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  1. Scott's pount, as I understand it, is that a Religious Org should have the autonomy to expect adhereance to organizational religious standards as a condition of employment. I think the SCOTUS opinion issued yesterdays confirms Religious Orgs still have that autonomy. As for Scott clarifying with knowingly, well that was implied in his first comment. His concern is obviously that a Religious Org could be forced - via force of secular law - to hire someone that does not meet the religious standards for the position. And that being the concern, knowingly is implied.
  2. I am not sure if it was defined, and not sure if "presenting" was part of the decision. On similar issue, I do know of a government entity that no longer uses gender specific bathrooms in new buildings. The bathrooms are individual rather than a big room with individual stalls.
  3. The majority, page 32, addressed Religious Institutions, I see that Daniel qouted it. I agree Legislation should have happened, but bow, the hand of the Legislature is kind of "force" - similiar to how the Legislature responded to SCOTUS and created RFRA. I read the majority as saying gay, trans, straight, and any other orientation related to "sex" ( male or female) is now a protected class. I base this on my understanding of the Court saying that orientation based considerations necessarily relie on notions of male or female.
  4. notbsure how much it was a leader or the general population of New Zealand. As I understand it EVERYONE received 80% of their wage - provided by the government - while the lock down is/was ongoing. By comparison, Michigan, has been in near constant battle with itself due to political parties. But, I suspect if every person in the US was receiving 80% of their annual wage directly from the government suring our red, orange, and yellow phases...then I suspect there would not be so mich anger about the measures taken.
  5. That is interesting. At home sacrament not approved but stay home from Church if not comfortable attending. As you indicated in the opening post, there are diverse opinions about covid.
  6. I am not sure of the motivations were for the Police to have shown up. If he was the driver and appeared to be drunk or under the influence, then I can see a reason for police to show up and assess the situation. Counterfeit money is Secret Service jurisdiction, so I agree get the identifying information and pass it along to the Secret Service.
  7. What was your reason for going rather than having sacrement at home?
  8. I would rather that the First Presidency had used the words "must" and/or "required" instead of "should". I have seen one post wherein the Stake leadership representative interpretted the should as may.
  9. Fundemental rights have restrictions. Elder Oaks gave a statement to Congress as to what standard Courts should use when determining restrictions on religion. I think Federal Courts would find limitations placed on religious assembles the least restrictive means to acheive a compelling government interest.
  10. Is the letter from the Utah Area Presidency authorizing in person public Sacrament meetings a public letter?
  11. Thank you for the response. I must have misunderstood what I saw on PACER, as I thought I had seen filings related to settlement process in general. As I recall the settlement "meeting" is set for June/July.
  12. Does the Church attorney need to remind the Judge that the deadline has passed and the motion should be granted? Looking at PACER it appears several sealed documents have been filed AND seperateky it looks as though settlement negotiations are just building up to the actual discusion about terms and conditions of settlement
  13. you are free to take offense where ever you please. you have created goal posts and moved goal posts in an apparent attempt to defend your offense. Hopefully, you are otherwise having a good day.
  14. perhaps you should re-read what was posted. Something seems to have struck a nerve and that appears to drive inserting bias/racism/intellectually superiority where there is none.
  15. Are we using new speak? From Meriam-Webster Definition of racism 1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
  16. you can choose to find offense. There is nothing racist about the facts. And we are not addressing facts or circumstances that are designed to promote racial superiority.
  17. I also disagree. The part about Latino Families living in multi-generations was on Utah news last night. As for part aboutvstay home, nothing rascist in pogi using personal knowledge/experience to provide advice
  18. And optional for sacrement prep and blessing. Though at such close proximity - almost direct under the persons face - to the person(s) breaking the bread sure a mask make much of difference; it may be disconcerting to the congregation the masks are not worn but ultimately not be a much of a benefit.
  19. and nearly 200 new cases in Utah reported today, with 192 reported yesterday
  20. not "easy to stay home with the family 24/7" is the type reasoning I fear will cloud judgement when considerating public Church services. As for being a party-popper, embrace it, and get a tshirt
  21. Right now, in much of Utah, the State Government authorizes public Church services regardless of audience size; though social distancing applies. The Church guidelines also call for social distancing. Social distancing is "possible" for a Sacrement meeting - except for everyone touching the Sacrement trays, though for wards with 400 plus members that add a level of difficulty. I am not sure I am ready to go back until the 2nd wave can be said to have come and gone.
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