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  1. The land we call Nicaragua / Desolation serve the same function as the Land of Benjamin/Jerusalem in Israel, therefore the righteous descendants of Lehi who escaped the destruction of Old Jerusalem, were themselves destroyed in their unrighteousness, at a corresponding location in the New World..
  2. We are not precisely comparing apples to apples in this Mormon /Roman analysis, because they are two vastly different structures, physically, politically and religiously. However they had ethnic similarities, however limited that might have been, and this would have enabled the parallel history that “ seem” to exist. The fact that Constantine might have tried to unify a fractured Roman World , would be the politically correct course to follow if he wanted to be Emperor of all Rome, but the fact still remain that it was his hand that facilitated it’s division in 324 AD. A less sophisticated so
  3. Mormon 1:6-10. Indicates that the wars which culminated in the Nephite being finally driven from the South, began in 322 AD ,this date complements the year 324 AD when Constantine’s Civil war began, resulting in the division of Rome. This was a long and tedious struggle starting when Mormon was 11years old and ending when he was an old man. The important point is that the call for separate political and cultural homelands occurred at the same time.
  4. It is quite possible that a segment of the Nephite population fled their Central American homeland, and took refuge in the Eastern Island of the Caribbean, creating their version of Rome’s Byzantine Empire. While no existing documentation support any such event, it is common knowledge in West Indian history, that two types of Native Indians migrated into the region from Central America, the peaceful Arawaks and their hostile nemesis the war like Caribs, very similar to that described in the Book of Mormon.
  5. A strange parallel also occur between Roman and Mormon history in 322 AD , the year in which the final separation of Lamanites from Nephites began in earnest. About this time the Latin Romans / Lamanites and Greek Romans/Nephites , also began the bitter struggle to live separate lives, resulting in the Byzantine Greek Empire being established in the Eastern Provinces of the old Empire. In this era the Nephites were driven to the North of their original territory, leaving the Lamanites to the South.
  6. The ancient cities and infrastructure that crisscrossed this region, were partly broken up by earthquakes and volcano, as stated in the Book of Mormon. To suggest that after sixteen centuries of decay and jungle growth, these areas could not have communicated with each other in the past, is a bit comical. Radar is currently being used to penetrate jungle overgrowth to reveal ancient cities and infrastructure across the hemisphere, revealing engineering structures that rival those of our era.
  7. Did a Spanish army not cross this isthmus to the Pacific Coast in the 16th century ?
  8. To our generation it might be impassable, but this region is not nearly as rugged as the mountains of Peru and the Incas crossed those mountains and built cities which we can hardly comprehend today. There is nothing about this region in Panama that would make it unconquerable for those who are determined to do so , as the Incas demonstrated in their homeland of Peru.
  9. A casual reading of the Book of Mormon may give the impression that these narrow necks of land, are the same, because they are described in reference to lands Northward and Southward, which is understandable because their entire territory was oriented North to South .However the accompanying description of the land which they separate, reveal that they are not referring to the same location. One divide the land Zarahemla in the South from Bountiful in the North and this occurred at the Panama Canal as I said. The other divide the Land Desolation /Nicaragua on the North, from the Land Bountifu
  10. The LDS seem to imply that the USA, East of the Mississippi is Babylon, which they bid farewell on their way to the Mountains of Ephraim in the West. In Hymn # 319, He Elders of Israel and D&C 75, the Eastern US is so designated, while the world wide predatory financial system is later addressed in D&C 133. These warnings are taken lightly, as the Church becomes more popular and it’s members endorse the system, they were warned to flee.
  11. The Atrato River flows North through the Province , entering the sea at the Darien Gulf. This River is referred to as the River Sidon in the Book of Mormon,and it’s Delta , probably accommodated the City Moroni, which sank into the sea after an Earthquake. The Provincial Capital Quibdo, might have been built over the ruins of the City Manti, which was said to be located near the source of the River Sidon.
  12. The land of Nephi in Colombia was adjoined by the Land of Zarahemla, which ended at the narrow neck of Land we call the Panama Canal, at this point it became the Land Bountiful.
  13. And the Lamanites did give unto us the land northward, yea, even to the narrow passage which led into the land southward. And we did give unto the Lamanites all the land southward. Mormon 2: 29.
  14. It is a new concept to me also, as I have recently been made to understand , that the world’s Physical and Human Geography follows a specific pattern, as I implied in my comment. Maybe others will eventually see and understand as I have, but for now I can only submit it as an unsubstantiated theory.
  15. Both Rome and Israel share an ethnic connection through the Etruscan Greek Tribe , which lived in Tarsus, the home of the Apostle Paul, who was of Hebrew - Greek ancestry. It should not be surprising that the Romans and Nephites have similar experiences in their history, because they are kindred people. If you search even further you will find that the English are themselves Etruscan Greeks, the colonial rulers of Italy, prior to the rise of the Roman Republic. The Mormons are told to “ liken themselves to Nephites / Romans” because they are kindred to those people.They did not have to copy hi
  16. The region called Babylonia in Mesopotamia, is the geographic equivalent of Lombardy in Europe, which may indicate that the Babylonian bloodline is carried into Europe by the Lombards, who are now intermingled with a few other ethnic Europeans, including the French and English. The latter-day Neo-Babylonian Empire, would therefore be from one or the other of these two nations.
  17. When Nephi spoke these words in 600 BC, the great powers of the world were Babylon and it’s rival Egypt, with the Hebrews caught up in their territorial and ideological rivalry. The period of the Protestant Reformation in the 16th Century saw a similar rivalry between France and it’s global rival Spain, which also threatened the Protestant territories and their religious freedoms. We could assume that global Babylon in the 6th Century BC included both Egypt and Babylon, and their modern counterpart in our era.
  18. After approximately a millennium of rivalry and conflicts between the Lamanite and Nephite factions, of Lehi’s posterity , the Nephites were driven entirely from their southern ancestral lands, into the region we know as Nicaraguan, which was then called the Land Desolation. This name being derived from the desolate state of the region, when first discovered by the Nephites. Here on the western coast of Nicaragua, on the narrow neck of land, between Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific Coast, the Nephites met their “Waterloo” , repeating the fate of the “Jaredites“ whose bones they discovered,
  19. The city referred to as the New Jerusalem in the US, Kansas City Missouri, share remarkable characteristics, to Basel Switzerland, it's geographic equivalent in Europe. It is wort noting, that Basel and Switzerland in general, served as a place of refuge from Europe's conflicts, over many centuries, it has also been the base for the Religious Reformation, which enabled the birth pf Protestant America. These function are all expected from the New Jerusalem in Kansas City, Missouri, when at some point in the future, the US is engulfed by civil and religious strife. It might be concluded that
  20. It takes time, but you will eventually understand it, good luck.
  21. When you have some time, take an Atlas and compare the nations in the Mid-East with those in Europe and see if understand pattern I indicate here. Turkey - England Syria and Israel - France Egypt - Spain They are the geographic equivalent of each other, and in their long history, they have similar function in their respective domains. This is just a small example of how the worlds physical and human geography repeat itself across the globe. If you don't see and similarity, just let it be.
  22. Lehi's church produce a civilization that lasted a thousand years, did it not. Alma was a product of that Civilization, so Lehi, the Puritans, Abraham, Buddha, Mohammed and Jesus , they all created new civilization following a period of enlightenment and tribulation. It simply mean, god select the best of a bad lot and make stars of whom he deem worthy and dispose of those he thinks unworthy, as might have been the case with the Zoramites, we can't say for sure.
  23. Because the worlds geography is designed by a creator who chooses to repeat his not so obvious pattern, more than once across the globe. If you can believe it there are four distinct geographic world system upon our globe. It is what it is, wether we see or understand it.
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