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  1. It was 21 when I would have gone. I got married at 21. I kept praying about going on a mission. I never felt like I got an answer. I kept waiting and praying and then met my husband. I had people tell me It would be a waste if I went on a mission. My bishop discouraged the idea of me going. He was very for my friend going.
  2. I never felt judged for not going. I felt like more people were trying to marry me off when I talked about a mission.
  3. I am talking about the men that I know. I don't know you.
  4. The people that I know that are single are either too shy and struggle with that part of life or are to picky on what they want in a spouse. A few of the men want a ten (hot, beautiful, education, etc) and they are a five. They will complain about it while ignoring girls that like them because they are not the hottest. I saw this all the time in the singles ward years and years ago. Most of them are still single almost 20 years later.
  5. I watch their show and my heart hurt for her. I can't imagine how painful that must be. I would never survive something like that. And thankful I never will.
  6. As a woman who had fertility problems, seeing my husband have kid after kid with other women would be torture. I couldn't do it and be reminded at every turn of my failings. I wouldn't want a thing to do with his kids from another woman.
  7. Nothing. I love not having to go to the parties. It's been so nice. I hope it stays like this. Just church for one hour and done
  8. It's not that expensive to cremate a stillborn baby. Many Catholic cemeteries will bury stillborn or babies for free. You do need to pay for the headstone if you want one. I cannot imagine not doing something with my daughter's body. She was stillborn. There is no way on this earth I would have left her body to be thrown away as medical trash. I do not understand any of this. She is my baby. It was my last chance of being her mother here on earth.
  9. I managed to get down to my chicken coop for the first time since my surgery. I get my happy times watching my hens. It sounds silly but I find great peace and joy with them.
  10. We have had many callings. I know too many kids who felt abandoned by their parents for callings. I will not do that to my children. There is a time and season for all things. I feel like we never saw my husband with his last calling. His vacation days were spent on church stuff. It was not fun and I will not do it at this point in my life. For a church that claims family is everything, many callings take away so much from the family.
  11. I don't understand thinking you are important because of your calling. I have never thought I was anything because of my calling. I also never want to be in leadership roles again. I may have to be seen in a bar if it happens or get more interesting piercings and maybe more tattoos. Like on my arms, very visible. I hope my husband never gets those calls as well. I don't want my kids judged like that. It's so hard on kids. I would think of moving if he ever gets called into the bishopric. I want to move and that would the push I need to make it happen.
  12. Oregon is messed up in so many ways. It's sucks that the Willamette corridor controls the whole state. I am so glad I got out and will never return. My heart hurts for the good people of oregon.
  13. Disagree. Women need to protect themselves. I tell my kids that if they are going to have sex before marriage to never trust the other people with birth control. Always use two forms. I teach them to wait until marriage, but things happen and there is no need to bring an innocent baby into the world like that
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