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  1. When I was a youth (early 2000's) us girls would slow dance with gal friends non-romantically all the time. It was a way to just dance and have fun without any "pairing off" pressure.
  2. Note: CenterPoint Church in Orem hosted a big "Faith After Mormonism" event. Such might have played a role in Jane's behavior. https://faithaftermormonism.org/2021-faith-after-mormonism-conference-south/
  3. My family is ok, as are all those I know. Thankfully. There's a lot of clean up to be done...
  4. Thank you @bsjkki. That is my parent's area that went up in flames. My hubby & I were just there over Christmas, and literally said "this is going to be a horrible fire season"-- but didn't except it so soon or.... admittedly right in the middle of town. I know these neighborhoods... and this is very very rough.
  5. Personally: I believe both. That is contains truth and is Christ's only true church on the Earth. I also acknowledge that other's have different views.
  6. My answer: ultimately a person should join because they find Truth in the Church and feel Christ calling them to join. Other reasons are subpar -- including to make spouse / family happy, because it's a good community, etc.
  7. I'm sure that BYU officials are also looking at the community numbers EXTREMELY closely. (Note: I do agree with you on the "yes we should be more careful" note too)
  8. Transmitted: yes. However, the chances of getting sick, requiring hospitalization, and death are all much lower for vaccinated people. So you'd want to manage a population differently if they have lots non-vaccinated-higher-risk people, versus majority vaccinated unlikely to get very sick people.
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