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  1. The most interesting parts of the series, to me, are the excerpts from the post-plea interview(s) with Hofmann. They really reveal just how much of a sociopath he was. It’s a little chilling to think that, no matter how masterful he was at faking documents, it pales in comparison with his ability to have pretended to have a conscience. I read the “Roger Ebert” review of the show, and the reviewer obviously was disappointed that it didn’t body-slam the church. I believe such an attack would have been gratuitous and overstated. I don’t think even very many apostates truly believe that Hofma
  2. I was curious about any new articles on Truth & Transparency (fka MormonLeaks), and I found that the last thing posted was dated 3/7/2020. Could it be that there just isn’t a constant-enough stream of scandalous scuttle-butt about the COJCOLDS (+ the Jay-Dubs) to support the site? Or did the proprietors simply lose interest? I remember when I first heard of MormonLeaks, after it leaked the McKenna Denson/Robert L. Bishop recording online. At one point it was inviting people to make submissions via the “TOR” network, which I’m sure most of us know by its other name, “the Dark Web.” I t
  3. One of my older brothers was sealed to his first wife, albeit on the second go-round, and then they divorced a second time. She went inactive and later married someone else. Given that she no longer puts any stock in temple ordinances, she’s never asked for a sealing cancellation. My brother did, however, have to get input from the first wife before he could be sealed to his current wife. She didn’t have to consent, however—I think it’s just a matter of finding out whether she alleged abuse on his part or a failure to pay alimony or child support. incidentally, my father was sealed to two
  4. That doesn’t surprise me, as temple policies seem to change all the time. Personally, I’d like to see all vestiges of polygamy removed from church policies and procedures—and doctrine.
  5. Thanks, all. Intuition sort of told me that children “go” with the mother, not the father. My daughter’s older children haven’t even been baptized—despite being blessed as infants—because their father won’t agree to it.
  6. I have a question about sealings. My daughter, who first married a non-member and had two children by him, later married (civilly) a member who had two children by his first wife (to whom he had been sealed in the temple) before divorcing her. Now they have had twins together. I know that, typically, (a) a man can’t ask unilaterally for a sealing cancellation from a prior wife, (b) that the woman can ask for such a cancellation, but (c) only when she has imminent plans to be sealed to another man. My question has to do with the twin babies my daughter has had now with her second husband:
  7. Yes. This was a claim arising from events that allegedly happened 30+ years earlier. What reason would Denson have had to believe a claim that old would have significant settlement value, or that a lawsuit arising from it would not immediately be ruled to be time-barred, if her lawyers hadn’t told her so? I’ll grant you that she undermined her case in multiple respects, beginning with her involvement or acquiescence in the disclosure of the recorded December 2017 Bishop interview However, I think the lawyers were more interested in creating a scandal than in their client’s interests.
  8. The dismissal was inevitable, but the timing and sequence of events still seem somewhat breathtaking. I guess it’s possible that the church came into information concerning Denson that might, if disclosed to the court and the public, result in sanctions and public shame. I think, however, that Denson simply—finally—saw the writing on the wall. She seemed so sure in the beginning that she was in for a big payday, and someone had to have amped her up on that notion; however, the chances of a windfall sort of...evanesced...with the MormonLeaks disclosure. Her attorneys, by whom I believe she was
  9. There are those cases, of course, although past generations of LDS women seemingly were expected not to enjoy sex or to instigate it. My wife, to whom I’ve been married 36 years, seemed to enjoy our romantic encounters in the early years at least as much as I did, often initiating them with zero self-consciousness. In the years since that time, however, she’s gradually fallen back into the Molly-Mormon prudery she acquired as a teenager, treating any overture by me as unreasonable.and quasi-sinful, and never acknowledging any interest or pleasure on her part. As for men losing interest in
  10. I can’t help recalling Boyd K. Packer’s comments about how the male libido had to be both strong and “more or less” constant, or else men would be disinclined to take on the responsibility of a wife and family. The reciprocal implication—that a woman who wouldn’t indulge a husband’s sexual desires risked, possibly deserved, to be single and alone—was unspoken but, to my mind, unmistakable. I can’t even imagine an apostle nowadays leaving that sort of impression. Now that adult female members of the church are largely better-educated and more gainfully employed than much of the pool of potenti
  11. Magistrates in U.S. federal courts act under the authority of the court; they serve for a limited time period and are not lifetime appointments. They typically don’t conduct actual trials, but they handle arraignments in criminal cases and often will hear pretrial motions, particularly related to discovery matters. To use the vernacular, their job is to take care of “housecleaning” chores in order to free up the judges’ time for trials and other weightier matters. If this case was referred to a federal magistrate, it’s almost certainly to address the church’s motions to compel discovery or to
  12. I have nothing substantive to add—this topic is tedious and inconsequential to me—but I would warn anyone not to believe the credentialed blindly. My legal career was blessedly short, but as a young attorney I was involved in preparing several multi-day trials. I became acutely aware that expert witnesses are the real whores of the American legal system. In short, if a party to a lawsuit needs someone with credentials to testify to a given proposition (of varying plausibility), and there’s a buck in it, there will virtually always be a scientist or scholar willing so to testify. And the reward
  13. I’m usually no fan of huge jury awards in tort cases against government agencies, but there are times when the behavior is so grossly negligent, and the consequences so horrific, that justice demands a financial thrashing. Josh Powell was pure evil, and the judge and CPS looked the other way.
  14. Denson very much reminds me of a relative of mine, who suffered a head injury in a car accident at around age 19 and who now, 40+ years on, has virtually no grasp of reality. Highly intelligent, but almost completely delusional—has abundant memories of things that never happened and no memory of things that did. One can speak to this person and conclude they are perfectly lucid and very knowledgeable—for a time. Eventually one realizes that he/she is crazy or this person is—and even I have questioned my own sanity on multiple occasions.
  15. I do know one thing: if by “racist” one essentially means “anyone I don’t like or with whose views I disagree,” one is not going to change very many minds.
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