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  1. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/6356059/denson-v-corporation-of-the-president-of-the-church-of-jesus-christ-of/
  2. Look into the history of the Canadian Supreme Court and its dealings with religious subjects.
  3. "I do wonder if she had kept it quiet what her outcome could have been" ... she very likely would have NDA and a settlement, and probably paid counseling. She sent out the recording she had to many other places, it was published without her consent, and after publication settlement negotiations were put to an end. (I tend to think she authorized or released the so called dossier early on, as it served to initially champion her cause in the minds of many)
  4. .............................................
  5. here you go....a free repository to some of the documents filed in the case https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/17192286/calvary-chapel-dayton-valley-v-sisolak/
  6. Your analysis is not in US Constitutional standards. The US Constitutional standard is not a paternalistic lets protect the people from themsleves, ergo "want to have people to go back early" The Constitutional Standard is essentially a YES / NO ... regarding treatment of one protected group verses another group. And while we all can have our opinions, trampling the rights of one group is the flaxen cord that lulls us into trampling the right of all. (It is my understanding that injunction relief has specific standards to be met to grant, not available at the moment to lo
  7. 1st bold...I did not say "majority of public health experts". In the discussion groups I have been in, there are two camp "You selfish jerk for not wearing a mask, even in situations where the WHO, CDC, etc state a mask is unnecessary; because wearing a mask is about everyone not you, so always wear a mask when you leave your house, no matter what". Over the past weeks I have been attacked online for challenging such demands. The other camp is "no masks ever" To the remainder of what I hope is an unintended attack on me. There is not context, no context at all, none, zero. I am n
  8. What is interesting about this "test" or experiment, is that I give more weight to what Calm pointed about masks and Doctor performing surgery - Not because it was posted by Calm, but that what was pointed out makes sense. The video I have trouble accepting as not manipulated in some way because there is just seems so much misinformation and no context was given - for example what is the machine, how soon would it detect a drop in oxygen levels, how much residual oxygen is in the persons blood, did the person "spike" their oxygen level prior to the experiment. Also very few seem interested in
  9. I think it is the absence from attending in person Church that would be viewed as "loss of testimony".
  10. I should hope not. If the Chapel, over-flow, gym, are used only for 99 people or less. and each group is 6ft or more apart....masks are not really necessary. (not the time to debate aerosolzation). But yes the divisiveness of mask is just absurd.
  11. Bail out the banks again, except this time, a bank that is bailed out must consider all debts owed to it as paid in full. For instance if a bank has 100 mortgages it is collecting on, and that bank is bailed out...those 100 mortgages are considered paid in full, and ownsership of the mortgaged property belongs to the person in debt and not the bank. And so forth regarding any other debt owed to the bank prior to accepting a bailout
  12. What is interesting to me about mask videos is that shots are limited to what is happening immediately around the mouth. I wish someone would make a video that include air turbulence. For example a video from a University in Florida showed that with one mask very little got through the mask, however, almost everything blew out of side openings (path of least resistance). Now if you add in factor in air turbulence created by walking / body movement, where are the air particles? And will six feet allow enough distance.
  13. https://www.vox.com/2020/7/12/21321653/getting-covid-19-twice-reinfection-antibody-herd-immunity
  14. No, not you. It is the title of an article https://www.vox.com/2020/7/12/21321653/getting-covid-19-twice-reinfection-antibody-herd-immunity
  15. every party needs a pooper, that is why I was invited My patient caught Covid-19 twice. So long to herd immunity hopes.
  16. I was not thrilled about it. There is already contention between people that uses misinformation to shame/mock others. I my opinion the last thing needed is religious self-righteousness added to the issue. Also it is a bit of a bother that someone would only wear a mask because a spiritual leader said so.
  17. oh my goodness...I have been called uneducated, troll, unhelpful, and spreading misinformation because I challenged claims that mask mean you do not have worry about breathing in someones infection, and separately that I challenged a claim that infected people cannot put the virus in the air if they are wearing a regular ol cloth mask. The people calling me a troll etc, are die-hard mask wearing proponents.
  18. Keep using them, probably better than cloth. It is just that a genuine N95 (US standard NOISH) and genuine KN95 (Chinenes Governement statndard) means filter 95% of particles and I believe down to a certain micron size. However, once the FDA permitted the import of KN95, so many random sellers on amazon were selling them. It is almost as if KN95 is now use to described a "style" of mask rather than the filtration cabailities of the mask. The FDA had prohibited the import of KN95 due to concerns about whether a particular KN95 genuine or not.
  19. My position is, if something is claimed to be N95 or KN95 and I can purchase it....I have little faith it is genuine product.
  20. With mask, it is a word game - prevent, reduce, stop. Almost no one, except thise in the medical field have access to legitimate N95 masks or legitimate KN95 masks. Because almost no one has access to legitimate filtering masks; we are left with homemade masks or fake masks sold under the pretense of legitimacy. So almost everyone is wearing a homemade mask or other cloth type mask. These do not stop coronavirus spread. The cloth type help to reduce spread. The cloth masks almost all are wearing only reduce distance of spread, yelling, loud talking, etc...reduce the abilities. The ma
  21. I agree, the Opinion effectively says you can't make a decision on orientation or identity without first applying gender/orientation norms/expectations. I do not understand how Alito thought the application analogy failed. Thanks for your thought posts.
  22. World wide broadcast of General Conference, before internet was TV - if you were fortunate enough, before TV was Radio. Before that, King Benjamin style. Certainly people can disagree about the spiritual efficacy of online services.
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