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  1. Was told it was done because of a security concern from another ward. Not sure the concern.
  2. Building is in Utah, single chapel, one set of doors at back of building and one foyer enterance on each of the building. The back doors have a sign to keep them locked on Sunday, such that one can only enter through the foyer doors.
  3. It is a real conundrum isn't it? Destroyed by rabid anti-Christs that present themselves as the moral authority for rising generations, or as you seem to suggest be destroyed by religious fundementalist.
  4. You dont listen to yourself do you? You rail against violent language; yet you justify your own use of violence for your favored agenda....Popper was an idiot in terms of his paradox. It is utilized by hate driven fascist to justify racism, hate, violence; all things you disapprove of, but only when it isn't your favored hate based facist violent ideology. And your willinginess to violently target those you disagree with, call into question the sincerity of any claims about liberty you make.
  5. I responded to your 'what if, might have'. Spin it however you want, the numbers do not lie. Chicago, Philly and Baltimore have the highest number of mass shootings, despite stringent laws against firearms, so why think more laws would work? But if it is about "implimentation" are you suggesting the current laws would work, if implemented properly? If failure to implement is the issue, news laws should target those who fail to implement, rather than making scapegoats of millions of reaponsible firearm owners.
  6. They are examples of language that people use to justify violence. But if "political slogan" justifies the violent language used, then your are justifing Nazis poltical slogans.
  7. ACAB, and improper use of Facist / Nazis, all 3 used to incite violence.
  8. which shows, criminals will not obey the law and that Chicago/Illinois strict guns laws do not work. And that there isn't realy a reason to think more laws - which would oerwhelmingly & disproportionately punish responsible owners - work. And why punish other States because Chicago, Philly, Baltimore can't get control of their citizens?
  9. Of the top 10 - 12 States with highest number of gun violence, many of those States have stringent firearms laws. Of US Cities with mass shootings, Chicago, Philedelphia, and Baltimore are the tops 3 with the most - triple digit amount. Chicago and the State it is in, have stringent gun laws. Can one argue that more laws do not work? If we consider the number of firearms in the US to the number of mass shootings, can we argue current laws do work? gunviolencearchive.org, complie the mass shooting yearly reports, and filter.
  10. To that point of "is marriage a right"; I might say "No". The "no" is based on my belief that "marriage" has it's origins as a religious ceremony. Now, is it a "right" to commit oneself to another of ones choosing? I say yes. So to a degree, I think Governments should get out of the "marriage" business - license, payment, etc. California Boy, this is in no way to deminish a same-sex relationship. I see the issue as the way some EU countries do - religious "marriage" is a ceremony and all "marriages" must be officiated civilily.
  11. Thank you for the response. I was referring to this video https://www.tiktok.com/@1946themovie/video/7038318965864631599?_r=1&_t=8XJOY8cSK7i&is_from_webapp=v1&item_id=7038318965864631599 In it I do not you specifically referencing another scholar by name.
  12. Just read through it, the Congressional findings do not correspond to restrictions limiting marriage protection to only 2 people.
  13. I think the proposed law is a step in the right direction; though I do wonder if the law would have any applicability on the States if it is determined by SCOTUS that marriage is not protected by the Federal Constitution. Thank you for sharing the article.
  14. There is a movie that is out in other places titled 1946: The Mistranslation That Shifted Culture The film is about a translation in 1946 of the RSV Bible that first included the phrase "homosexual". From what I have read from various sources, the debate is unsettled as to what the "intent" of a word Paul essentially made up means.
  15. About 2:25 - 2:35 in his vidoe about weaponizing the scriptures "young men, boys, slaves and things like that"
  16. Ok, in one of your videos you discuss mishkevei ishah" with a parrallel of "mishkav zachur", then, as I recall, you discuss that mishkav zachur referrs to pentration and that the penetrated is blameless. And it appears you have deleted the video wherein you discuss mishkevei ishah and mishkav zachur.
  17. he has posted videos on the subject of the upcoming "class"; he has made his thoughts known. In 2012 he referred to a highschool student as bigoted for qouting the Bible for an assignment about the "con" of allowing homosexuals to adopt. In September 2022, he released a video wherein he asserts that only his favored interpretation of Biblical passage addressing male-male coupling is correct - despite the fact that issue is not a settled. He also is not shy with his animus towards conservatives. When he has put his thoughts out in the open, we can have confidence his posisting on the subject.
  18. he has on his youtube channel videos on the subject. his premise seems to be that the meaning of "mishkevei ishah" (“after the manner of lying with a woman”-this is not his comment) should be considered in comparison to "mishkav zachur" (**** intercourse). If I understood him correctly he essentially explains that only the top has done anything wrong. If I understand him correctly, he asserts that because no other societies prohibited homosexuality or that other societies permitted male-male **** intercouse between different social classes, then we should not presume that God prohibited the House of Jacob from engaging in homosexual acts. Again, this is if I understood him correctly. (I used this https://www.rabbinicalassembly.org/sites/default/files/public/resources-ideas/source-sheets/tol-parashot/aharei-mot-k-doshim.pdf for the definitions of the Hebrew terms)
  19. I have watched a couple of his videos. He rails against conservatives for identity politics, and yet he seems to engage in the same. In the first link he starts with "no one is sure", then proceeds to present his view as the authoritative view.
  20. Interesting. I suspect he will allude Bible based Church's are in error for "anti-homosexuality" stance.
  21. The State of Mass., just raised their marriage age from 13 to 18 (just a few months ago)
  22. Are there online sources of first hand accounts by those that lived it within the Church? I tried "In Sacred Loneliness" but would prefer source materials without someone telling me what I think of the source material.
  23. Wow, nothing like a "my sisters, MIL, 2nd cousin, daughter serving a proslyting mission in Main Land China, heard from her Mission President, that a friend said during sacrement meeting...." US politics has become a joke unto itself.
  24. Interesting, but it does not seem to follow.
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