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  1. Ah yes but did how much of that did the Egyptians get from Abraham? I remember reading (Nibley?) about how Abraham taught the Egyptians astronomy but I imagine it was more collaborative like he and they taught each other. Or do you (as I do) subscribe to the "Adam and Eve taught their children the truth. Over time thier children moved away, and over geenratiosn tweaked the gospel they were taught. So that's why there's unexpected similarities among ancient religions incl. Hinduism and Buddhism)" theory?
  2. God has prepared a way for my own Exodus to another ward - one which I feel resonates much more w/ me and my soul and faith Come what may to the ward I am in but attend as a visitor - kind of like He walks amongs us but is not one of us, from LOST
  3. Awesome. Read that book too long ago, didn't understand all of it but if I understand your answer, one of the following occured: 1. Moses before age 40 progressed in the Egyptian faith and ordinances but without the preisthood. After Jethro gave him the preisthood, the Burning Bush, Mt. Sinai were where Moses recieved his Temple ordinances 2. Moses before age 40 progressed in the Egyptian faith and ordinances but with the preisthood from Egyptain Hebrews Sorry if I'm missing something
  4. Sorry bruh but pretty sure you are / were a clerk for many years. I imagine you served in that calling for free, no? We can't repay the Savior for the debt He paid for us, so...
  5. I'm sorry but I am not sure what this means other than he would be enabled to officiate and preside in the Tabernacle (which is where I imagine he presented what had been presented to him previously, no?)
  6. Honestly - I feel more accepted and accepting in other wards in the stake My vibe attracts my tribe
  7. Bingo Hoping to speed the decreasing size to the point where we get new boundaries or combine with an adjacent ward
  8. Hoping to speed the decreasing size to the point where we get new boundaries or combine with an adjacent ward
  9. Hoping to speed the decreasing size to the point where we get new boundaries or combine with an adjacent ward
  10. I've been substituting in my kids' seminary classes which have a 35 students - in the junior and senior seminary class. Having grown up in UT, w/ released time - Seminary - taught by CES-hired instructors was an incredible blessing. I wouldn't put such a change past President Nelson but it wouldn't change my desire to teach the Millenila Youth with no official adult supervision My friend suggested: If one person gets paid for it, everyone shoudl get paid for it - even if it's 1/5th or 1/6th of what full time CES-trained and hired teachers earn. I see the logic in his suggestions but the Spirit still prompts me to teach - paid or volunteer. Thoughts?
  11. Though the sky may fall, speak the truth. FOllow the promptings of the Spirit
  12. Our ward lost 17 families during the summer before covid. I'd like to have our boundaries updated since we never repalced those 17 and maybe recieved 5 families, over time. Also our wards boundaries were changed about 6 years ago since our Primary had 100 kids and we had two elder's quorums. In our stake, some other wards/branches combine thier auxiliaries. When our ward tried that in the past though, we were rejected by the other ward, probably becuase we're like the ward people attend when they have no other option. https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/manual/general-handbook/36-creating-changing-and-naming-new-units?lang=eng Minimum Requirements to Create a Ward U.S. and Canada All other countries Number of members (active and less active) 300 150 Number of active, full-tithe-paying Melchizedek Priesthood holders capable of serving in leadership positions 1 for every 20 members (active and less active). There must be a minimum of 20. 1 for every 20 members (active and less active). There must be a minimum of 15.
  13. Dude - that's intense. I never knew that but it makes sense
  14. Thank you, sir! Seems like a Temple ordinance - though I don't quite understand the wrestle part of it; wouldn't it be more reverant?
  15. Thank you for sharing these. So - God the Father during his mortality lived on this earth then?? Or He lived on an earth whose materials were gathered by the preisthood exercised by Jehovah and Michael when they organized the earth we're on from existing materials?? Or God the Father understandably plays by different rules and isn't realy described as an angel who ministers??
  16. Dude - are you implying what I think you're implying? This was an ordinance similar to an ordinance that occurs in modern Temples?
  17. the degree to which your answers demonstrate how little I know about my own faith is stunning mind blown.jfif
  18. Who did Jacob wrestle with? I thought he wrestled with the Lord (who wouldn't have physical body at that time). If an angel, who was it and how did that angel have a body pre-the Savior's resurrection? If it was a messenger, was it someone like Melchezidek? Or is this an allegory? Genesis 32:24–32. Jacob’s wrestle with an angel “Most scholars believe Jacob wrestled with an angel, but President Joseph Fielding Smith explained why this explanation could not be true: “‘Who wrestled with Jacob on Mount Peniel? The scriptures say it was a man. The Bible interpreters say it was an angel. More than likely it was a messenger sent to Jacob to give him the blessing. To think he wrestled and held an angel who couldn’t get away, is out of the question. The term angel as used in the scriptures, at times, refers to messengers who are sent with some important instruction.’ (Doctrines of Salvation, comp. Bruce R. McConkie, 3 vols. [1954–56], 1:17)” (Old Testament Student Manual: Genesis–2 Samuel, 3rd ed. [Church Educational System manual, 2003], 89). While much of what happened at Peniel (also spelled Penuel [see verse 31]) is unclear, the scriptures indicate that a sacred experience took place there. Spiritual struggles often precede powerful revelations. For example, when Enos, Alma, and Joseph Smith each earnestly sought blessings of the Lord, they experienced such “wrestlings” (see Enos 1:1–5; Alma 8:10; Joseph Smith—History 1:13–17.) The wrestle Jacob experienced may have been a similar spiritual struggle.
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