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  1. Good grief about the missionary situation. Might have to tell you come home and stay home. as for the facebook post, here is the original https://m.facebook.com/iamjonsmith/posts/10111300366541710 The mask v no mask chart is not part of the original post.
  2. I do not have a lot of confidence that people in Utah will slow the spread in the State. The Governor, in my opinion has not done a good job to forcefully impress on people to stay away from others....I dont mean force of I mean more like J Golden Kimball motivating mulls to haul logs - Just think how quick J Golden approach could have cleared the airport parking lot. The Mayor of SLC also seems to have struggled with her message...Stay at home under threat of law, but did not order non-essential business closure. And many SLC employees are not allowed to telework. I was surpris
  3. Have you read the sltrib article - it is free - about how the State of Utah is reporting to the public known/suspected cases? It is the non-tested presumptive that the State is not including in the case count. https://www.sltrib.com/news/2020/03/28/robert-gehrke-utahs/
  4. Just because some think "we shouldn't" does mean there should criminal punishment. And wouldn't a "no private gatherings" be a freedom of association issue.
  5. Yes it is a kick in the pants. And thinking on that particular sign, it appears to that it might violate non-discrimination laws. The sign specifically target a religious group....the sign clearly is not neutral towards religion. In my opinion, it would be neutral for the sign to Instruct "No lobby pick up. All must return to their vehicles"
  6. Would you mind opining as to why the Court might seal documents/affidavits related to the current whereabout of the tape? I looked up information related to sealing documents and didn't see something that might apply - unless discovery materials are not subject to public disclosure.
  7. Just because a government body acts, does not mean their actions are legal.
  8. Part of me doesn't want this sign to be real, mainly because I do not think a State entity should have spend money on a message that says follow "your church leadership".
  9. *The information provided in this post is taken from another website. The purported source poster claims to have received the information from a sister in Eastmark Stake of Mesa Arizona. Reportedly a flyer is being sent out in an Mesa Arizona ward/stake inviting people to meet in a public park for Sunday school to to study. To my knowledge Arizona is not under restrictions regarding gatherings - Maricopa County does have over 400 case of covid19. There is this from the Church newsroom: The flyer references Elder Quentin L. Cook Oct 2018 "gather in groups outsid
  10. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10216089664504082&id=1523972781 I do not think Joel Coleman has valid point. The social distancing, group no larger than X was in place well before anyone any family showed up at the airport. So Joel and the other families had sufficient notice. And as Joel Coleman posted "Some [people] clearly did not use their brains". Joel then laments that what the Church told him should happen did not happen. Well Joel, Salt Lake City Airport is run by a City Government and not a Religious organization, so it does not matter what w
  11. Interesting find. Post covid 19 could mean pre social distance recommendation from the State. But, it is interesting that some even decided to use either of those pictures as Utah news outlets had photos of the crowd in the parking garage.
  12. For there isn't anything to suggest that the bottom was taken this past weekend. And yes "fake news" is not worth the time. I only saw the photos used as criticism; and knowing at least one of the photos is a misrepresentation, it tends to show is the lengths people will to criticize the church.
  13. The individual was male, in his 60s, was diagnosed on Saturday and died on Sunday. The individual did attend the Bountiful Temple in the same week prior to his diagnosis and passing. https://www.deseret.com/faith/2020/3/23/21191722/mormon-temple-covid-19-coronavirus-utah-death-bountiful-lds-church
  14. What I mean is, I do not believe the photos showing crowds inside the terminal were taken since the Utah Social distancing started
  15. Is there any evidence that those two photos are from this past weekend? I tend to doubt that the airport would allow that many people in the public.
  16. "the Lord says to them, "Come home; I will now preach my own sermons to the nations of the earth," I think that is an important aspect, missionaries are returning to their home countries, however, the missionary pegram continues.
  17. Few have the privilege to be blessed with access to Blue Bell ice cream...
  18. You have my permission to work from home until further notice.
  19. Isaiah 4 and 2 Nephi 14 And in that day, seven women shall take hold of one man, saying: We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel; only let us be called by thy name to take away our breproach.
  20. Gender Support Plans include: • Student’s gender identity, name, and pronouns • Level of privacy desired• Staff communication / Communication to peers • Key contacts at home and at school • Curriculum considerations • Access to restrooms, locker rooms, and other school activities • District policies and guidance that support trans transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive youth • Staff professional development Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are not included in the gender support plan. And the District policy is such: In MMSD, with the permission
  21. All MMSD staff will refer to students by their affirmed names and pronouns. Staff will also maintain confidentiality and ensure privacy. Refusal to respect a student’s name and pronouns is a violation of the MMSD Non-discrimination policy. Students will be called by their affirmed name and pronouns regardless of parent/guardian permission to change their name and gender in MMSD systems. See privacy section for additional information.
  22. Another section All staff correspondence and communication to families in regard to students shall reflect the name and gender documented in Infinite Campus unless the student has specifically given permission to do otherwise. (This might involve using the student’s affirmed name and pronouns in the school setting, and their legal name and pronouns with family). --------------------------- Infinite Campus is the District records system, name (and at some point orientation, I believe) can be changed by a student with the permission of one parent. To the parenthesis, a stud
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