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  1. Keep in mind that many of these rumors have been perpetuated by Calvin J. Burke, a well-known (in progressive Mormon circles) social media personality who has a history of making false allegations--including against his own parents, who took him to court over it and won their case. So I would take these rumors about Kwaku with a very large grain of salt.
  2. Calm, by your logic, half of all of those killed by police should be women, since women are half of the population. And yet almost all are men. Do you think that is because the police are misandristic? Could there be any other explanation?
  3. I predict they will give some oblique cautions about postmodernism.
  4. I've skimmed this long discussion and haven't seen anyone provide evidence for police killing blacks at a disproportionate rate when compared with whites. Apologies if I missed it somehow. These are statistics I have seen elsewhere:
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