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  1. I mean, according to evolution, our species was preceded by apes. At some point you have to have a turning point wherein children of God started being born to beings without that same distinction. It's really just a matter of when if human evolution is accepted. Also, I don't think Ted Bundy's actions in mortality can say anything at all about his condition before mortality. That would start to smack of predestination.
  2. Hmmm. That certainly is an interesting possibility. The idea of existence following concept in the mind somewhat accords with Alma 40:8, which states that time doesn't exist for God but is measured only by man. I would argue, however, that animals are aware of the phenomenon of death, especially social animals. They might not have the capacity to muse on it and what comes next, but they at least know what death is. However, if Adam and Eve and their descendants did not exist to have the concept we now hold, would it still exist? Interesting stuff.
  3. My take, unsolicited though it is, that Adam and Eve were the first of God's spirit children to be sent to earth. There are, to my mind, two ways in which this could be compatible with the idea of human evolution. We don't know much about spiritual biology, as it were. We don't know what makes spirits more intelligent than others, for instance. We don't know much about the spirit world and spiritual realities at all, as President Oaks taught at this last General Conference. I think a strong case can be made, from Revelation ch. 4 and D&C 77, that all spirits, animals included, are wha
  4. Good question, thank you for asking! For me, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is interesting because of its recent rise. Whereas the miracles and teachings of the Bible have had centuries to be altered or messed with and we can't even confirm the historicity of the primary sources, we can look right into the lives of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and those that followed them. We can see why they believed what they did. I find that perspective to be interesting, as well as the miracles and divine manifestations they all witnessed. Those are particularly compelling to me. I ha
  5. Seems like a strange thing to lie about unless one was already inclined to lie regarding the Book of Mormon. The ubiquity of "and it came to pass" in the Book of Mormon is pretty distinctive and is prominent as one of the major parallelomania triggers. Seems like as good a subject of a lie as any. That said, I don't know enough about Henry Lake to accuse him of lying, and so I won't. He could simply be making a mistake in recollection, he could have been misquoted, or maybe Spaulding listened and deleted all the "and it came to pass." I don't know and it doesn't particularly matter. What
  6. The conversation on the ecliptic's relevance for timekeeping is my addition, not Pearl of Great Price Central's. I am the only one to be blamed if it is indeed an error. However, I believe that a pre-Copernican outlook is more appropriate for interpreting Pearl of Great Price cosmology. The Egyptians, from what Egyptology tells us, viewed Ra's barque as moving through the sky, as opposed to the Earth moving around it.
  7. The whole Abrahamic cosmological system is oriented around the motion of celestial bodies and specifically their relation to timekeeping. The ecliptic forms the basis of our understanding of the year. It's what we use to determine timeframes longer than a day. In the context of timekeeping, which is what Abrahamic cosmology is all about, the ecliptic is the sun. It should also be mentioned that, while our modern understanding causes us to view the Sun as a discrete object in space, to pre-heliocentric societies the Sun was inextricably connected with the path that it followed. I think
  8. I mean, we know where Brother Joseph is buried. It would be extremely against my sensibilities to go check, but it could be done. However, I highly doubt that Joseph Smith Jr. has been resurrected. He passed on the keys given to him while he was alive. He doesn't have a volume of scripture to protect and bring forth anymore. Not much reason for him to be resurrected prematurely. Furthermore, from what Joseph F. Smith tells us, Brother Joseph is extremely busy in the spirit world, attending to preparations for the Savior's return and the great missionary work on the other side of the veil
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