suppose that's more of a question for the Church archivists. Regardless, you've given me a good bit to think about. In the past, I've leaned towards the catalyst theory, thinking that the book came as pure revelation and the facsimiles were included as something of a modern
  7. I have a paper copy of some quotes from it, a presentation somebody made once. I'll go consult it, though I should certainly get my hands on the full text. Nibley's work is getting a little old, though, so I am hesitant to use it, excellent though it was at the outset. So, if Facsimiles 1 and 3 come from the same scroll, can we assume the Book of Abraham was likely sourced from that same scroll? Of course, since we have Facsimile 2 we know that Abrahamic materials were not constrained to any particular scroll.
  8. Do we know the hat was white at all?
  9. Thank you, Robert! The scene you provided is indeed quite a bit clearer than JS III. Are other versions of Spell 125 similarly cluttered? Please bear with me for a little bit, I'm trying to learn what goes where when it comes with the papyri. Am I correct in thinking that, since this is in Spell 125, it would be nearby Facsimile 3, which is supposedly another vignette from chapter 125 of the Book of Going Forth by Day? Would they be found on a different scroll than Facsimile 1? I'm under the impression that Facsimile 1 is from the Breathing Permit and that is entirely separate from
  10. Sure. Caswall described what looks like another image here: There is a potential match within the Joseph Smith Papyri, which I've reproduced here. On the left side you can see the same 4-figure symbol associated with the 4 corners of the Earth in Facsimile 2, being faced by a leonine figure. There's a person standing behind the lion-figure, and prominent people drawn in the lower right. That said, I don't see the person behind the lion doing any restraining, and the figures to the bottom right are distorted to the point that I can't identify a Jacob, though there is a damaged person pa
  11. Ooof. Fair enough, that's an error on my part.
  12. @stemelbow Thank you for posting the texts of the eyewitness accounts. As I was reading them, my attention was drawn to the descriptions of the various images within the texts. Josiah Quincy notes that the image he saw was of a woman and a legged serpent - an image which is not extant among the Joseph Smith Papyri that we have. Caswall reported two images, one of which is clearly Facsimile 1, but the description of the second doesn't match any of the papyri we have that I know of. Finally, of course, there is Charlotte Haven and her retelling of Lucy's reading of the Abraham scroll. From
  13. Questioning the emotional balance of an information source is not vilification.
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