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  1. THEY always want to give it to you? Can you take the sacrament twice a week? What about those whom the bishop deems unworthy to take the sacrament?
  2. Oh, it seems LDS leadership selectively uses D&C teachings today, so I'm not sure I logically accept that book as a standard explanation. Try telling your bishop that you are going to stop taking the sacrament each week, and let me know how it goes. In the end, leadership wants you to take the sacrament when THEY want to give it to you.
  3. Jordan Peterson once said that "In order to be able to think you have to risk being offensive."
  4. To me, this whole thread underlines the confusion around 'sacred' LDS ordinances that baffles me. They NEVER change, and cannot be altered - because that led to the apostacy. Until they are changed - then it is not apostacy, but a testament of the true and living church! The sacrament is vital, and members should come every week to partake of it - but its not that important on stake conference, general conference, or any other approved weekend. I offer this: the crux of modern LDS belief is to follow what leaders say today, and ignore what has been taught in the past.
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