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  1. Nope. Hunting, target shooting, getting rid of pests that want to harm your stock. People are scary, not guns. A gun just sitting there won't jump up and starting shooting people. Its the people and it will always be the people.
  2. The us army has a definition of it. Look it up. Most people call something an assault rifle if it looks scary. Oh and they think AR in AR 14 means assault rifle. Maybe if we paint them pink and purple instead of black they won't be scary guns.
  3. Wait they have assault riffles or do they have guns that just look scary? Its pretty rare for people to have real assault riffles? All kids should be taught about guns. That they are not toys, what they really do. My kids know not to touch a gun unless dad or mom is there.
  4. I have never liked BYU. It was always on a pedestal for most members I knew. I encourage my kids to go somewhere else. Everything is getting ruined by all this crap. Most places and people are between a rock and a hard place. No good way out. They lose no matter what they do.
  5. It was 21 when I would have gone. I got married at 21. I kept praying about going on a mission. I never felt like I got an answer. I kept waiting and praying and then met my husband. I had people tell me It would be a waste if I went on a mission. My bishop discouraged the idea of me going. He was very for my friend going.
  6. I never felt judged for not going. I felt like more people were trying to marry me off when I talked about a mission.
  7. I am talking about the men that I know. I don't know you.
  8. The people that I know that are single are either too shy and struggle with that part of life or are to picky on what they want in a spouse. A few of the men want a ten (hot, beautiful, education, etc) and they are a five. They will complain about it while ignoring girls that like them because they are not the hottest. I saw this all the time in the singles ward years and years ago. Most of them are still single almost 20 years later.
  9. I watch their show and my heart hurt for her. I can't imagine how painful that must be. I would never survive something like that. And thankful I never will.
  10. As a woman who had fertility problems, seeing my husband have kid after kid with other women would be torture. I couldn't do it and be reminded at every turn of my failings. I wouldn't want a thing to do with his kids from another woman.
  11. Nothing. I love not having to go to the parties. It's been so nice. I hope it stays like this. Just church for one hour and done
  12. It's not that expensive to cremate a stillborn baby. Many Catholic cemeteries will bury stillborn or babies for free. You do need to pay for the headstone if you want one. I cannot imagine not doing something with my daughter's body. She was stillborn. There is no way on this earth I would have left her body to be thrown away as medical trash. I do not understand any of this. She is my baby. It was my last chance of being her mother here on earth.
  13. I managed to get down to my chicken coop for the first time since my surgery. I get my happy times watching my hens. It sounds silly but I find great peace and joy with them.
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