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  1. I had hoped that for my birthday, we would at long last be able to attend Sacrament again. But, not yet, not yet. Thankfully, from my humble beginnings, 16 family members made it to my birthday gathering. Sadly 3 were not feeling well, and did not want to cause me to become sick. But, they were truly missed. Many, including some of my doctor’s did not think I would make to 63, due to many illnesses. But, I wanted to prove them wrong, and I want keep proving them wrong. It is my hope to be around for years to come. But that is in God’s hands, although as of late, my only outings seem to be doc
  2. Welcome, glad to have you here. Hope to stick around.
  3. The “first resurrection”, began when (or with) Jesus Christ’s own resurrection. Beginning with quite luckily with John the Baptist, and many other great Patriarchs, who came forth from the grave, and many others who did so, and visited with loved ones in Jerusalem, as noted first in the Book of Matthew. So, simple answer; yes. Oh, welcome to the board. This forum is supposed to be for introductions, in the beginning, and then later you can create threads for debate, so (again) welcome to this website. Hope all is well with you, and God bless. Knowing nothing about you yet, we do believe in the
  4. He was a wonderful Apologist, he was very articulate, and showed great respect when answering the call to speak before many, or almost any group, with whom he disagreed on issues of theology. He was also a very good man, who represented Christianity in such a way that we could only hope all would do, now and in the future. He like many others, such as, Dr. James Dobson, Reverend Moody, and many others who have been invited, and answered requests to speak at the Tabernacle, or Conference Center. It also speaks very well, of both the confidence, and the desire of Church Leadership, to allow othe
  5. Not partaking of the Sacrament, when one is not worthy, is to protect the member from “drinking damnation to one’s soul”. The Sacrament is always there for the benefit of one’s soul, to both forgive, and to never bring about harm. When “we” or anyone partakes unworthily, they are adding more sin, upon an already unrepentant soul. In some cases the Bishop is there to help direct our efforts (which I would hope he always is) in the right direction. If he is wrong, and if someone has truly repented, then God has still, or already has forgiven that person, and if so, then the Bishop is in error. O
  6. I understand, I have already survived so many things in my life already, I am quite possibly viewing all of this from a different lens.
  7. So what are you suggesting, we old people, or just those who are so happy to back in Church get teary-eyed, at being back, might send others running for the exits? Or, are you suggesting we not listen to the Prophet of the Lord, and ever meet together until we all individually feel reassured that the virus has been taken from the earth?
  8. I wanted to discuss this “challenge” you pose here separately. I served in the U.S. Army on a Medivac Helicopter for 8 years in the Army, and 23 years in Law-Enforcement in the City of Atlanta. My post was about “being too fearful”, but I DO NOT wish you had my jobs, or my professions, as they were my own, and bad enough for me to have endured. But they did teach just a little about “fear”, and how we react to it. Now maybe is just both, age and wisdom speaking, but having faced all that I have. I was however “in no way”, suggesting anyone be careless, or even reckless. *steps down of soapbox
  9. Apparently you did not see my post before this, or you ignored it. Either way I won’t be baited into an argument about who has it better or worse. Not the guy for this, as you completely misunderstand, or misunderstood my comment.
  10. I just do not understand this hysteria we seem to have over this issue?
  11. I am 63 in a few days, live in the South and have allergies. Thus sniffles, coughing on occasion, and having read the guidelines, may never be able to return to Church in the near future, without causing a lot of other people to be afraid. Afraid to be near me, or afraid to let me come near them.
  12. https://www.abc4.com/news/lds-missionary-from-utah-hit-by-car-dies-in-georgia/ A missionary form Bountiful, Utah was killed here in Georgia, when his bike was hit be a vehicle. His companion did not get hurt, as they were riding together.
  13. Welcome, but if you could clarify, “Lost in Christ”, having Jesus Christ in our lives, both believing a following him, one cannot be “lost”. We are therefore “found and forgiven in Christ”, a position of freedom, from which we do not seek release.
  14. I was not trying to address every perspective, just my own under the narrowly defined purpose of this website. So, I hope you understand, it was not a slight upon anyone or anything else. It was just an opinion, are just my own.
  15. I hope they reopen all soon. I fear all of this, “Social Distancing”, is going to rob too many of the ability to build natural antibodies, and cause many to go inactive for far too long. Not to mention so many, who have not been able to enjoy the blessings of the Sacrament, and feel even more isolated than ever before. We are a social people by nature, thus being social also helps us be more Spiritual, and will be able to fulfill the goal, spelled out in the Baptismal goals listed in Mosiah 18, “...“to mourn with those that mourn, to rejoice with those that rejoice, and to stand as witnesses
  16. Gee, thank you Robert, for letting me know this. I would have hated going through my life not know the buildings from one another. 🤪
  17. JamesBYoung: I brought it up because I was asked. That you don't like it remains immaterial to the discussion. You are an odd duck, and somewhat a rather ineffective defender of the faith. You sound like the really old guys in the priesthood meeting who pontificate for minutes on end as if were being flashed to the 1950s. So many of the younger guys remain polite and silent in meeting but later roll their eyes and chuckle. Wow, this is what you took away for all I have said, and asked?. So, I am an “odd duck”, I am sure you will find others who agree. No sir
  18. I think I have been misunderstood, so be it. I addressed it in one reply, no need to continue.
  19. I love it too, unless scheduling is too tight, and the noise is happening while the Sacrament prayers are being said, or while the Sacrament is being passed. However I never suggested no one ever spoke or embraced one another, as these activities take place in Temple foyers, and should take place.
  20. It has always been a chronic problem of noise, when Wards have overlapping schedules. Something that Bishop’s very rarely speak too, or take action about. with every part of the building, we should all have deep reverence for, just as we do In Temples. Something I always try to teach, or remind my family of, each time the need arises.
  21. So why bring it up? Duncan just posted, BTW the first post to your thread, “So, is there a question”,? To that your reply was to bring up the Klan and the South. So again my question, “So why bring it up“? It was an odd reply, don’t you think? BTW, no true Christian, or Latter-day Saint was ever a member of the Klan, no matter what they may have called themselves.,
  22. So, you are still trying to tag me as an “Unthinking Mormon”, or are you implying I am just uneducated, or a “far right, unthinking Mormon” (whatever that means). All of this to support your decision to post inflammatory anti-Mormon propaganda, on a website designed to defend our Faith. This is not BYU, nor is it a BYU site, nor is my duty to tell BYU anything. But had I seen it, and subsequent posts about the South and the Klan by you, I would have objected to whomever would listen, including BYU Administration. You can of course continue to try and label me in as many ways that you can come
  23. If that is your way of deflection, you go with that. No one here who knows me, would ever think such a thing. As I am a “thinking Mormon”, as 99% of my fellow members are all, “thinking Mormons”. It is true that those who hate us, have always used such, tools and tactics, so why help them out by posting their work? Let the anti-Mormon do what they wish on their websites, and not post them here?
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