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  1. I found that interesting and funny that people specified exact reason for the religious exemption. I would have gone something like "my choices are between me and my God", and not try and give such a specific reason.
  2. Read HENNING JACOBSON, Plff. in Err., v. COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS. it is a good read.
  3. What has been interesting to me is that decisions were left at the local levels. While I understand people say "The D&C says Bishop have authority" or similar things, all keys come from the First Presidency; so I don't thing it an offence if the First Presidency said "thou shalt conduct your ward meetings in such manor, and will prodcast sacrament meeting" My ward, in the Salt Lake Temple District, just cancelled in person Second hour. I think our Stake Conference will be in person and prodcast. Locally, among the citizens there is so much vocal opposition. Many prents about got upset that a during a science lesson on viruses, that covid was mentioned and getting vaccines for covid was mentioned - the parents claim "Schools should teach science and not politics" (Because viral spread and vaccines are not scientific subjects, but purely politics) I think, instead of using OSHA, Congress - under the Commerce Clause - has the Constitutional Authority (from the Founders) to enact a National Mask mand on public accommodations and public schools
  4. Looking at the language of the exemption, I am not sure why people would ask a Bishop to sign anything https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/COVID-19/Order-of-the-State-Public-Health-Officer-Health-Care-Worker-Vaccine-Requirement.aspx "Workers may be exempt from the vaccination requirements under section (1) only upon providing the operator of the facility a declination form, signed by the individual stating either of the following: (1) the worker is declining vaccination based on Religious Beliefs,..." So it would seem as simple as writing and signing a statement that based on religious beliefs one is declining the vaccine. Another interesting aspect is that one IS NOT required to show "my religious beliefs teach specifically against covid19 vaccines".
  5. Is there a specific form? Freedom from compulsion seems to comport with the teachings of the Church. So does personal accountability.
  6. No it is not. Exhale valve masks are essentially useless. Fake masks create a false sense of security - especially fake mask that claim a degree of efficacy.
  7. Utah, Salt Lake Temple District - when it was open.
  8. Today, the "mask & vaccinate" Fist Presidency letter was read. No second hour today. Next week second hour will be virtual. Bishop, Second Counselor are maksed, 1st Counselor is social distancing. New cases were of such a concern at neighborhood school, that the County Health Department held an all day "covid-test-a-thon". This school in my wards boundaries, but serves the whole county.
  9. I agree, and with that distinction in mind, it will be interesting if hate crime charges are sought.
  10. I do not think the leadership was wearing masks in my ward. Did not look at the next ward leadership
  11. Interesting happening...my ward nearly 100% no mask, Ward that mets after my ward, nearly 100% mask...people even going back to their cars for their mask
  12. Isn't David O McKay the first Prophet in th 20th century to not sport facial hair?
  13. I do not know, but it sure seems of making God in our image rather than the other way around. If we accept that the Bible represents the word of God, and that the words attributed to Jesus are the words of the Son of God, does Matthew 20:1 - 16 fit into your perception of equality?
  14. I apologize in advance, delete if not allowed. I cannot source the original video as the full video is set to private. An Area Seventy was speaking to youth, the 5 minute segment is about repentance, addresses "chewed gum" and "nail hole in wood".
  15. Utah ward, second Sunday since the letter AND no mask "requirement"
  16. Not sure about this photo. But I have found another photo online of BYUI Cheerleaders in leggings at somekind of banquet.
  17. Yes. Thankfully my Bishops were kind and compassionate.
  18. Oh memories....Jesus had long hair and wore sandals. So as a tennager I had long hair, and worr sandals (sometines with socks).
  19. Isn't 10years about average for vaccine development?
  20. My issue with KN95 is there is no way to verify it is KN95; the is there is no way to verify it functions ad a N95 mask would. Are KN95 authorized for medical use? The US prohibited the use of KN95 until shortly after the mask shortage. Then when kn95 were "permitted" an entire industry on amazon popped up and there was even a fireworks stand operator in Utah whose kn95 masks were seized. I did order a SHEMA97. Sen Mike Lee wore one, and NBA Coaches wore the Shema97.
  21. Did you expect people to put on masks after the letter was read? we urge wearing of masks in public meeting WHEN social distancing is not possible. At for your sacrament meeting, social distancing was happening...so no urging of mask wearing in that situation.
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