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  1. It is safe, it is routinely used throughout the world for a variety of conditions. The idea that it is not safe is absolutely misinformation and should be censored according to social media companies own guidelines. But of course it isn’t. Wonder why?
  2. One of the things that I always struggled with and asked frequently when I was a TBM was why certain sins made one unworthy to partake of the sacrament (and essentially repent) while other sinners could freely partake and repent. What is the basis for prohibiting someone from repenting and renewing their covenants? The Savior made things simple in the scriptures when he would even forgive adulterers on the spot. I don’t recall Him telling a truly repentant person “you do not have access to my atonement for 6-12 months because this sin is too big. You are not allowed to take the sacra
  3. I believe Jesus Christ would approve of a virtual sacrament so these women could partake of it. I disagree with Nelson and the church.
  4. The CDC mentioned today that there will be a strong second wave later this year with many medical experts calling for lockdowns until 2022 when (maybe) there is a vaccine. I hadn’t fasted in nearly 20 years when I accepted Nelson’s invitation to fast this past Friday. My career and ability to support my family depends on this pandemic (or the hysterical response to it) easing and quickly. I don’t know how God is going to do it but I’m still holding on to a mustard seed of faith.
  5. You must be a blast at parties.
  6. Apparently a major announcement/revelation of some sort coming tomorrow big enough to require a full on solemn assembly. https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/solemn-assembly-hosanna-shout-april-2020
  7. This kind of thinking is what causes the common misconception that Mormons worship Joseph Smith.
  8. The mass hysteria over this virus is much worse than the virus itself.
  9. My first thought was why the church allowed the state to vote this way. But then I thought that the church ONLY stopped mortal polygamy because the federal government threatened them. The church still regularly practices polygamy in the temple. Who’s to say they won’t start it again in mortality if the government gives them permission?
  10. What bothers me the most is that the first account gives the impression of a traditional trinitarian view of the godhead. The reason that bothers me so much is because the original version of the Book of Mormon had a lot of trinitarian language in it. Of course the trinitarian verses were rewritten to show the Father and the Son as 2 different beings, probably around the same time he started saying 2 separate people appeared to him. Gives me a strong suspicion that Joseph’s view of God was evolving over time.
  11. Jobs skin turned black in Job 30:30 which obviously is not literal. Job did not become black. Black skin is an ancient thing that means doom and gloom over a person. The early prophets of the church were simply preaching false doctrine when they degraded black people said it was literal.
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