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  1. Already sorted this one out I thought. The problem wasn't the OP, it was the subsequent comment that America would no longer be exceptional if "socialists" remain in power. Not sure who those socialists are, but certainly you can see why comments like that are a kick to the hornets nest.
  2. I think the question captures the tension between progressives and conservatives. You could just as easily whip up a video with a list of things progressives say they love about America, but moan about on social media. But I'm genuinely curious how you and others who embrace American Exceptionalism answer the question. What aspects of America today (not 1776, or the Reagan Years or the Millenium) do you love? What about America right now is exceptional?
  3. What aspects of America today, right now, do you love? I'm not asking which decade was the best, or which American ideals, aspirations or concepts you love, but what is happening in the country right this moment that you hope other countries might emulate? What about America today is exceptional?
  4. His monkey and the box analogy does communicate well the though I've struggled to form the past few weeks. It sometimes feels like we're so attracted to the idea of America that we stubbornly refuse to let go of tradition. We're going bankrupt. We're literally fighting in the streets and storming the halls of government. Our two-party political system and electoral process has flaws. The Constitution requires a few updates. Treating it like some infallible stone tablet etched by the finger of God isn't going to carry us through to the Kingdom of God.
  5. I do love America, especially the southwest. But I choose not to live there. I can’t nail down why, but I get anxious as soon as I walk out the doors at LAX. Every time. It feels like everyone is yelling at each other, even when they are being friendly. But there are definitely things that America does better than other countries: innovation, gadgetry, entertainment, tacos. Government unfortunately is not America’s strength. That should be pretty clear to anyone who has watched the news this last year. Edit: and I’m not singling out any one person or party, I’m talking about the whole en
  6. I think @Freedom is Canadian. Most of our fellow American nations including Canada, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, and Cuba had kicked off the process of emancipation, or completely abolished slavery, before the United States begrudgingly followed in 1865. It took a civil war though. Recall the Underground Railroad, the path to freedom taken by American slaves to Canada.
  7. "The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever the term of four years, no more than twice"
  8. I won't have a problem with that. But like I mentioned above, the Constitution would have to be adjusted quite a lot so that Christ can reign personally over every nation on Earth.
  9. Like Cleon Skousen has said, at that point America won't be America. It will be only a chapter in the history of the Kingdom of God. This is another reason I believe American Exceptionalism is a useless concept. I suppose it would be. But if America becomes a theocracy, I suppose the Constitution will require a complete rewrite. This is another reason I believe American Exceptionalism is a useless concept.
  10. I understand why quotes like this get many Americans pumped up, but the response you'd get from most non-Americans would be something like: "we already have a flag, and a nation, and our own representative government. We're not interested in your theocracy, thank you very much."
  11. Look, I've been banned for less. "Thank you Mitt" is apparently a verboten phrase for some. So I don't know the rules, I think each mod has different levels of tolerance. I just assume that I don't have as much wiggle room as you do to discuss political topics like American exceptionalism and socialism here. It's not that I'm trying to get you cancelled, good grief, its more that I'm trying to avoid getting cancelled myself.
  12. Looks like its mostly aaccurate. Did Stalin Really Coin “American Exceptionalism”?
  13. You have this tendency to open political threads and goad people into political discussions, only to turn the blame for participating in political discussion on the person you goad. From the moment I saw this thread I expected it, so probably better to just close down this thread. Right? The thread ought to be closed down.
  14. I have heaps of respect for the Constitution. But as soon as you start telling me that "the people of God are going to save the Constitution" I have all sorts of questions. Are these the same people that threw a fire extinguisher at a police officer a couple weeks ago? The people that set up gallows to hang Mike Pence? Are these the same people that stole laptops out of the Capitol? Sorry, I don't think the Constitution needs saving in that case. (Please don't ban me for responding to these leading questions. Probably better to just close this thread)
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