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  1. I question whether this should be used to promote "being crammed like sardines in a tin can with 301 to 368 others is safe if people are infected with covid19 and everyone wears a mask 100% of the time" (we know people wont wear a mask 100% of the time - snacks, drinks, mask below their nose, temporary removal for adjustment.) The study itself presents the shortcomings, so I think that was good of the researchers to acknowledge that it was calculated with 1 person infected and the air flow does not represent the airflow on a full flight. And to my understanding the study ONLY was about
  2. "The study at the time found that two-layered cotton cloth masks..." Multi-layer cotton, to my understanding, is what the WHO recommends, and multi-layer cotton is the a standard in many of the studies I have looked. I would say that majority of cloth mask worn are not multi-layer cotton.
  3. I was banned from a sub reddit for expressing concern about any impending vaccine that was expected at the end of October/November. The particular sub is very much a pro-mask sub, so I chuckled a few weeks later when a high profile pro-mask political candidate in the US also expressed concern about any impending vaccine. On a different note, I found a website that discussed how long it took for various vaccines to available for public uses. IIRC the average for a vaccine development is about 10 years, so it is curious about that any sars-covid2 can be developed in months
  4. Provo Utah is now under moderate risk classification - Orange. In Utah, the Orange guidelines do not apply to religious services - no limit on number of people present so long as each household is 6ft apart.
  5. Is there any fabricated "reality" tv that isn't vain, shallow, materialistic?
  6. I believe the urls changed about 6 - 8 months ago. Don't have time at the moment but from what I recall on a different discussion board the essays are still available; just at a different location.
  7. considering that inland is very likely to built 1 - 2 miles west of the Temple in Erda, personally I would want to use nature to block the view, pollution and noise.
  8. Part of me thinks, keep the Temple in the location shown in the residential proposal maps, make the needed parking lot; then fence the entire area that was the proposed residential space and use that entire property is a green space, or something similar to New York City Central park type area.
  9. To each of you. I do not understand the more than one Isiah issue, what little I think I do understand is that the "voice" and "tense" of Isiah changes at certain points, therefore it must be two or three different people. In that limited understanding, it seems that one needs to deny prophetic revelation to support the notion of 2 or 3 three different people. Why is Isiah as introduced of the first whatever number of chapters limited to only the voice and tense of those chapters?
  10. In the US minors are not legally capable of consent. Otherwise, it does not make sense that specific acts are mandated for registry but others are not. I agree with you and Calm
  11. I think the Mayan use of "and then it happened" is compelling considering the use of "and it came to pass" in the Book of Mormon.
  12. Haven't read the article you linked, but based on what you did post, I did not see anything related to the importance of opening schools. AND if opening schools is about nutrition, as Nehor posted, US schools provided meals during the schools months when schools were closed. So in viewed in proper context of the Country and the restrictions in place, I would disagree with someone using the harm in villages of the mountains of Afghanistan as a basis to push school in the US to open.
  13. I apologize for any miscommunication. There is trepidation in hearing that being in the same room but not withing "close contact" is a low risk for infection. I think if more people accepted or understood that, there would be less push back about schools opening, I would not sit in the foyer during the monthly in person sacrament meeting.
  14. Unless you can provide some CDC, or other Federal Government documentation about "close contact low risk" and "close contact high risk", because it really just sounds like a state government employee made something up. And if that is the dialogue, it sure appears to be specifically designed to not provide not ensure that a parent is informed. The phone should be like this. "You are receiving this call because your student shares a classroom with an individual who tested positive for covid19. At this time there is no need to get tested. Watch for symptoms, contact your physicia
  15. It is that I have an objection, right now. Any objection, in my opinion, is based on a lack of understanding and a lack of informing oneself. People are rightly concerned about infection. It seems the common perception is 1 student in a confined classroom requires that everyone in that class room be notified of possible infection....I think the objection is that that is not the practice. And it would not be difficult for a government to notify everyone that was in a class room....this could be accomplished by a robo caller or even 2 - 3 people calling less than 30 people and saying what
  16. The guidelines released by the First Presidency do not require masks for sacrament preparation. Individual wards have required it. According to the document released by the Utah Department of health for schools, schools will follow the within 6 ft for 15 minutes definition for close contact. And based on my reading of the document ONLY for close contact individuals will there "contact tracing".
  17. Want to add.... For being "off put". By way of example, the guidelines for sacrament preparation do not require masks. At first glance, I thought "What, why isn't it required". Then I started to think about it, and think about all the mask videos I watched. The mask videos I have watched, in a secondary manner, demonstrate what I will call "leakage". As I thought about the "leakage" I was not too concerned about the lack of a mask mandate. In my non-medical field opinion, at the proximity of the face to sacrament preparation while wearing a mask due to leakage, does not stop germs
  18. I was put off because I believe there is a popular misperception about infection. So I work in an office, two people test positive I stood at one of their desk for two minutes...I would not be considered close contact, and it is off putting that while I was within 6ft of that person, the current medical posistion is I should not be concerned. So I think if more people understood about close contact there would not be so much animosity about casually passing someone in public not wearing a mask
  19. What do you think the "gross negligence" was or even "negligence"?
  20. Not sure if it has been discussed, but "close contact" has an interesting and somewhat alarming definition. I think if more people knew how "close contact" was defined there would less animosity about masks. "For COVID-19, a close contact is defined as any individual who was within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes starting from 2 days before illness onset (or, for asymptomatic patients, 2 days prior to positive specimen collection) until the time the patient is isolated." I was a bit put off by the definition and I think others would be also; but as
  21. I have been surprised at the number of sealed documents.
  22. hundreds of people in one place, only 50 in another....does not pass the smell test of "cues from the disease. I apologize for the brevity, issues when posting
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