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  1. Oh my! Lori Vallow once appeared on Wheel of Fortune. NOT an attention seeker huh?
  2. The idea that we will go back to Jackson County I think is a Mormon urban legend. It was born of a desire to regain that which was lost by the early saints. In BY’s time the saints had to be persuaded to even plant trees bc they thought they would be going back at any time—they did not understand. There were several ‘center places” throughout church history. Kirkland, then JC, then Nauvoo and finally SLC. The church was absolved of making JC THE center place in D&C 124. read the whole section but specifically v 51 “Therefore, for this cause have I accepted the offerings of those
  3. Patrons don’t receive their “endowments”. (plural). They receive an endowment (singular).
  4. Oh my! Another terribly wrong decision by BYU / The Church...Are we so scared of what the world thinks or do we want to be liked by the world so badly that we are willing to accept THEIR values? Do we think appeasing the world will make them our friends? Appeasement never works. It is a loosing strategy. Look, it’s easy to guess how the gay characters will be portrayed: They will be portrayed positively. They will not be portrayed as a person struggling against evil temptations, trying to keep the law of chastity. This would go against the CBC and they have already “warne
  5. I’m quite confused by your response. How am I “loosing it”? Did I yell, use hyperbole or state anything non-factual? Also please help me understand how I’m interpreting incorrectly Q 7 of the temple recommend. It seems incredibly clear to me that if you support abortion (other than how the Handbook allows for it) or gay marriage, for example, that you would have to answer “yes” (to either version of the question) thereby disqualifying you for a recommend. I agree w your last point: as a European immigrant, it us expected that his views would be left politically.
  6. Somebody please help me understand how an active member of the church can justify supporting abortion and gay marriage?
  7. Completely serious. Was there anything non-factual with what I said?
  8. Q: What did he actually do? A: He donated to powers that promote the gay agenda, abortion, corrupt elections, violence, transgenderism, pornography, the curtailment of individual rights, socialism, the disintegration of the family, abdication of personal responsibility, corruption of gender roles...EVERYTHING that is anti God’s plan of salvation. Put that way it seems pretty clear what should happen. He was demoted once when he was released from the 1st Presidency. Make no mistake that wasn’t just a “release”. However he won’t be released because of this. The Church s
  9. I’m in the ward bishopric. Sundays were just work. Now Sundays are a joy. Based on what many people I’ve talked to feel, they have realized that church offers little more than a social experience for them. Their worship at home is superior to that at church. I’m guessing that the long term activity rate will drop by at least 20%.
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