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  1. Who knows, after all it is a Church owned school, as such some things are mandated on different moral standards than others.
  2. Some countries, even today will not allow it, also back in the 1800’s we did not have the Army we have now, not to mention the improvised conditions of the Church in that time. In many cases missionaries had to work, to do the work. Many of our missionaries spent (again in that time period) nearly a six to eight months just getting to and from the mission field in which they served. As for Israel, no matter when that land was dedicated, we still can’t serve. This gives now meaning to the scripture, “...the first shall be last, and the last shall be first”. Also, I was struck with fear when I h
  3. Everyone needs to understand, that we now live in a new world, and Nation, where those who once called for “inclusion and tolerance”. Have now become the groups (with the same names) that once did, and do demand, said “tolerance and inclusion”. These are the groups, who are now the most “unforgiving”, and the least “tolerant”, of groups. Be it, Universities, or Political Organizations, when it comes to “any” differing opinions, they will “Backlist” any group, or anything. Even if it comes to previously scheduled speakers, be it commencement speakers, comedians, etc, many Universities, out of f
  4. You are right, it should not give offense, and it does seem so simple. But, I grew up in the Baptist Church, and early on I felt as if I were being called to the ministry. My Father was a minister, along with some uncles, and many in my family thought that I was going to be a great minister. I also began in the Baptist pulpit, so when my very large, and very hopeful family found out I had become a Latter-day Saint, it was not “well received”. It took many years of steady commitment, for many to believe that I had not sold my soul to Satan. Now, I am often asked to pray at funerals, although a
  5. Thank you, I had to do an edit, because I almost collapsed in Sacrament today, just since I wrote the original thread, a new sickness, one I thought was getting better, reared it ugly head, in a big way today. So, after the funeral of a family member tomorrow it would seem, it will be back to the doctors once again. I am just so tired, of moving forward (or under the illusion of it), only to find, I only thought I was getting better. After three months of missing Church, I could not get through one hour of Sacrament, barely able to walk out with a cane, and another helping me. It is episodes l
  6. Yes, two very close friends are going to assist me, in any way they can, even if the Temple has to make special provisions so that I can attend, without becoming a distraction. I do miss the peace of attendance and need to get back. Both my wife and I, need to get back, after seven-plus years, . This due to health problems, and injuries. My family search and a large amount of additional, Family History, has born witness to me, that I must do more. So we have a lot more work to be done. Other than my attending my youngest son’s wedding, it has been 7 1/2 years since breaking my back. On April
  7. In 1 Peter 3:15-16 we are told, “But sanctity the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that in you with meekness and fear: having a good conscience; that whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ”. We are also commanded “too always be (or stand), ready to give a defense of the truth, or Faith”,(too paraphrase), which can of course, harm others who do not believe in the moral absolutes, of scripture. Moral truth, and codes of conduct,
  8. Their are many things not listed. When they do appear, or are mentioned, it was from a long dead people, who we are unclear where they may have been, with odd and out of place conditions. The mention of horses is odd, as every military campaign in other books are mentioned in “number of days walked by armies as a measurement of distance”. Of course this could be due to the wilderness conditions, described in other books. It is hard to wrap, at least my mind around? Does the Book of Mormon speak of dogs, wolves, Cougars, rabbits, etc. even if it did, they may have been called other things, even
  9. Calvinism is one of the worst examples of a loving God, that all are born “saved or damned”, from birth. Having said that, some are so wicked that God must punish them, maybe even eternally. But I think these “Sons of Perdition”, would never want to live with, or near a loving God. But punishment, has to have a purpose, or it is only punitive and lacking of “Love or Grace”.
  10. No the opposite, the “pushed comment”, had to do with other circumstances.
  11. I hope so, my daughter still is. Unless someone pushes the issue, or removes their name, one cannot be excommunicated just for being gay. All have it in their power to live the commandments, regardless of how they feel.
  12. Thank you for this question, but the “name” that God did not want repeated was much longer. Having said that in Jewish Law, or tradition, the name, “Elohim” is not supposed to be used too often. Also, we are and always have been commanded not the take the “name of God”, (or deity) in vain”. We are also told to “avoid vain repetition”. So again, stellar question!
  13. I am talking about the “drug war”, and those in the U.S. who fuel it with their additions, and those willing to fill that need south of the border. I would have thought my comment made that crystal clear. If not, I hope this one does. Right now in the Atlanta area where I live, and once worked in law-enforcement, the drug trade is killing many. It is a “war zone”.
  14. This story sickens me, the Southern border is becoming a war zone, and the other side is winning. It must stop, I blame the cartels, and the countless millions who fuel the drug trade her in the U.S.!
  15. It is true, ego makes up a large part of every man’s life. It is what drives us to excel, and bend our worlds to our will. My life (until May 21, 2012, when a car accident broke my back, was always a very physical and demanding one. Heavy Construction, U.S. Army, and Law-Enforcement, now it is sooooo small, and so mentally difficult.
  16. I have spent all my life, extending such charity to others, always there to help. I find it almost unbearable to receive charity from others, and I know it is just vanity and pride. I am indeed my Father’s son, in this respect.
  17. Probably also vanity, I am only 62. I thought I would still be working at this age.
  18. I have just spent my whole life, punching through walls, and kicking down doors. It is not easy being someone else.
  19. Study and prayer, coupled with an overwhelming affirmation of the Holy Spirit, that it is the very Word of God. Also the belief that the marvel of the Book of Mormon, could only have been reveled by a Prophet of God. All else, is window dressing, that countless critics only wish to whine about the choices, of said window dressing. The real questions are, why are you an atheist, and why does an atheist want to know?
  20. I think the Bishop was confused more because, both of his counselors joked a lot, and he must have thought it was a joke. But also, I see your point, but like all men I am flawed, and riddled with mistakes in my life.
  21. Something is wrong, and I worry for my family. My many medical issues have made life so very hard for many years now. I have, despite having lived the Word of Wisdom my entire life, fallen prey to every health problem of my parents. A couple of months age, I nearly lost my right foot, due to infection and swelling, aggravated by Sarcoidosis. This despite having good numbers in my blood sugar counts, and A1C. I have had another heart stint put in, bringing the count to four in less than a year. Now I have a Thyroid condition, that is making every condition even worse. The medication I am taking
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