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  1. This thread brings up so many great questions- Another question I would pose - since we are taught in primary that we lose the spirit when we are in unholy places- how do we get it back? Also I just spoke with a very old friend who found Jesus 10 years ago and he spend most of our phone call sharing with me the updates of his life and giving all of the credit to God for the good things that are happening in his life. Much of these things happened because of inspiration and guidance and direction, from his point of view. I decided not to tell him that he didn’t actually have the gift of The Holy Ghost. Perhaps if he was LDS his life would be better than it is now. He certainly would have a better shot at the afterlife, but I held back. He seemed to be very enthusiastic about how God had led him to the goodness that he experiences on the daily. I have to admit his experienced some pretty cool stuff. Anyway, neither here nor there but the convo made me think of this thread. (Now that I think about it, that last sentence makes me reflect somewhat and want to change.)
  2. Peppermint , how are you doing since your father died? I wonder what I will want in my dying days. Would I prefer to go quickly and without warning? Would I want gathering? What would I want to communicate to my children and granddaughter?
  3. Prayers for you. That’s scary. But many people get to the other side of cancer to tell the tale. I say you’ll be one. Blessings
  4. I don’t think you would be in the dark. I think people find whatever they are looking for. This board is mostly just ego and arguments with a little truth scattered, IMO. Truth comes as we mature, if we are not afraid to grow. If we were supposed to remain in primary, we would still be there. If Grug and others want to remain in their views that the church past Brigham is impure, well there have been plenty of offshoots to the church claiming the same.
  5. To be clear, only in the case of a power differential, specifically with minors or elders- Or if danger is imminent otherwise. (USA, not aware of other countries laws)
  6. I’m not sure if this comparison flies, but if I were to dress up in blackface today, I’d be skewered. I would never do it, nor would I want to do it- I know better . However in the 90s I dressed my husband as Michael Jordan for a costume party. I’m even embarrassed now. But I wasn’t then- we loved MJ and owned a bald cap and needed an idea. We know better now. If we went ahead and created what we *now *associate with a Warren Jeffs / or a Hugh Hefner compound or a circus like Sister Wives Cody clown , I’d likely walk away too. it would feel really, well for lack of a better word, dark to introduce polygamy knowing what we know now. I give the church a pass for the past only because marching to the beat of a different drummer was par for the course for them in that day and age. Being odd, seen as even extreme was their very existence so they felt they could (should?) do things that unfortunately were not all acceptable or even useful. IMO polygamy was one of those things. I recognize my view is extreme and out there, but it’s how I reconcile my desire to remain in a beautiful gospel setting. I hold both in my hand- the good and the problematic.
  7. You’ll get no more feedback from me. All that free feedback gone to waste, what a terrific shame 😂- carry on.
  8. You didn’t ask me, but I’ll speak to this . I personally don’t think it was revelation from God, but I know that’s pretty out there for me to say. It’s a good thing to temple Recommend interview doesn’t require me to state that I believe polygamy was legit ordered by God 100 years ago. I’d be banned! 😅😇
  9. Respectfully there are many traditional view (even black and white members) here who present their beliefs in ways that are inclusive and considerate and don’t incite conflict. It’s not the content it’s the process. IMO.
  10. Grug. Can you not see that everywhere you step you seem to create contention? Why is that, don’t you wonder?
  11. I can see where Grugs beliefs on this come from. I think I’ve even heard this discussion recently in Sunday school and I believe everyone just nodded or kept sleeping. However, here we have mixed company. The position comes across as arrogant and distasteful, and even to Navidad as offensive to the Holy Spirit itself. IMO this is an opportunity to consider others. As a child, I believed I was special, “above others” of my non LDS friends who didn’t “have the Holy Ghost.” Now I believe differently. I believe I do have the Holy Ghost as accessible to me. I also believe that the myriad of friends that I surround myself who are not of my faith have truly experienced miracles and influences of God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Is it important to delineate which of us have more legit access to the Holy Spirit? Not to me. I think that is alienating and I think I need to stay in my own lane and live my own life and not alienate or hurt those around me, or insult them by suggesting that they have a lesser access to God than I do. Grug I know where you’re coming from. I sat on all of those primary lessons on Tuesday nights like you did. My nuanced views as I age don’t take me further from God, in fact my heart grows larger. Please consider how vast Gods reach is and how hurtful your insistence on pushing this agenda can be to our friends on this board who may be, probably are, better humans than I.
  12. I’m sorry you are unhappy. I think mfb is also wise to set limits for himself.
  13. Dario you are poking the wrong bear here, respectfully. He even apologized again to you in this thread.
  14. I guess the pulse you are taking is a more valid view than the thoughts feelings and opinions on this board.
  15. Wow that was one in depth explanation.
  16. It suggests you are turning to personal attacks rather than focusing on the issue itself, so he’s not going to engage with you.
  17. I echo the need to stick with facts and eliminate emotion. You still may not experience satisfaction, so good luck to you. My friend was SA By a family member 30 years ago, who is now a bishop. It’s hard for her.
  18. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t operate from a cafeteria mindset. We all pick and choose because we can’t possibly eat it all. I think the term is derogatory and by nature hypocritical. You add a lot here just the way you are.
  19. This is hardly defensible. There’s a time and place to reflect as an organization So that we don’t replicate these errors.
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