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  1. In case anyone here is interested, here's an interview I did a couple weeks ago with Steve Pynakker and KC Kern on Steve's Mormon Book Reviews YouTube channel. Steve is an evangelical Christian who is interested in Mormonism, I am a mainline Protestant who is interested in Mormonism, and KC Kern is an LDS member who created the website, bookofmormon.online. It was a great discussion among three people of differing faith traditions, talking about a subject that interests them. I really enjoyed it!
  2. Hey y'all, As some of you know, I am not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but I am a collector of editions of The Book of Mormon. I was watching the first episode of Under the Banner of Heaven, about which I have some mixed reactions, but that's not my point here. As a BoM "enthusiast," I noticed in one scene that one of the Laffertys is shown reading a passage from the BoM, but it's not the familiar missionary edition from the 1980s, or a quad combo, but rather a facsimile edition of the 1830 BoM (see screencap below). Does anyone have any idea if fundamentalists like the Laffertys would really have read the 1830 edition instead of the Church's Salt Lake City edition? I mean, in the series (which, I know, is not exactly historically accurate) they consistently refer to themselves as "LDS," so I would have expected to see a conventional LDS edition of the BoM. Anyway, that detail stuck out to me. Please understand, I am neither endorsing nor condemning the series, and I don't want to get involved in a discussion of the show's merits or lack thereof. I'm just interested in this particular detail. I would like to hear anyone's thoughts about it.
  3. Well, I did run that half marathon, and it did get a little warmer than I liked. So it was a hard race, but I finished! And my time was 6.5 minutes better than my first half marathon, which was back in November 2021 (much cooler weather then).

  4. Tomorrow I run my second half marathon ever! (Yes, that's 13.1 miles.)

    Hoping it doesn't get TOO hot...

  5. I'm asking because I honestly don't know the answer: isn't the readership of Deseret News mostly Utahns? And wouldn't the vast majority of Utahns, even those who aren't actually Latter-day Saints, be fairly familiar with LDS terminology? I mean, I'm fairly familiar with a lot of LDS terminology, and I'm a non-member from IL who lives in TN. (Neither of those states have very large LDS populations.)
  6. Well, there it is...


  7. Did a six-mile run this morning, with only a tiny bit of very light rain. Right now, the sun is out, so I guess I could have done it later.

    Oh well, good to get it done early. Thunderstorms are supposed to roll through middle TN pretty soon.

  8. Finally got around to mowing the lawn for the first time this Spring. A task which DESPERATELY needed to be done! My lawn was beginning to look a bit like this...


  9. Went for a run today, and the wind was still a little strong...made for a pretty tough last mile!

    Still, after yesterday's storm, the weather was pretty decent.


  10. As a non-LDS reader of The Book of Mormon, it wasn't until just a few years ago that I realized that the Title Page of The Book of Mormon is considered a part of the inspired text. (I think my first inkling of that concept may have been when I first began looking at the Restored Covenant Edition, published by the Zerahemla Research Foundation. Anyway, I have long been fascinated by various historical editions of the BoM: the 1830, the 1840, the 1879, the 1920, etc. And looking at the development of the formatting of the Title Page is particularly interesting to me. So I was quite pleased to discover this fascinating article by Daniel H. Ludlow about the Title Page: https://rsc.byu.edu/book-mormon-first-nephi-doctrinal-foundation/title-page Yeah, I know it's kind of a weird thing to geek out on, but it made me happy. Well worth reading, I thought.
  11. Storms coming to Nashville today. Hoping that picking up the girls from school this afternoon won't be an awful mess!

  12. Or just to listen to it on YouTube Music: YouTube Music
  13. I have not seen the film, but I have to agree with @Navidad, the music is quite lovely. I'm listening to it now on headphones, and it's gorgeous.
  14. Admins: The back-and-forth on this thread is getting a little ugly. Maybe it's time to shut down comments? Just a thought.
  15. Another dreary day in Nashville. And it was so nice yesterday afternoon! Oh well, that's what Spring is often like...

  16. Incidentally, KC also created a very simple but useful Scripture search engine called Scripture Guide: A Consolidated Repository andReference of Holy Texts. The basic search bar enables the user to look up references in all of the Standard Works, with search results available in not only the 2013 Book of Mormon, but also several different editions of the Book of Mormon, as well as a few dozen different Bible translations.
  17. I liked the original site a lot, but the updated version is a real improvement on the old one: the new font is WAY more legible, there's a lot more interactivity, and the whole layout is much more visually interesting. Definitely check it out when you get the chance. And KC is a super nice guy...
  18. Pretty dreary morning here in Nashville...lots of rain. 

    Still hoping I may be able to do my intended 9-mile run outdoors, instead of on an indoor flat track!

  19. From the Book of Mormon Online "About" page:
  20. My friend KC Kern, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who lives and works in Korea, has recently done a major update of his excellent website, Book of Mormon Online. I first "discovered" this excellent resource back in 2013 and have been a regular user ever since. The updated site has made many significant improvements, but it is still in beta. I've been doing a lot of beta testing of the site for the past couple months, and it's really looking good. BoM Online offers users the opportunity to join study groups, comment on BoM passages, interact with one another, view facsimiles of various historical editions of the BoM, and more. I am including a screenshot of the home screen, and I encourage you to check out the website. It's a wonderful resource, both for LDS folks and non-LDS folks (like myself).
  21. Every time I see this clip (and I've seen it a few times), I'm like...
  22. Just noticed that my Profile page shows me as having joined in June of 2019. Which is funny, because I've been posting here since at least 2013, if I recall correctly. Weird...

    1. caspianrex


      Or...maybe I'm getting this Forum confused with the one at thirdhour.org.

      I dunno. Lots of stuff on this Forum has been archived, so it's hard to find my old posts.

    2. caspianrex


      OK, I WAS getting this Forum confused with the one at thirdhour.org, which I joined way back in 2010! 

      Incidentally, I've always found the people on this forum to be both more articulate and more welcoming in general than the people on Third Hour.

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