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  1. It has been my overall view of life, that those who take the “hardest stance” (when it comes to Faith), are the ones who “break the hardest”. Or to use your term, “fly to pieces like glass”, and then they feel the need to make those who disagree with them suffer the same fate. Then when they are unable to do so, they shatter all over again. They do so to the point, that only a rebirth back into Faith can put them back together again. If not, they are left ably to themselves, to “kick against the pricks”, to borrow from scripture.
  2. Good job, it would seem they are got tired of breaking the rules, and seemed to have given up “the bad fight”, also frustrated that we knew, or could “read them from a mile away”. Or I hope we also had a hand in their disappearance from this and other sites. I know at times you must feel you have a “thankless job”, but we DO thank you.It is nice to have a place, where we can debate, and even disagree in peace.
  3. I am not 100% on that, I just know that years ago he was at “death’s door”, so to speak. Before him and his wife got banned everywhere, he had already had a number of heart attacks, and things were not looking good. I hope he is still alive, as I wish him no ill will for anyone, not even those who hate me.
  4. “Catherine”, is, or was (among many sock puppets) CARMella here, and is really Carol from Provo. I believe she was a Social Worker there, and truly despised all Mormons, but Mormon Men (Priesthood holders) especially. It was a hatred that truly consumed her, Theo was just a single guy, who seemed to have only one hobby, or interest, and that was telling others what all Christians should be, and to him none measured up. So, he posted in every forum, giving what seemed his entire spare time, into telling everyone else what they should believe. He even did so to Matt Slick, the owner and operato
  5. Websites like “Walter Martin”, and “CARM”, are loosing ground, because they are based on hatred and anger. Many of the more vicious have passed away, and for others, anger and recrimination takes a heavy toll on those who are that angry. Also, persons like myself, who used to do battle on these sites, just got tired and bowed out of the fight. Now people like CARMella, and all her fake rule breaking sock puppets, just post on such sites, and with no one taking the bate, she just debates herself. All this in an effort to make it seem as if she is winning. But no one wins when it comes to angry
  6. True, but Canada does not have cities burning, and under siege. Thankfully.
  7. I disagree, nothing in God’s commandments would wish that anyone could not protect their lives and property. Were it not for the ownership of private weapons, the U.S. would still be under some form of British rule.
  8. No, which is why aI asked your meaning. I.was. not seeking to be combative. Our founding Father’s made t a right in the Constitution, for fear that one day the Government would try and outlaw them.
  9. Maybe I am misunderstanding your post, “repeal the Second Amendment”, would outlaw gun ownership, would it not? Is this what you are hoping for?
  10. Few even think of violence where I live, most rioting occurs in locations where guns laws make it difficult to own weapons. So here in the sunny South, when people are easily able to be armed, not much violence at all. Also, as a retired Police Officer, I am always armed, unless I am in Church.
  11. I was not aware that I or others were suggesting that you are living in fear. I know I suggested any such thing.
  12. I have found, and could list copious Scriptures, and endless sermons, from many pulpits. Especially sermons giving in General Conference, but doing so would makes the opening of this thread much more cumbersome. Currently However many areas when the Church is located, have once again, began to conduct Sacrament Meetings. However there are restrictions, and from what I understand, these limits take on many restrictions, such as “who can, and cannot attend, placing restrictions on (or with) meeting schedules, conditions that limit older members, etc”. Currently here in Georgia, we have not yet r
  13. At first glance, I thought of “Moon Shadow”, by Cat Stephens.
  14. I love that song, Paul Simon is one of the greatest modern day poets and songwriters, ever! Also Neil Diamond, and one of his greatest songs, “I Am”. And to continue with Paul Simon, and the song you quoted in part... ”...I have my books, and my poetry to protect me. I am shielded in my armor, hiding in my room, safe within my womb. I touch no one, and no one touches me...” *or I hope I quoted it correctly*
  15. I have injuries and disabilities that keep me from going out as much as much as I did, except when going to doctors far too often. Yesterday I had to go to the doctor, which marks the longest amount of time wearing a mask (for me) to date. Twice that day, I got overheated and nearly passed out. Once at the Doctor’s office, and while at the grocery store afterwards with my wife. Here in the Southeast, (Georgia) where the heat and humidity can cause even the healthy to get overheated and dehydrated, masks have proven a real difficult thing for many. We have not even begun to attend Church again
  16. BTW, one thing I forgot to mention Don, there is no greater convert to the Gospel, than those “re-converted”. It is why every few years, I try to set out on a quest through the Scriptures, in an effort to be “converted” again. This is why I think this time around, you will find greater truth in the study of the “Joseph Smith Papers”, the “Scriptures“, and your own “Testimony”. Just as did W.W. Phelps, Oliver Cowdrey, just to name two.
  17. Rather than addressing each bullet point, I just wish to mention one thing. “Steel”, also appears in the Bible. To address only one point, I am a true believer in every way, if my children were to read my writings, opinions, about the Bible that I found. They would come to believe I was a closest atheist, and it might cause them issues with their own Faith. But I am not an atheist, I am just observant. I began taking correspondence courses, about the Bible at age 11. I also grew up in the home of a Minister, my own Father. There are many issues, or seemingly controver
  18. Poetry is not always in Rhyme, some of the greatest poetry ever pinned is in the lyrics of songs. Such as.. Sounds of Silence, Paul Simon Both Sides Now (Clouds) Joni Mitchell Even “Amazing Grace”, which began as a sermon, by John Newton, a former Slave Trader, became one of the greatest Gospel songs of any age, past, present or future.
  19. When I worked, I have an incredible memory. It allowed me to so many things before my retirement. As a result I wonder if my memory is due to my lack of activity due to current disabilities, or is it just going? Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read and comment.
  20. You are welcome, because you are loved. So Godspeed you always to greater love and knowledge into the future, here and in the eternities.
  21. I thought it was three hours, as in “3 hours of darkness”, and 3 days in the “new world”. Or was the three hour eclipse, the hours hours he hung “after his death”? In this case I think 6 hours total, maybe?
  22. There are times when others, even our own question the idea (or obsess over it) of how much money we have as a Church. While those outside other Churches want to know, and criticize the way in which funds are received. But for many organizations, who are for (and I am) the “separation of Church and State”, this comes as a shock to see the largest Christian Church on planet, seeking funds in this manor. As far as I am concerned, organizations who receive tax-exempt status, should not receive money from the Government. In fact, it is during times like these that “we” (as Latter-day Saints, shou
  23. Except he was seeking to retire as a Police Officer as I did, or from a Fire Department, he was instead seeking retirement money, from a pension that required him to both, believe, and teach doctrines, as they related to the education and Spirituality of the decades of members, and college students.
  24. There are times when I worry that I am loosing my edge, or my memory. I often walk out of my room to tell my wife something. Or other times when I forget why I even left my room, let alone remember what I wanted to tell her. So, I try to write poems, to see if I can still do it. So, today was one of those days. A storm was rolling by, so I decided to write about it. Due to where my house sits, on the top of a ridge, I can look down into a beautiful valley, where rolling thunder often comes out of it, a lot! So, here is hoping you enjoy it, so you can judge if I still can write... In The V
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