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  1. I’m not sure I understand the purpose of signing something like this.
  2. Oh yes, I used to be from the states’ rights school of thinking. “The Lost Cause” as it were. My thinking has changed dramatically over the years. The war was about holding onto our “peculiar institution” plain and simple, and should not be glorified, but rather studied so it never happens again. Put the statues of Confederate leaders where they belong - in museums, and use their stories as a cautionary tale. Retire the stars and bars. It shouldn’t be displayed any more than the Nazi flag should be displayed. How can our black brothers and sisters ever feel at home in a land where we still ho
  3. I’m also born and raised in Texas. Not sure what you mean.
  4. Some towns here in Texas still have parades where citizens march with Confederate flags and honor Confederate generals while the community cheers them on. I’m sure that kind of behavior makes people of color feel oh so welcome and safe - not.
  5. I get your point. It does seem like they have learned more over the course of the pandemic, though. It makes sense that even though masks don’t keep all of the droplets out, they can protect the wearer from a large viral load, especially if they are made from the right kind of material, i.e., tightly woven and multi-layered.
  6. Has anyone posted this? New CDC guidelines say face masks protect those wearing them, too—here are the best ones https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/6255602002
  7. Cases are on the rise again here in Texas. My granddaughter has been quarantined after being exposed at school. It’s not over.
  8. Some might say it’s a Hobson’s Choice within the church.
  9. Fair enough. I wasn’t even thinking about other countries where polygamy has always been legal like Saudi Arabia. I was thinking of it in the context of the US where it is illegal. However, putting aside the legality, I think it is unfair to compare gay marriage to polygamy or adultery because a person chooses to be polygamous or adulterous. They aren’t born that way.
  10. I appreciate your thoughtful answer although I don’t completely agree. I do not try to persuade God, but I do have my own thoughts and feelings about the subject that I believe come from personal revelation. I think God is more understanding of each of his children than we know.
  11. I tend to agree with you. It is hard to understand. My daughter is a social worker and thinks a person would have to really be able to twist things around in their mind to stay in a church that makes them feel like that. I think it probably takes someone of great faith, but it would be wonderful to hear from gay people who have decided to stay themselves or have asked to have their children baptized.
  12. Imho, comparing gay marriage to adultery or polygamy (which is the same as adultery when not commanded by God) is not fair. Gay married couples who are monogamous are just like monogamous heterosexual couples. They are not cheating like an adulterer. They are being true to their spouse and creating a family. I just think we can find a place for them at the table, like Bluebell says, although I’m not sure why any gay family would want to be in a church where many people think of them as “less than”.
  13. So the only way you see a gay person having full fellowship is either in a mixed orientation marriage or being celibate?
  14. Perhaps you shouldn’t think so much about what other adults might or might not be doing with each other. What is disgusting to you might be a loving gesture to someone else. Just a thought.
  15. I feel like some people are scared of married, gay couples having the same rights in our church that heterosexual couples have. What is the underlying fear? How would it hurt our mission of bringing people to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ if gay families were allowed full fellowship including callings and temple recommends?
  16. I’ve never thought of my role in the next world that way. I’ve always assumed that my husband and I would create and manage worlds together as equals. Please don’t burst my bubble:)
  17. This is interesting. Looks like more studies have been done that show a link between coronavirus infection and blood type. https://www.businessinsider.com/blood-type-coronavirus-risk-severity-2020-10
  18. I can’t add any more reactions today so I’ll just say “bravo” to this comment!
  19. I could be wrong, but I think the LDS church allows grace for the mental state of a woman. Not all problems are physical, and asking a woman who is already traumatized by rape to also carry the child to full term is more than many women could handle, and she is not condemned for that decision.
  20. Texas is one of the three states that have gone down in cases, but I take little comfort in 7000 per day. Back when we were “closed down” there were less than 1000 per day, sometimes way less. Of course Governor Abbott kisses up to Trump and we are still a very red state. I don’t think that genie is going back into the bottle.
  21. Here is what I have to say about his antics. “President Trump, please stop the shenanigans. People’s lives have been upended by this virus. Even with the virus you can’t muster a lot of empathy for the common folk. An acquaintance, same age as me, just passed last week from the virus. Turning your illness into a photo-op is disgusting.”
  22. So strange to do a drive-by. He reminds me of some type of dictator who thinks the people won’t know what to do without him. I do not wish him to come to any harm, but he is only one person, and is not irreplaceable. If he is voted out, the world will keep spinning, and America will move on, as we always do.
  23. I have to admit that searching for GC rumors is a guilty pleasure of mine and I haven’t found any for October. Perhaps it is because there aren’t many rumors that could top what has happened this year (home church, temples shut down, etc.) because of Covid-19.
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