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  1. The presence of an independent Thai Kingdom in S.E. Asia, could indicate that a similar situation “Possibly” existed in the Book of Mormon lands, where by an independent kingdom of native people , lived in Northern Mexico at the same time as the Nephites lived in Central America. Additionally the lands colonized by the English and such as Australia , may indicate that an Ephraimite colony existed in South America, it’s geographic equivalent.
  2. The Huguenots seem to be “likened unto Mulekites” who arrived in the Northern land of Zarahemla, shortly after Lehi’s family arrived in the land of Nephi.
  3. This Colonial Map of South East Asia, most likely indicate the territories held historically by Jaredites , Nephites and others , in the Caribbean Basin. The Jaredites whom I believe to be of Chaldean/ French heritage, would occupy French Indo-China or the equivalent of Eastern Mexico. The Nephites whom are actually Dutch Calvinist, would occupy Dutch Indonesia, the equivalent of Central America. The English who are “ Likened unto Nephite” , would occupy Burma and Malaysia, the equivalent of Western and Southern Mexico. While the three ethnic groups would have created Civilizations
  4. Identifying the Protestants of the American South, as well as those of South Africa as actual Nephites , living in “ Lands of Nephi” in the modern era, is as specific an action that anyone can take, to awaken a people to the danger they face, if their righteousness is less than that acceptable to God. The awakening of the other ethnic groups with whom they share the land, indicate the cyclical nature in which the Tribes of the Earth are brought to prominence, and tutored under the hand of God. The Tribal Divisions / Mansions in America or any other part of the Earth, will lawfully accom
  5. I would think that every act of Reformation, ultimately result in a winnowing out of the skeptics from the believers, resulting in the believers being told/inspired to move to the West /Right, and the skeptics left in the East/Left. This same principle applied to the Mormons, the Protestants of Europe and many others.
  6. Dan - Anglo French Asher - Anglo Italian Naphtali - Anglo French Manasseh - Anglo Norman Ephraim - Anglo Norman Reuben - Anglo Welsh Benjamin - Anglo Welsh Simeon - Anglo Welsh Zebulon - Anglo Welsh Issachar - Anglo Welsh Gad - Anglo Italian Judah - Anglo Welsh The ethnic groups that created Israel existed as Chaldeans/French , Latins/Italian and Aryans/ Anglo, before Abraham migrated to Canaan, as he was himself of mixed Chaldean and Aryan heritage, as was his wife.
  7. The American version of Ezekiel’s vision of the City called The Lord is Here ??
  8. You would not be looking so much for pottery , but rather weapons of war, shields ,helmets, swords and breast plates that the Nephites are said to posses. This general area is where they possibly made their final stand, something akin to Israel’s Masada.
  9. Funding research wouldn’t necessarily mean you are taking a position on the matter, rather it could be seen as trying to arrive at a position by exploring plausible alternatives, let the end result speak for itself, be it yea or nea.
  10. At this rate, we all have to agree to disagree, each one leaving the discussion with the opinion he brought forward initially.
  11. If the Nephites said it took a day to cross the land, it was not in the state of ruin, and covered by Jungle as much of Central America now is . Your Book of Mormon makes that quite clear.
  12. WHEN THE LOCATION OF TWO OBJECTS ARE KNOWN, speculation and conjecture are not needed to calculate time and distance, however when they are not known or geographically identified, ascertaining time and distance for travel is only arrived at by speculation and conjecture as is the case here. While I do not wish to question the accuracy of the internal outlay of the land , identified in that manner , I will adhere to the three Geographic Features given, and the two distances, travelled in a day, and a day and a half, for my points of references, in determining the boundaries of the land.
  13. The two distance references given, of lands taking a day, and a day and a half to cross in the Book of Mormon, along with the three geographic features, are the only concrete evidences given to determine the boundaries of the Nephite heartland. All other “evidences” are largely based on speculation and conjecture, which may or may not be accurate. While these speculative evidences can be informative, they are only needed to establish internal features and not land boundaries.
  14. A marathon of just over 20 miles is completed in a few hours and you don’t think 40 or 50 miles can be covered in a day .
  15. Three witnesses establish the heartland of Book of Mormon Civilization, and they are all geographic witnesses. A. Narrow passage of land at border of Bountiful and Desolation ,Alma 63:5, 52:9, Mormon 3:5. This is located at the narrow passage on the Western side of Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean. B. Narrow neck of land at the border of Bountiful and Desolation, which takes a day and a half to cross, Alma 22:32. This is located at the Eastern side of Lake Nicaragua and the Caribbean Sea C. Narrow neck of land at border of Zarahemla and Bountiful, which takes a day to cros
  16. Historical comparisons / references enable us to view past events and use them as a guide for the future, enabling us to learn from the mistakes of others.Natural Laws gave us many similar geographic references, to which we can “Liken” our own nation, and make adjustments to our social and economic conditions, avoiding the pitfalls of others. Eventually the Lion and Lamb will be able to live in peace, because we are no longer ignorant to the conditions which create the animosity between them.
  17. The year we are currently in, is 2020 so I am referring to 2020 AD being equivalent to 250 BC.
  18. I guess the strategy on this board is to respond with nonsense, if you don’t agree or understand the post
  19. The French are of Chaldean ancestry, this I have determined by their adversarial relationship with the Protestant Calvinist, whose destruction and exile, virtually replicated the Chaldean Exile of the Israelis.This and many other events, confirm my belief that the French are partially derive from Chaldean heritage, the same Neo-Babylonian heritage as the Jaredites, who migrated to the New World at the Fall of the Tower of Babel in Mesopotamia. Further proof of the Chaldean heritage of the French will be made in a future post Understanding the common heritage of the French and Jaredites i
  20. Guess I strayed into someone’s sanctuary, pardon me , but the facts will stand on it’s own feet come what may, if not here then else where.
  21. If we transferred the pattern of Jaredite settlement from Eastern North America, to Central America we could come to the following conclusion. Mexico which equates to Eastern Canada would have been settled by Jaredites in the East and Nephites in the West Yucatan Peninsula which equates to New England, would have had Jaredite settlers in the North and East, and Nephites in the South. Eastern Central America which equates Eastern USA, would have had Jaredite settlers at some point in it’s history on its East, prior to being dominated by Nephites. It is possible that some of the
  22. Beyond pointing out the similarities between both societies, I have not contemplated any other action.
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