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  1. This is something that our experience on obviously varies. I've met plenty of Evangelicals that are very militant that their particular leader is the best and you should listen to him/her the most. Hence why they listen to that person. That doesn't mean we can't all pray together and generally be corporative respectful humans beings -- we certainly should!
  2. Every person I know believers that their leaders are most correct and the best represnetivey of Christ throughout the world -- hence why they acknowledge them as a leader. LDS Christians are the same in that regard. Of course. The fact that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints believes that it is Christ's one true church is stated all over the place, and very well known pretty much everywhere. He is the Christ's mouth piece to the entire world. Not just LDS Christians or general Christian, the entire world. His words are for all, everything is for all. Yes this is thoroughly proclaimed. No, do non-LDS Christians spend much time listening? No, let's be honest. But the call is still there. (Answering this to my best understanding as non-Catholic). Catholics don't even acknowledge LDS Christians as Christians. But yes they do believe the Pope to be for the entire world, which does include LDS folks. Other groups are likewise.
  3. I don't think the correct wording is "need" to be re-dedicated, versus and opportunity to re-focus on the Lord, for the building, but much much more so for the people it serves.
  4. It's time to get creative in life -- missionary or not. I myself was searched all over YouTube yesterday for a good "Book of Mormon Stories" music video with the actions + lyrics on screen for a teach-my-daughter tool.
  5. This is not a very polite thing to say.. but she's an excellent example of how people will distort their reality into pertzells rather then humble themselves.
  6. We have it for my family. It's a good edition, nice pictures and explanation for kids and those less familiar with old-school english.
  7. I know a couple that did so just this last weekend (the original wedding was scheduled for this summer, but they feared even the courthouse would close soon).
  8. I used to regularly visit all sorts of random churches, just to see, learn, and better love the people there. Nowadays logistics don't really permit me to do that in person, though I still participate in many on-line forums. "Your neighbor's child is performing the lead to Aladdin in the auditorium of the local Catholic school which he attends. They invite you to come along to support their son. " -- I'm there 100%. Note: I also would consider my daughter attending a private non-LDS school too, if that wee the schooling situation we were in. "Your boss's daughter is getting married in the local Greek Orthodox church (chosen at random) and he invited you to attend." -- There 100%! I've attended & participated in weddings in a huge variety of churches. "You are a bishop and are invited to attend a community inter-faith service or meeting" -- I've never been a bishop, but some of my favorite memories are from attending inter-faith services, particularly Christmas carol's singing. "Your employee's daughter has a quinceanera mass in a Catholic church." -- sure. Growing up, my good friend was Catholic. I attended services for Confirmation, Good Friday, weddings, spring festivals, and just random visits. "Your non-LDS daughter invites you to attend a special concert of some type at her Community of Christ church." - again, totally there. "What would go through your mind as you made a decision whether or not to attend?" If I'm invited for a special event, then that's special and I'll make special accommodations for it. If it's just random, right now I have logistical constraints so I don't just randomly visit anymore. "Is there any guidance or advice from the hierarchy on attending or participating in non-LDS services?" Nothing particular. I don't partake of Catholic Communion, because that would be inconsiderate of Catholic beliefs (just for example). I don't really seek 'guidance' so to say there, but fellowshipping I'm all on board.
  9. Again, RichYoungRuler, I don't know you. But your comments in this thread seem to idicate that you believe that: 1) You do not believe in giving your heat, mind, and soul to Christ & following Him, and 2) Salvation comes via man's ability to pass a theology test. Accepting Christ isn't sufficient. You have your right to believe those thing. But no one where should follow you, as ironically stated in Galations 1. Rather, each of us in going to strive to follow Christ and what He reveals to each of us. Have a nice day.
  10. Such a red herring. RichYoungRuler: I don't know you. But I"m assuming that you're a person that doesn't believe in cheap grace, just like LDS Christians. So let's just both acknowledge disciple of Christ is called to follow Him, and yes that does involve action (along with rest of your heart/mind/soul/might/etc). Not just lip flapping.
  11. Ok, obviously this isn't going to impact Conference this spring. But as for the general idea: having free transport to Conference will encourage people to use. This reduces traffic jams, packed lots, need to police directing traffic, air pollution, etc. It's just an easy win for all. This objector guy really needs to 1) see the bigger picture, 2) do you really have nothing better to do than gripe some folks riding the bus for free 4 days a year?
  12. They're 100% available for free download, or you can order print copies as well .
  13. If you say you repent, but don't want to flow His commands and take His name upon you... well, you might be talking the talk, but not doing the walking: so is your heart REALLY in this?
  14. By 11 in today's world, your kids have already been told about the mechanics of sex. Probably years ago. Rather than showing your kids a video, TALK to them. Open that bridge up, and keep it up. Sharing your values about love, marriage, sexuality, etc. Be there to answer any questions, cross confusing points with them, and fortify against attacks.
  15. First off: let's get away from the idea that (generic) your exalted family is going to be copy-paste from your family here on Earth. It's not. Let's go over some important differences: - You. You currently are a sinner with a mountain of sinful inclinations. Exalted you is never prideful, impatient, self-centered, etc, let alone any actual sinful actions. You will be as perfect, good, and selfless as the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Totally different from our current selfs which are so influenced by these flaws. - Your relationships. Just as our current selves are so influenced by sinners flaws, so too are our relationships. Even the best relationships on Earth fight, misunderstand things, get snippy with each other, hurt each other, etc. None of that exists with your perfected self in perfected relationships. - Then there's the whole living forever in perfect bodies thing. Can you imagine playing basketball with you great-grandma that you've always known to be wheel-chair bound? Can you imagine actually getting to know your third cousins twice removed? Can you imagine living forever? Yeah, we just don't remotely 'get' this. You and your exalted family is very different than the current sinful you and sinful family. We don't know the percentage. Your family = the human race, ultimately. It's core is exalted persons honoring exalted relationships: those that truly commit themselves to Christ, whether in this life or the next. So no, it's to limited to just those that are good looking temple attending LDS folks during this life. Just going through a temple ordinance without real conversion doesn't cut it. You need the true conversion. Yes, that includes as a huge part repentance. There are no abusers in the Celestial Kingdom. There are no sinners of any kind. Only individuals whom have been made perfect as Christ Himself. All past sins have been completely washed clean. Yes, that ENTIRE sinful junk is washed away. It is a miracle more that we mortals can realize. There are no abuse victims in the Celestial Kingdom. All of those wounded hearts are completely mended, and the person made whole. The hurt and pain are just gone. Just like Christ Himself, whom was so battered and broken, made whole and perfect. Again, it is a miracle more that we mortals can realize. Again, things aren't copy paste. We don't understand how things work in the eternities. In Spirit Paradise, divorced sinner dad gets to see his sinner kids and sinner ex-wife. After the Final Judgement and exaulation, then God will know how that pans out and what people want to do. No. If "Mike" truly has embraced Christ fully, then he will be with his family that have likewise chosen to embrace Christ fully, honoring the relationships with those people. Again, ultimately his family is the entire human family. As to hypothetical son "Tylor" whom has rejected Christ in this life, reject Him in the next life, and makes it to Judgement Day still rejecting Christ even while at His feet: his exalted dad Mike can still visit him and hang out with him. Nothing stops him from loving son Tylor that way. But it's not remotely reciprocated evenly, as Tylor doesn't love Mike to the depth Mike loves Tylor. A person still holding on to sinful tendencies (aka not exalted) cannot experience the depth of love Christ does or a Christ-like person does. Your questions are in regard to mechanics. There isn't a lot of specific revelation on the mechanics here, so there's a lot of we-don't-knows and people with different speculations. Come to think of it, that's a lot like the mechanics Creation, the mechanics of Atonement, the mechanics of Resurrection, etc. We humans don't understand the depth and how's of how God works.
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