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  1. I understand the “cool” factor. I have some great family history stories and conversions I have come across. Is there a spiritual aspect to learning about our ancestors or some sort of doctrinal necessity? Or is it all I. The name of showing appreciation?
  2. With the advent of the “ordinance ready” button on our phones, what exactly is expected of us to do with family history? Is it just indexing and going to the temple? If we are participating in one or both of those, are we doing all that we need to when it comes to family history?
  3. The more I study and attend the temple, the lord I find how central covenants are to the gospel. We certainly talk about covenants a lot, but why don’t we ever list them off and talk about specific covenants? Why don’t we quote the covenants as worded in the temple and discuss how we can more fully live them? We had talks today about covenants, but no covenant was actually mentioned. Just the ceremonies that go along with them.
  4. Faith isn’t on the spectrum of knowledge or experience. Faith is how we treat the things we believe and know. Faith can exist in what we believe and what we know. Additionally, we can have zero faith in things we believe and know. Brother of Jared pulled himself outside the coverage of the veil entirely due to his faith. The trust he had in Christ whom he has never seen. I think this is the faith we all need to foster
  5. min familiar with that, but do those covenants still need to be made between those spirits and God?
  6. I’m not asking about broad sweeping social policy… or even a little social policy. I’m just asking how a parent could figure out the gender of a child in this situation.
  7. But what about the rare times it isn’t obvious. Intersex is a real thing
  8. I agree, these are desperate efforts. The righteousness of the church is waning and we should be concerned.
  9. I’m not asking you to call anyone a sinner. I’m asking if something is a sin. Very different. My purpose in asking it was to point out that something doesn’t need to be one of the 10-commandments to be a sin. I’m taking the James scripture, as well as scriptures like Doctrine and Covenants 82:3 as evidence that God expects more out of us than just to follow the commandments. There are duties we are expected to perform that, if failed, would be a sin to us. And AGAIN, I seem to have to restate this, on an individual level repentance exists and we ought to be patient with people as they grow. But let’s our God is a God of low expectations. He wants a lot for us and his laws are strict.
  10. How do you understand James 4:17 “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.” Also Doctrine and Covenants 82:3 or Luke 12:47-48
  11. It seems there is a lot of people on this thread that agree with you
  12. Your introducing exterior scenarios, but I’ll play along to your hyper specific requirements. If a person who was baptized, in good standing, has a college education and is in completely good health chooses to not read scriptures week after week, is that a sin they are committing?
  13. No, all I want is people to at least acknowledge that the church expects all young men to serve missions and that choosing not to is going against their duty as a priesthood leader. If a young man chooses not to, they don’t need to be public ally shamed or coerced.
  14. Which we have repentance for AGAIN. My concern is not with being perfect in all our duties. My concern is that people are refusing to acknowledge and admit out loud that God has commanded all young men to serve missions.
  15. Just to gage where you are at. Would you say not reading scriptures is a sin?
  16. Leaders in wards that are afraid to teach that all young men are called by God to serve missions.
  17. And I have a hard time seeing how this way of thought is in line with what the prophets teach. Sure, if 1/10 young men are prompted to not serve, then ya, I’m on bored, there are exceptions. But when so many young men are refusing to serve for one reason or another, there is a problem with how we are teaching this.
  18. It’s been turned up because our leaders and adults are teaching that young men don’t really need to serve missions if they don’t feel like it
  19. Again, I’m talking to people who are rejecting the words of the prophets. I wouldnt talk this way to youth who are are struggling with their own faith.
  20. I’ve seen probably a dozen different definitions. For the sake of this conversation, it seems we agree on how one ought to feel
  21. You said ”it is not a sin to not serve a mission” My line of thinking is 1- It is a sin to neglect priesthood duty 2- Prophets have said serving a full time mission is a priesthood duty 3- refusing to serve a full time mission is neglecting a priesthood dury 4- not serving a mission is a sin Where am I mistaken?
  22. Your analogy kinda falls flat seeing that the first commandments God gave was to multiply and replenish the earth.
  23. Would you mind answering those questions I posed above? or nah?
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