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  1. Having a daughter who is also Gay, and married, I don’t think she would be better off dead. However, as parents we often must mourn the loss of what “we think our children should be”, and “accept them for whom they are”, and this is not easy. I think your wife will have to go through this at her pace, and at no other’s pace. Love will win out; and “Always prevail”. Just give it time, and you will all be in my prayers.
  2. I stumbled into a movie with a five star rating, by accident. It is called... ”A Lonely Place To Die” It is very good, but not for children however.
  3. Science, and the methods to prove assumptions, cannot be applied to matters of Faith, such is the is the nature of Faith. My Faith is overwhelming. I belief beyond any doubt, a gift, given to me by God. But I can’t provide any imperial data to prove it. I just know it to be true.
  4. Got word that as soon as our Bishop returns from Utah, that we will (as our other Ward, in our building has) begin meeting again. I was so excited, and was telling my grandchildren who are in YM and YW’s, how happy I was for them. When I saw the look on my oldest daughter’s face. I asked what was wrong? Sadly there will be no other meetings than Sacrament, and it will be short, and from what she has heard, and what has happened elsewhere, and as I expected; No one over 60 will be welcome, apparently we will get televised Sacrament Prayers, so we can partake of the Sacrament. Early in
  5. People are seldom ever turned away, usually only when someone is abusing the system the Church has in place. The reason for asking those receiving help to help in return, “to clean the building”, or help at the “Bishop’s Store House“, is to instill a sense of service, as well as to restore some dignity. It is very stressful for people to ask for help, and in turn serving others, helps to take some of that stress away. The reason for members being asked to pay their tithing, is because the Church truly believes and knows it can (and does) “open up the windows of heaven”. In many cases, and I me
  6. Although not college, I ask because my grandchildren started back to school, only for it to stop within a couple of weeks. Now they attend school two days a week only. Even the two days a week is now in jeopardy, for a number of reasons. I am wondering if the same thing might happen with sports, start up and then shut down after only a game or two. We are living in a very odd year, something I fear (I say “I fear” as a turn of phrase, as I do not) that this year, may continue on into the next. If school is in constant fear of closing down due to “social distancing”, and the spread of COVID-19,
  7. Will BYU be having school, and will students be able to attend the games?
  8. Church membership has never been about what (or how) people “feel”, if so most married men would be in trouble concerning the thoughts that flood their minds while awake or while sleeping. I remember sitting on a “Church disciplinary court“ some 30 years ago, where it was clear at the outset that the issue before us was “NOT” about, “feelings”, or how the person “identifies“. Heaven forbid we ever discourage honesty, and how we as a people should act toward anyone who desires to be counted among us as members of our Faith.
  9. The last few months of my Mother’s life, she would see more and more my Father. This has happened to many generations of my family, things I heard them say, and accounts from other family members, concerning their parents before them.
  10. First of all, my original comments, were only to address the overall question(s), asked by the thread author, and to give my opinion concerning such “podcasts”, and their purposes thereof. I was also speaking to the claim and comments, again posed by the thread author, of how many (millions) were able to leave the Churches in which they were raised, and did not look back, with neither longing, or criticizing those many Faiths. I was also pointing out, that I “too” was, or am one of those millions who have done so, left the Church in which I was raised, and the pulpit in which I first
  11. I have listened, I have phoned in and been quoted on his podcast, and they use the same circular reasons as do atheist to discredit the Bible. In fact their primary belief, is “non-belief”, I am not speaking of people I don’t know, nor of subject matter I am unaware of...besides you know me, and you know I am not mean spirited enough to do this.
  12. I was “generalizing” about the podcasts, and not everyone, including or excluding you at all. In this you are completely wrong for taking my comments out of “that” context. If it struck a nerve, it was not one I was aiming for.
  13. God bless you and your family, sometimes it seems as if the losses we must bare with break us.
  14. All good questions, and the simple answer is this... They can not explain away the Book of Mormon, nor the Prophet who translated it, so they must kill him and his good name, again, again, and again. You are correct, when I left the Baptist Church at age 21, I never looked back. In fact I go out of my way, not to criticize it, and by so doing, harm any of my family and friends, testimonies. I both love and respect them all, and the Church in which I was raised.,
  15. I have a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon, one which would make up a very, very long post, via this thread. I will try to shorten it with as few words as I can, because threads only about bearing testimonies are not permitted. So, in short I will need to give some context, to support the title of the thread. In January of 1979, the Battalion in which I was serving in, at the time was doing a “live fire exercises”, while I was stationed in West Germany at the time. Our Battalion Commander needed a driver for him to return to base, and after a week there, I was happy to volunte
  16. This statue is in many places, even hospital lobbies, everyone seems to love it. I know I love it.
  17. I think it is a tool, one by which God calls his people together, to become Zion. At least that is what it is for me, and what I have found to be true.
  18. So very true, I had a unfortunate early childhood, one in which my biological father who abandoned, my Mother who was 29 at the time, there was also my older sister, brother and myself. As a result of my bio-father’s work, he was able to carry on a relationship with another woman whom he got pregnant. When the other woman’s family found out, they threatened him if he did not marry her. So, being the coward he was, he married her, while still married to my Mother. Once he was found out, he deserted my family for his “new one”. So, my family were all evicted from our home, because my bio-father
  19. So I don’t have to read every link, please tell me where the “backlash” was coming from? I hope not from us, as I think that (to coin a phrase), “Imitation is the highest form of flattery”, or so I think it goes. I’m delighted that someone outside of our Faith, values something we cherish so much. I wish they would teach from the Book of Mormon, as others Faith’s and Churches have in the past, and still do.
  20. Oh my, this Father has almost assured that his son will never return to Church, as he will associate it with his Father’s actions, and this unholy attack.
  21. There are indeed complicating questions, but this much I know...we through our actions choose where we will spend eternity. God our Father wants only one place for us, but allows us to choose, or rather makes our actions choose.
  22. I try not to be that blunt, but you are right, as you always seem to be.
  23. Most did not know me very well, their answers were the worst. Or the most subjective “answers” were those that told me, I should read the Scriptures more, and have more Faith in my Priesthood leadership.
  24. True, although I just thought them to be such innocent questions.
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