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  1. I see, thanks @readstoomuch. I know where I saw that it’s the first official history since BH Roberts. The Tribune, which I admit is not gospel.
  2. You know what, @Kenngo1969? I think your right.
  3. It said first official history, not multi volume.
  4. Dude that’s the first place I looked!
  5. The Saints series of books is billed as The first official church history since the multi-volume BH Roberts effort. Why isn’t “The Story of the Latter-day Saints” considered official? It was produced by the Church History Department under Leonard Arrington.
  6. Sorry JamesBYoung, I resurrected a years-old thread with a years-old offer for a digital copy of that book.
  7. And even better: look who is on this thread...RFM himself!
  8. Resurrection: does anyone know if PQ Mason has changed his views on his book, or if there are new editions planned or anything? Just curious.
  9. Wow, those are some rare books!
  10. Well it didn’t cost a pretty penny. It cost $5.00. ”But it’s signed by Leonard Arrington” ”$5.00” said the proprietor of Salt Lake Book and Magazine.
  11. And how about the dueling books of “The Story of the Latter-day Saints” and “The Mormon Experience” both commissioned by the church history department under Arrington. One for an LDS audience and one for a wider audience, but essentially the same book.
  12. Okay, has anyone read or heard of “Eternal Progress” by Gerritt de Jong? I bought it because it had the grooviest cover.
  13. @Fair Dinkum anyone? 😀
  14. I don’t think he is officially “out,” meaning that he has done the paperwork. But he is out. He has criticized and hated the church for many years on the boards.
  15. The only thing that bothers me is his going on the RfM podcast. The host, whom we all know is a harsh and unforgiving exMormon, and Hauglid laugh it up (in a very stiff way) about a text that many find sacred. They mock Gee and Tvedness then turn right around and say that Hauglid didn't like FARMS because it was "mean."
  16. Learned it from a Brit.
  17. Okay, does anyone else think this Radio Free Mormon podcast is stiff and overproduced? It doesn't sound like a natural conversation at all. It sounds like sound-bites stitched together... question, reply, comment, reply, laugh-track. At one point the host laughs, then Hauglid laughs, then the host laughs, as if it is timed to a metronome. There is no overlap in the laughter. Sounded very strange.
  18. It's interesting browsing Pioneer Book in Provo. There is a huge library of LDS books from all eras, including several editions of the infamous "Mormon Doctrine." But, aside from that, I see books by Ezra Taft Benson about "God, Family, Country: Our Three Great Loyalties" and "The Story of the Latter-day Saints" by James B. Allen and "Eternal Progression" by Gerrit De Jong (signed!). Since, it seems, LDS teachings change over time (I don't think core doctrine does), are these books useless except as twee windows into the past?
  19. No, not golden plates or anything. I went to a curio shop in Salt Lake City called Utah Book and Magazine. They have thousands of old books, and a large LDS section. I was hoping to find the famous, but out-of-print Mormon Doctrine, and I found one in great condition. If nothing else, It's an important (but notorious) book, and I am glad to have found it. The other item I found was Leonard J. Arrington's "The Mormon Experience"--which is not all that rare, but when I opened the front cover, it was SIGNED by Leonard Arrington himself! I asked the bookstore owner if he knew this and wanted more money for it. He said "nope, says $10.00, and all books are 1/2 off, so it's $5.00). I also found a 1930s Pepsi Cola bottle, and an undated glass bottle that said "Clorox" on it, that had a cork in the top.
  20. Why can't it be real? I am certain that in any given ward there are a variety of personal beliefs, from the hardliners to the very progressive. I think the tent is wide in most wards and stakes, and where it isn't we as individuals should work to make it so. To the best of my knowledge, all the church asks is that you don't actively campaign against it. It says nothing about particular beliefs of Book of Mormon geography; in fact, it says very little about particular beliefs in general. The majority of teachings are about loving one another, family, service, and the most important thing of all, the atonement. In any case, I personally believe it can be real, and I operate as if it is. And where it isn't, I am willing to stay and work to make it so.
  21. So if there are nuggets of beauty, poetry, and maybe even spirituality in the Book of Mormon, does it really matter if we know where or when or even if the events actually took place? Can it not be a set of allegories that God wants to use to convey principles to his children? Can we not find value in a community built around the Book of Mormon? When you said you tried to still be part of the church and failed, what do you mean? I am curious.
  22. Stem, you're making me cry, my dude. I've followed you around the Mormon themed boards for the past few years. You were a strength to me, and stood up for LDS people who were being slandered online. I never thought I would see you leave the church. So here is my question for you: Assume the Book of Mormon is 19th century prose--a meditation even, written by whomever you want to believe wrote it. The historicity, the DNA, the geography, none of that matters any more. Are there not nuggets of goodness and spirituality found within? Can I not read Tennyson and also get the same fulfillment from reading Byron, yet still think Tennyson's works are valuable? And can you not find stories, allegories, parables, and yes, poetry in the Book of Mormon that is valuable without being caught up in the historical arguments? Can you not still be part of the LDS community, the ward family, and a believer in the basic tenants of Christianity? I think we have to be okay with not knowing everything. Not knowing everything does not mean we must discard everything.
  23. Just in from the BCC Twitter Anyone have any more details? I always loved his posts.
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