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  1. To your first point, I am and alway, and will be a “Ford Man”. To your second point, too often higher education, almost always seeks to guide students away from being, “true believers” when it comes to Faith, no matter the Faith. As scripture warns, “what does it profit a Man (or Woman) to gain the whole world, and loose his own soul” (too paraphrase)? As a Church, we, it, has always fostered members to seek the goal of education, or higher education, as they do not fear it. We do however live in an age, where most universities, seek to distance themselves from being believers in anything th
  2. Few things anymore are always facts, speculation is what makes people’s ears perk up. When it comes to criticizing the Church, it is “any port in a storm”.
  3. I hope all had a wonderful Christmas, and got to see family. My house was loud and chaotic, as it should be with the 18 members of my family, it was perfect. Although a day late, Merry Christmas to all, and I pray for all a wonderful New Year.
  4. You too Sister, (I pray this word does case you harm). We once shared a common Faith, and still share many other beliefs. So as my Sister, I pray God’s greatest blessings upon you, and all those whom you love, and love you. So again have a wonderful and Merry Christmas! God bless you, and keep you both safe, and happy. Also, love you Sister, and I thank you for your for your Christmas wish for us all, and I am glad to have you as a part of this board.
  5. Bishops must take steps to report crimes, and protect victims, this is no so (from what I understand) in Catholic Churches, were all confessions are sealed, meaning a Priest is not obliged to tell anyone.
  6. It is inexcusable to cover up such horrible sins, and all responsible should be punished severely. Not only those who commit such heinous sins, but any Bishops or Stake Presidents who seek to conceal, such sins, and those who commit them. ETA: Why are there no names, and how could anyone know if this story is true, with no names?
  7. Thank you, and may God bless you this Christmas season.
  8. It is indeed, It truly puts my own Christmas into perspective. Everyone I love most in this world are all safe, all happy, and will be here tomorrow. It will be chaotic, it will be loud, and it will be wonderful. This as 18 of the “Lee Clan”, will all be home, under my roof, as I will count my many blessings, and “name them one by one”.
  9. One of my oldest friends and family within the Church, have had a horrible thing occur, so I am asking for prayers. This family has given their lives to the Faith in so many ways. My son’s oldest friend, was in a terrible car accident today. A drunk driver doing 78MPH, crashed into this family of six, sending many family members to various trauma centers, all critical, and two children life-flighted due to the serious nature of injuries. One being only eight who has fluid on his brain, and many of these injuries will insure they will not all spend Christmas together, not even in the same hospi
  10. If you, or any one else believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that “Salvation”, comes in and through his atoning sacrifice, then you are a “Christian”. If you do not, then you are not.
  11. Our Church buildings are not built with the abilities to support “soup kitchens”, even though we have “kitchens” in our buildings, they are not meant to be used for cooking meals, only for heating, and supporting limited functions for feeding members, and then only on special occasions. We also do not have have dinning facilities by the same nature, nor full time staff to support such functions. The Church does however, certainly has the money and means to create such facilities, but we do feed 10,000’s of families weekly through our Bishop Storehouses, throughout the world. Here in the Atlan
  12. I assume it is still the same. However they have so many ways to cause a movie to be rated. It would seem the number of times a vulgar word is spoken can cause a movie to receive it to be rated “R”. There are many movies rated PG, or PG-13, that once would berated “R”, or worse. Even movies that are created for and around, Christian values, not only have higher ratings, sometime they even come with, “verbal warnings”. As religious themes seem to be very dangerous in the eyes of Hollywood, than many truly violet and sexual themed movies.
  13. They all whine, no matter how right or true the movie is, they can always dish it out, but never take it. When I see the movie, knowing facts, I will tell the truth, if the movie gets it wrong. My guess however, is no matter how harsh, it won’t even approach how badly Richard was treated.
  14. Next week, I feel the need to watch an “R rated movie”, produced and directed by Clint Eastwood. The movie, is entitled “Richard Jewell”, (I believe this is how he spelled his family name). I will do this because I was working in law-enforcement for the City of Atlanta at the time, while many sources went about to destroy this man’s good name. Despite the fact he acted in his proper capacity, and saved many lives, things unraveled badly for him very quickly. He had always wanted to be an Atlanta Police Officer, but had weight problems, and not being very assertive, made it difficult.
  15. Thank you, I was sure I got it wrong. I will repair it now, so any who see it in the future, don’t see me just an idiot. 😜
  16. He was at times referred to as Joseph the (or a ) sponge, meaning he could remember almost anything he read or viewed, and soaked it up like a sponge, and then was able to put in on paper. Kind of like an “Idiot Savant”, (hope I spelled it correctly). Emma said of Joseph, that “he could not write a well worded coherent sentence”. I think he was gifted, and a great conduit through which God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost”, could reveal great amounts of information, and teach him incredible things , and eternal principles.
  17. I think I am more than 3/4’s wrong, but thanks for giving me the possibility of being right 1/3 of the time. 🙄
  18. By all means do this, no one needs to give you permission. You should already be doing this, I have for decades, most days while a Police Officer, I would just give them my lunch money. Often when I came home, asking my wife, “got something I can eat”? She would say, “you gave your money, or your lunch away again, didn’t you”?
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