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  1. There used to be an option of buying a ticket for just one day. Three days is quite a lot for some of us working folks. Any chance that option will be added? On a similar note, why isn't it ever scheduled over Saturday?
  2. I am late to this conversation, but I have to say I have followed both Hank Smith and Calvin Burke for a while. Hank Smith seems to be a good-hearted person who let his emotions get the better of him in this one instance, after Calvin "apologized" for Hank's statements proclaiming Hank's belief in Joseph Smith's prophetic role. Calvin, on the other hand, has a long history of calling out Church leaders and criticizing and misrepresenting both Church doctrine and Church history. He has also lied about his own parents (who took him to court over it and provided evidence his accusations were fals
  3. Calm, you asked for more information about this emerging evidence. Here's a new Public Square article by Christopher D. Cunningham that addresses this: https://publicsquaremag.org/health/are-latter-day-saint-therapists-meeting-their-clients-expectations/ Some quotes from the article:
  4. This is not about her public stances around addiction and masturbation. It is because she calls herself "The Mormon Therapist," markets herself to Latter-day Saints, and repeatedly and publicly calls out Church leaders for THEIR stances around addiction, masturbation, and other issues, proclaiming that THE CHURCH is wrong.
  5. This article may be of interest: https://publicsquaremag.org/editorials/shame-mental-health-and-religion/?fbclid=IwAR1VBvGEMqNUNBaITmEPR5BI81dQPZ8y5kAauepuzlOMLq9JkMwt2sb75YU It includes links that shed more light on this case. A key sentence: "Natasha Helfer is not in trouble with the Church because the Church is trying to tell her how to do her job. She’s in trouble with the Church because she’s trying to tell it how to do its job."
  6. I'm sure the latter is the case. Bill Reel recorded his council meeting and released it publicly. John Dehlin surreptitiously recorded a conversation with his stake president that he then released to the press. Why wouldn't they be especially careful and cautious? This isn't a gender issue.
  7. For those who are wondering why Natasha would want to remain in a church she has utter contempt for: she has marketed herself to current and former Church members and leaders throughout her career. I would imagine this is going to be a hit to her pocketbook. Her public criticism of Church leaders will also be easier to ignore.
  8. Natasha Helfer has written a number of blog posts criticizing President Nelson, including this one: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/mormontherapist/2019/04/plea-to-president-nelson-about-families.html In it she accuses him of causing harm by stating that some families will not be together in the eternities. She says: "You have so much power and are wielding it irresponsibly. Wielding it in ways that have significant consequences. Stop causing the type of wreckage I, and my many concerned colleagues, have to sew up in the cardiac surgical room of the therapy chair." A version of the post was
  9. I just listened to Ryan Gabriel's talk. He made some good points and included powerful examples of past racism. Other parts were not as helpful. Like many other people, he refers to racism as "America's original sin." Near the end of the talk, he states that Christ "took upon himself sin for which he was not responsible. He did so because He loves us. We can do so because we love Him." I think the articles of faith have something to say about the concept of original sin. And it is blasphemous to suggest that we can take upon ourselves the sins of others as Christ did. It's wort
  10. Speaking of rainbows, this article seems relevant: https://latterdaysaintmag.com/restoring-the-meaning-of-the-rainbow/
  11. Keep in mind that many of these rumors have been perpetuated by Calvin J. Burke, a well-known (in progressive Mormon circles) social media personality who has a history of making false allegations--including against his own parents, who took him to court over it and won their case. So I would take these rumors about Kwaku with a very large grain of salt.
  12. Calm, by your logic, half of all of those killed by police should be women, since women are half of the population. And yet almost all are men. Do you think that is because the police are misandristic? Could there be any other explanation?
  13. I predict they will give some oblique cautions about postmodernism.
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