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  1. The Town CATARINA is situated near an extinct Volcano which has a Panoramic View of the Narrow Passage of Land leading into the Land Desolation / Nicaragua. This narrow passage is the only unobstructed, land access into Nicaragua from Costa Rica / Bountiful, all other access points, necessitate crossing a River or Lake. Catarina is possible the best strategic point to make a final stand in defense of the Nephite place of refuge, while MORMON could easily enjoy a panoramic view of the battlefield from the Volcano/ CUMORAH, at an elevation exceeding 1500 feet. All evidence “seem” to suggest C
  2. A brief history of Shiloh in ancient Israel is given in a portion of this Wikipedia article. When the Israelites arrived in the land, they set up there the ancient wilderness tent shrine (the Tent of Meeting: HebWhen When the Israelites arrived in the land, they set up there the ancient wilderness tent shrine (the Tent of Meeting: Heb. Ohel-Mo'ed). There Joshua and Eleazar divided the land among the tribes who had not yet received their allocation (Joshua 18:1–10) and dealt with the allocation of cities to the Levites (Joshua 21:1–8). Subsequently, Shiloh became one of the leading re
  3. The City of Philadelphia brings to the New World the same historic and geographic significance, as it’s predecessor Shiloh did in Israel. It was the first administrative center and spiritual capital of the nation, and retained it’s spiritual significance, even after the administrative functions were relocated to Washington Independence Hall South façade of Independence Hall Location 520 Chestnut Street between 5th and 6th Streets, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Coordinates 39°56′56″N 75°9′0″WCoordinates: 3
  4. I extend my sincere apology to all members on this board who have been Offended, Confused, Befuddled and Bewildered by my Posts on this Board. However these Post are accurate to the best of my Knowledge, and have been arrived at, after an extended period of reflection. I certainly do not expect others to agree to or understand them after viewing them for a few minutes.
  5. Living up to our highest potential is the requirement despite the Atonement, FAITH in Christ only allow the penitent a second opportunity to get it right, but the WORK must be put in, to earn the reward, hence “ Faith without works is Dead “. It is the equivalent of allowing every one the opportunity to qualify for the Olympics, without any predetermined condition, but success in any chosen event is determined by the work put in by the interested party. Many people assume the Atonement takes away your sin, it does not, it only allows you to “Try Again” . Noah earned his exaltation in his
  6. If you are a member of the LDS Church you should know of this doctrine, it is not based on my speculation . If the word mistaken for “Exalted “ created a problem we should have no further issue , consult your Bishop for a explanation of the doctrine, and it’s application to Noah’s transition to the Angel Gabriel.
  7. Islam has a very bad reputation among Christians because it destroyed a corrupt Roman Christian Province, the reprobate nature of the Civilization destroyed is not taken into consideration as the reason for it’s destruction, but rather the perceived evil of the destroyer, informs Christians opinion of Islam. The underlying message to cease to do evil or accept the consequences, is lost in the prevailing Christian Islamic divide, as happened between Israelis and Chaldeans and Nephites and Lamanites. The destroyer is the evil one not the destroyed corrupt ones.
  8. Yes it is unique to Mormonism, it was revealed to the LDS that Noah was exhaled to become the Angel Gabriel. The general belief of the Mormons is that an individual who lives up to his highest potential on Earth, is capable of being exhaled to become as God is.
  9. The Angels are God messengers who are tasked to execute his will on earth, that task maybe constructive such as stirring people to repentance or destructive such as putting them to death if need be. Gabriel’s mission executed through Christ, is an example of the former and his mission executed by Mohammed is an example of the latter. It doesn’t matter if it sit well with either you or me, it is the will of God, and there are examples of these seeming contradiction throughout the Scriptures.
  10. Yes he did visit the Muslims, and they destroyed the unfaithful Roman Population who rejected the ministry of Christ, in the same timeframe as the flood did to the unrepentant, in Adam’s World.
  11. THE MINISTRY OF CHRIST THROUGH THE APOSTLE PAUL FULFILLED THE PROPHECY SPOKEN IN GENESIS 49:10. “The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be” The destruction of JERUSALEM and the EXILE OF THE JEWS, ended JUDAH’S role as lawgivers at the time of CHRIST. The Matriarchal heritage of the Tribe of Benjamin was derived from the captive Gentile Women of SHILOH, while it’s Patriarchal heritage was Hebrew,[Judges 21:16-20] .This Hybrid Tribe was drafted into the Ministry of Ch
  12. The theory on which my statement was made is incorrect, that’s why it would be a waste of time to pursue the matter further.
  13. There are only geographic evidences left by the Book of Mormon, which explicitly define the location of the Nephite Heartland, as being in Central America. Unfortunately scholars and speculators have misrepresented those facts, to fit the Geographic regions they have an interest in, leading some members to anchor their testimony of the BOM on false geographic premise . While the LDS Church has not endorsed any location, many members have adhered to the locations falsely identified, and are unwilling or incapable of accepting the truth. I would nevertheless urge the Church to do a preliminary
  14. Take a moment to read what I wrote, and you will see I used that word “ UNWITTINGLY “which means NOT KNOWING ,that their BIG BEN celebrates that part of their heritage which is derived from Benjamin. The source of the name is irrelevant to what I said , however it’s Symbolism is even more remarkable, as you stated, it was derived from a Welsh individual, the very people who added the Hebrew bloodline to the hybrid Greek family.
  15. What is even weirder, is that Paul’s heritage is passed on to the Anglo/Welsh people of Britain, whose pride in their Benjamite heritage is unwittingly celebrated in their Iconic Big Ben Clock and Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London, weird but true
  16. The Tribe of Benjamin was virtually exterminated in a civil war in the early years of Israel’s existence, leaving a few male Benjamite survivors, whom the Tribes of Israel would not allow their daughters to marry. These survivors were permitted to take Gentile / Greek women from the city of Shiloh as wives. Judges 21. Thereby making the survivors a hybrid Hebrew/Greek mix, not surprisingly Paul and numerous members of this hybrid tribe, lived among their Greek Matriarchs in Tarsus, and not in Israel. Equally unsurprisingly is the fact that God chose this mixed Benjamite to take the Hebrew Go
  17. Paul was of the Tribe of Benjamin on his fathers side and a Greek on his mother’s side, making him partially of Gentile heritage, as all Greeks were called Gentiles by the Tribe of Judah. His ministry to the Greeks/ Gentiles transferred the Gospel to the Protestant world today, while Peter ministered to the Romans and the Jewish converts commingled among them. The Protestant Catholic divide, simply repeat the old divisions of Judah from Israel, with the Gentiles/Greeks being engraftment onto the body of Israel by Paul.
  18. The statements I make are based on the facts as I understand them, and they represent my personal opinion.
  19. The Hebrew people from which Abraham and his wife are derived is a hybrid mix, of Celtic and Gentile/Aryan blood. The Israeli Tribes derived from Leah primarily represent the Celtic component of the family, while those descended from Rachel’s son Joseph are more of Gentile / Aryan stock, similar to the Classical Greeks who were commonly referred to as Gentiles. The Book of Mormon maybe referred to as coming from the Gentile, because of it’s association with the Israeli descendants of Joseph.
  20. The Spanish Philippines is the geographic equivalent of Cuba, which could have been colonized in the Book of Mormon era, by Phoenicians, a kindred people to the modern Spaniard, North America as we are all aware hosted a large Asiatic native population at that time, corresponding to modern China.
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