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  1. You'd think so, wouldn't you? It's a great question. 🤔 But I think ... not really? Or, not that much, maybe. I went from a belief in (a fairly-thoroughgoing) inerrancy to questioning whether the Jesus of the New Testament existed at all. Maybe at some point in that journey the issue you raise above played its part, but I'm not able to pinpoint it at the moment. 😞
  2. No, I wouldn't. Certainly not in the sense of "critical scholarship" with which I'm familiar. No, I certainly don't consider Enns a Christian apologist. (Maybe an apologist for evolution. Ha.) He just doesn't do apologetics in the sense of that term with which I'm familiar. (Think WLCraig.) Much of Enns's recent output strikes me more as that of a popularizer, but, sure, he has engaged in his share of critical scholarship. I don't have any opinion about (nor much interest, frankly, in) the extent and particulars of Enns's theology. Suffice it to say I didn't end up in
  3. Hi, Robert. In fact, yes, on both counts. --- This sort of dives into the middle of my story rather than the beginning, but briefly: At a certain point, I came to take critical scholars like Ehrman and Robert Price at their word when they claimed to have sought advanced studies/degrees in order to understand and defend (Evangelical) Christianity. They started from a point of sincere belief. But, as you know, they wound up quite in another place (as have many others like them). Then I had to choose between believing that these ex-Christian scholars of religion and th
  4. Thank you all for the well wishes and welcoming me back so warmly. I hope to respond individually over the next few days and in a more general fashion with a brief summary of my deconversion process, as some have expressed interest.
  5. Long-time board participants may remember me as a (mostly) level-headed Evangelical Christian of the Calvinist variety who started studying Mormonism (as a cult) while at a (Southern Baptist) seminary. This farewell post is mostly for them. Others are free to move on to something more interesting. Farewell, you say? Yes, I think so. I mean, I haven't posted in many, many moons. And since that time, I've left my faith-based worldview behind. I no longer consider myself a Christian in any sense of that word (or even a theist, for that matter), so there's really just no reason for me
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