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  1. I’m in the ward bishopric. Sundays were just work. Now Sundays are a joy. Based on what many people I’ve talked to feel, they have realized that church offers little more than a social experience for them. Their worship at home is superior to that at church. I’m guessing that the long term activity rate will drop by at least 20%.
  2. That's not true. The Church HB and the BYU HC have both removed provisions against “homosexual behaviors”. Without clarification from The Church, one can only conclude that no provision against a certain behavior is the same as approval of that behavior (bc it had once been prohibited in the HB / HC). Beards, beer and shorts are prohibited but gay dating, kissing , hand holding certainly are not. Does that make any sense to anybody? No.
  3. What an unmitigated disaster. So this is the “continuing restoration” huh? Having a beard or a brew is a greater sin that homosexual behavior? This is just more catering to the world at the expense of retaining morals—to what end??? To keep snowflakes from leaving the church? To. stay in favor with media? What?
  4. I think what you’re suggesting here is highly unlikely. What I think this verse is cleverly saying w/o saying it is that he was translated.
  5. This is very interesting. How did you come to this change / control of self? If this is too personal, I understand.
  6. If they mean the same thing, then why aren't they worded the same way? There is no logical reason for them to worded as they are. This is just more pandering to women and feminists of the church
  7. I almost forgot: Wendy Nelson has more influence over church policy than any member of the 12.
  8. It was poorly thought out, poorly executed, no objective measurements of success, no accountability, requires local units to make up their own program to augment to it to get any value out if it, relies on the parents who weren't doing their jobs before to make it work, asks the greatest generational disaster of human beings to walk planet earth to lnow what’s best for themselves regarding their development, provides little to no resources for support, takes away resources from YM, over burdens an already over burdened bishopric...I’m getting a head ache. Can I stop now or shall I go on?
  9. For example: The changes to the endowment, the changes to the 2015 policy, women / kids as witnesses...it’s just placating and pandering to women and minority groups win the church.
  10. 1. The church is bending to social pressures. 2. The church is being dumbed down with programs like Come Follow Me. Doctrine is barely taught anymore. 3. The youth of the church have been sorely let down with this new youth program. Is this really the best we could do?
  11. So that we’re on the same page, would you care to elaborate on exactly what you mean here?
  12. He communicated this via email to some of his closest followers only. He’s smart enough to know not to publish this as Rowe, Stroud, Fish etc have done, or else it would hurt his business too much. it’s all quite sad and disturbing really.
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