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  1. Maybe someone asked this already, but if I am cremated and my ashes scattered, how can my resting place be dedicated?
  2. Y’all are really missing out if you aren’t teaching primary. We have cool videos for each story along with an activity. It’s hard to get it all in in the 30 min we have so I usually pick one story like David and Goliath to focus on, although I made sure to talk about both Ruth and Hannah since there are so few stories about women in the Bible. Two of my class members are the bishop’s kids so they can usually tell the stories better than I can. You can tell they study CFM as a family. I don’t miss adult Sunday school, sorry to say.
  3. Not sure what you think autism has to do with any of this but I find it very offensive.
  4. Or doors that say don’t knock because it makes the dog bark, then the baby wakes up, and the mom is not going to be happy, lol. My daughter has something like this on her door.
  5. That’s not good. Probably those r/Mormon people they are always talking about, lol. Unfortunately, there will always be trolls out there. I haven’t posted much there, but I the public comments I read seem pretty faith-promoting.
  6. I was going to say basically the same thing. It was nice to have a gospel principles class I could take my non-member sister to so she could learn the basics. Before CFM I felt like we delved deeper in Gospel Doctrine class and it was over her head. I think with CFM and everyone in the same class, we are more at a GP level.
  7. I agree. I became a member in 1992 and I didn’t question the accuracy of anything I was taught by missionaries or members. The only “historical” books I read were the “Work and Glory” series which just reiterated everything I had been taught. I wouldn’t have even known what to look for because no one I was around discussed anything other than what now seems to be a somewhat white-washed version of our history.
  8. I think it’s more fun to discuss in primary:)
  9. I just finished the series. I thought the ending was well done. Overall, there were missteps, but not knowing anything about the story, I watched it like a whodunnit, and enjoyed it as much as other whodunnits I’ve watched. It was even more interesting to me with the bits of Mormon culture, good and bad, thrown in. I do think that Andrew Garfield’s acting made it work.
  10. This sketch made me think of the conversation on this thread. BYU reference… priceless, lol.
  11. Not so fast, lol. I became a member in 1992 and I was taught we are not a denomination. That would make us one of many instead of the one true church on the earth. I think we may have backed off on being offended by being called a denomination in the last few years with more emphasis on our leaders being part of ecumenical conversations. I think this is a good thing.
  12. Thank you for this. I live in Texas and all that keeps going through my mind is that we are getting close to a Texas style of Sharia law, and it is scary.
  13. I think it is very interesting to hear his take on it. Since I didn’t go to the temple until 1993 I didn’t know anything about the blood oath, but I’m now wondering if at least one of the signs hearkens back to that. I won’t get into any more than that. As far as the baptismal interview, I don’t remember my children being asked about tithing. I wasn’t great about paying my own at that time (we were always broke) or having my kids pay theirs so I would be surprised if their baptism depended on it. I don’t know much about Haun’s Mill so I’m interested to hear other’s take on that. I’m enjoying the series so far, and I also see it as a story about how dangerous fundamentalism can be. The LDS church certainly hasn’t cornered the market on extremism, but for some reason, our history is prone to being hijacked by some bizarre and dangerous groups.
  14. I don’t think you realize how far to the right The powers that be in Texas have moved.
  15. Omg, my daughter has frozen embryos here in Texas. That’s crazy. I need to research that.
  16. https://vimeo.com/560115448?ref=em-share The thread made me think of this commercial.
  17. I don’t think so. I grew up in a different church and people-pleasing and just having a bright, sunshiney attitude was not prevalent like it seems to be in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In fact, being in the Bible Belt, almost everyone had a church, but they didn’t seem particularly bent on people-pleasing. It was probably the missionaries who exuded these traits most of all, and they were some of the first “Mormons” I met as an investigator. I attributed it to how happy LDS people were, so it didn’t turn me off.
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