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  1. At first glance, I thought of “Moon Shadow”, by Cat Stephens.
  2. I love that song, Paul Simon is one of the greatest modern day poets and songwriters, ever! Also Neil Diamond, and one of his greatest songs, “I Am”. And to continue with Paul Simon, and the song you quoted in part... ”...I have my books, and my poetry to protect me. I am shielded in my armor, hiding in my room, safe within my womb. I touch no one, and no one touches me...” *or I hope I quoted it correctly*
  3. I have injuries and disabilities that keep me from going out as much as much as I did, except when going to doctors far too often. Yesterday I had to go to the doctor, which marks the longest amount of time wearing a mask (for me) to date. Twice that day, I got overheated and nearly passed out. Once at the Doctor’s office, and while at the grocery store afterwards with my wife. Here in the Southeast, (Georgia) where the heat and humidity can cause even the healthy to get overheated and dehydrated, masks have proven a real difficult thing for many. We have not even begun to attend Church again
  4. BTW, one thing I forgot to mention Don, there is no greater convert to the Gospel, than those “re-converted”. It is why every few years, I try to set out on a quest through the Scriptures, in an effort to be “converted” again. This is why I think this time around, you will find greater truth in the study of the “Joseph Smith Papers”, the “Scriptures“, and your own “Testimony”. Just as did W.W. Phelps, Oliver Cowdrey, just to name two.
  5. Rather than addressing each bullet point, I just wish to mention one thing. “Steel”, also appears in the Bible. To address only one point, I am a true believer in every way, if my children were to read my writings, opinions, about the Bible that I found. They would come to believe I was a closest atheist, and it might cause them issues with their own Faith. But I am not an atheist, I am just observant. I began taking correspondence courses, about the Bible at age 11. I also grew up in the home of a Minister, my own Father. There are many issues, or seemingly controver
  6. Poetry is not always in Rhyme, some of the greatest poetry ever pinned is in the lyrics of songs. Such as.. Sounds of Silence, Paul Simon Both Sides Now (Clouds) Joni Mitchell Even “Amazing Grace”, which began as a sermon, by John Newton, a former Slave Trader, became one of the greatest Gospel songs of any age, past, present or future.
  7. When I worked, I have an incredible memory. It allowed me to so many things before my retirement. As a result I wonder if my memory is due to my lack of activity due to current disabilities, or is it just going? Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read and comment.
  8. You are welcome, because you are loved. So Godspeed you always to greater love and knowledge into the future, here and in the eternities.
  9. I thought it was three hours, as in “3 hours of darkness”, and 3 days in the “new world”. Or was the three hour eclipse, the hours hours he hung “after his death”? In this case I think 6 hours total, maybe?
  10. There are times when others, even our own question the idea (or obsess over it) of how much money we have as a Church. While those outside other Churches want to know, and criticize the way in which funds are received. But for many organizations, who are for (and I am) the “separation of Church and State”, this comes as a shock to see the largest Christian Church on planet, seeking funds in this manor. As far as I am concerned, organizations who receive tax-exempt status, should not receive money from the Government. In fact, it is during times like these that “we” (as Latter-day Saints, shou
  11. Except he was seeking to retire as a Police Officer as I did, or from a Fire Department, he was instead seeking retirement money, from a pension that required him to both, believe, and teach doctrines, as they related to the education and Spirituality of the decades of members, and college students.
  12. There are times when I worry that I am loosing my edge, or my memory. I often walk out of my room to tell my wife something. Or other times when I forget why I even left my room, let alone remember what I wanted to tell her. So, I try to write poems, to see if I can still do it. So, today was one of those days. A storm was rolling by, so I decided to write about it. Due to where my house sits, on the top of a ridge, I can look down into a beautiful valley, where rolling thunder often comes out of it, a lot! So, here is hoping you enjoy it, so you can judge if I still can write... In The V
  13. So true, 1/3 of the entire planet does not have reliable electricity in their homes, much less WiFi.
  14. Not sure? I did try to teach my mother things before Alzheimer’s took her, more than anything I just wanted her to write her life story, but could not help her understand. I have friends who I have tried to explain how they could use and understand IPad,’s (both in and out of Church) their mindset was “don’t want or need to know”. However this was long before the world of COVID, in large part just nonsense. Until I broke my back, and could no longer sit up hours a day with a laptop, I did not care to use, or learn to use an IPad. In fact it was not until my injuries that I cared much for Soci
  15. My Ward has a large number of members that are over the age of 60, including my wife and I, and friends we have had for over three decades. We have received word that we might finally we will have “Sacrament only”, for 20 minutes, twice on Sunday. We are also told that like other areas, those 60 or older will not be able to attend. Earlier in the year, due to health problems, I was only been able to attend, two Sacrament meetings, and Sunday School/ Priesthood meetings (one of each), before everything got shut down. Also since General Conference is going to be like April, where members cannot
  16. Our leaders have always taught this, as have my wife and I, a respect for life and property To our children. This Georgia Stake is not far from where I live, and it is good they were, or are working with other Churches, to create a message that we all, already live by.
  17. Not sure if this is a great idea, anytime (or if) taxpayer money is used to support anything to do with religion, it usually comes with strings attached. So, if I am reading this correctly, it might not be a the best thing. ETA: I don’t know why Christian Conservatives would want this, as it could open the doors to many things they might oppose, including our own Church. I am a strong believer of the separation of “Church and State”. The “State” does not belong in the affairs of the Church.
  18. I have an aging Golden Retriever, as of late things are happening we don’t know how to address. She is 10 years old, which I believe is 60 in dog years. We bought her as a puppy, and on hot days, she seeks shelter under either our front or back porch, but at night she stays in the house with us. As of late, we call for her, if we hear thunder, and in the evening. However, sometimes, well many times now, we call out, or yell out for her, and she is often right under our feet. At first we thought she was going deaf, but in reality, she is trying to get through our steps. She is a big dog, 60-70
  19. Probably so, he remained in the Army for 30 years, I joined the Church in Germany, so it has to be the same people. I left in December 1981, I arrived there in 1978, and joined the Church in 1979, just about 9 months after having arrived. Oh and BTW, very cool that we both served with him.
  20. The precious few friends, that I have keep in touch with (thankfully due to Facebook, able to reconnect with), and who were with me at my baptism, 41+ long years ago, two are going through very difficult times. One of them, once called me into his office as was Branch President, a calling he had just been ordained too, just a few months earlier. He got serious, and told me, “Bill, in my entire life, and on my mission, I have never know anyone who has taken to the Church so quickly, and had a better grasp of all the Scriptures”. I told him very humbly, my Father is a Baptist Minister, so I had
  21. Just absolutely wonderful!!! Did W.W. Phelps write this? I have always identified with him, he was a poet, I am a poet. He is hard on the eyes, via looks, I am hard on the eyes, via looks. Although my wife, children, and friends tell me, that not on my worst day, could I look that bad. He struggled at times with his faith (as in believing), I have struggled with my faith at times (as in believing). So we are brothers in many ways. I wonder if he wrote this because he wrote many songs about the Prophet Joseph Smith, as a form of redemption, for having betrayed the Prophet for a time. One thing
  22. One thing that seems to be a problem, is that my HT’s are also my age and feel like they have nothing to do. One of my family’s is in same age bracket as me, and so goes the circular reasoning; what do we do, what role do we play, if any, etc?
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