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  1. Are you wanting practical advice here, or just being angry?
  2. The below gave me that impression. If I misunderstood, I apologize. As to your personal behavior, you actually a generally very respectful and I enjoy your posts.
  3. I agree with a lot of your points @3DOP, but disagree on one major one. Exclusive / inclusive talks are one thing. Being kind and respectful to others in another thing. A person can have exclusive believes and still be respectful and kind to others. Conversely, a person can have very inclusive beliefs and still a total flaming jerk.
  4. Back in July, right as in-person meetings were starting up, there was a person whom tested positive in one of the wards. They had attended the previous two weeks, but weren't showing any symptoms or had taken any test at that time. The local wards suspended all in-person stuff for several weeks to be extra cautious. I didn't hear of anyone catching it from this case.
  5. I'm an LDS Christian lady married to a non-denominational Christian dude. Obviously we are not seal yet. He supports me with my faith, but have zero interest to be involved himself. However, he does love Christ, and I have great hope/confidence that my hubby will indeed at one point choose to further embrace Christ and the fullness of His Gospel. At which point he'll be ready to embrace a marriage sealing with me & rest of our family. Whether or not this happens before or after either of our mortal death, I do not know. And honestly in the big-scale picture I don't think th
  6. I disagree with you here. Marriage is about a relationship. Discipleship to Christ is about a relationship. The obvious difference is that the human you're in a relationship makes regular screwups & is frequently small minded with limited knowledge. On the other hand, Christ is perfect in all ways. No, nobody is going to know the full magnitude of any deacon, regardless of the age they are making it. But that still doesn't revoke the importance of choice. Also relevant factors when comparing LDS Christian and Catholic Christian beliefs here (And I'm
  7. I think we adults nowadays have a HUGE tendency to underestimate children and infant-ize them. By the time I was 8, I have been through nightmares of sexual abuse, violence, suicidal thoughts, facing death of children I knew, etc. I also knew how to think for myself, how to carefully consider life choices, know who to love, and yes did indeed have the ability to choose to accept Christ & embrace His love --- such was the huge sanity lifeline for me. Don't downplay your children's intelligence or experiences.
  8. Typically VIP tours are done before the general open house starts and they're broken down into several groups. One such group would be a tour specifically with local non-LDS church ministers, to give special time to them, address their questions, etc. Then, when the general open house starts, the Baptist minister has already had the opportunity to go and can answer any questions from his congregations members that go (or at least have the slightest idea of what they are talking about). A special tour for the press allows them to ask press-related questions (a lot the time the open house wi
  9. Ah. My girl starts here in person, in about 2 weeks (their normal start date). Looking forward to it. We did the summer school program which was sort of the test-case for the district and I was very pleased with how it went. We've been teaming up with another family for church Sunday morning. It's been great as well -- fun to have fellowship, lean on / help others, and generally have a sense of community - even if it's literally just another pair of adults and their kids. We do have the options for Phase 1 in-person Sarcament meeting here but... I haven't gone because I don't
  10. Well, you can file for any case. So I'm guessing it'll get to: filing. And that's about it. There's just no case here and no court is going to want to set any precedent.
  11. You can freely learn / remote / attend any LDS Christian class. Basic ordination is the same globally, with minor tweaks for local needs (like how many kids' classes do you have). "Come Follow Me" is actually more flexible for teaching local / individual needs that the previous program. We should each be learning individually. I don't ever see that changing. Not really. Things are two-deep and there's mandatory training.
  12. I'm not going to do any comparisons because 1) I don't know enough about educational level of other church's children and 2) in my limited experience of talking with kids whom attend other churches there's an absolutely huge variety even for kids that attend the literal same congregation. There's also a huge variety for kids in LDS congregations depending on the family's push and the kid's own willingness/incentive to learn (let's face, you can sit in a class and choose to learn nothing). For a super-involved kid/family, for traditional formal stuff: you'd have church several hour
  13. This is something that our experience on obviously varies. I've met plenty of Evangelicals that are very militant that their particular leader is the best and you should listen to him/her the most. Hence why they listen to that person. That doesn't mean we can't all pray together and generally be corporative respectful humans beings -- we certainly should!
  14. Every person I know believers that their leaders are most correct and the best represnetivey of Christ throughout the world -- hence why they acknowledge them as a leader. LDS Christians are the same in that regard. Of course. The fact that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints believes that it is Christ's one true church is stated all over the place, and very well known pretty much everywhere. He is the Christ's mouth piece to the entire world. Not just LDS Christians or general Christian, the entire world. His words are for all, everything is for al
  15. I don't think the correct wording is "need" to be re-dedicated, versus and opportunity to re-focus on the Lord, for the building, but much much more so for the people it serves.
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