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  1. The 2000+ year old Gospel of Jesus Christ informs on how people should act, and separately an Article of Faith specifically addresses how members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints should interact with the respective Government.
  2. https://www.fox13now.com/news/local-news/referendum-over-tooele-county-latter-day-saint-development-really-close-to-meeting-signature-goal
  3. That was not the situation. People in Tooele County gathered signatures to block a rezoning a developed community. The referrendum did not pertain to the Temple itself. I can't blame them for wanting to block high density housing when, basically the entirety of the Tooele Valley has one way in and out of the valley - which is Highway 36.
  4. The recent statement was unnecessary, one might have a good basis to say the President Oak's talk was unnecessary. We have had the Gospel of Chirst for over 2000years. we have had the articles of faiths almost two hundred years.
  5. What was not clear about President Oaks talk in October 2020? The Church Leadership does not need to speak about political issues. My preference would be the Church stay out of all political discussions. My preference is the Leadership of the Church teach the Gospel.
  6. hmmm...the affidavit from the FBI for his arrest, does not mention his brother that I recall.
  7. What indication is there that "he switched sides". The protest was a perfect setting for an agent provocateur, not saying is one, it is just a another possible reason for him being there...him just wanting to foment trouble. Had he not set out to incite the crowd, he probably would not be in the situation his now; that is, if he had only shown up and "reported" what was happening.
  8. Is this covid related online seminary? If so, I hope online seminary remains an option for people in Utah. And great advice about the information.
  9. I tend to believe that John Sullivan's arrest stem not from his presence, at the capital or in the capital. Rather I tend to think his arrest stems from his comments he made at the Capital and his actions. I believe that had he not voice statements to foment agitation or statement to encourage the police to not interfer with the storming of the Capital, then I believe that Sullivan could have a strong claim to being a "journalist" (even without specific credentials; though I do respect your many years as a journalist and that you would have a more learned opinion on what it means to be
  10. A local Utah group may have possibly said "please don't show up" but who knows. BLM does not seem to be a specific organization with an identifiable leadership. Back in May 2020, at least in Utah, there were two separate groups claiming BLM. One group was seeking joining the "global" organization, another was not. So to claim "BLM" kicked him out does really speak to the totality of the situation, nor take into consideration the various BLM groups and lack of an identifiable sole representative leadership of BLM. From a mirror.co.uk article - I do not make claim to neutrality or bia
  11. please stop trying to ruin a discussion. If you don't like the subject, you could always not read the subject.
  12. South African Covid variant appears to ‘obviate’ antibody drugs, Dr. Scott Gottlieb says
  13. The mind control was to get the vaccine injection, now that the injection was received, the nanobots will begin rewritting DNA to create super powers.
  14. This is what has scared me from the beginning, young people dying without warning.
  15. Vaccinated US nurse contracts COVID-19, expert says Pfizer shot needed more time to work
  16. money is fake, the value of money is fake...it is all made up and ultimately controlled to ensure haves and have nots. As for selfishness/greed driven inflation; price controls.
  17. The one from El Paso, that syringe is sure looks empty. And it appeared so much so to the Hospital that the specific nurse later recieved a second first stage vaccine.
  18. Well shutdowns should work. But on a philosophical level they cant work in the United. As I understand it, New Zealanders recieved 80% of their pay during their first lockdown. I can't imagine Congress appropriating money for all non-essentials to recieve 80% of the pay during a lockdown, much less a State doing so. I do know that California has some form of tenant relief right now, but there are requirements to qualify.
  19. I am not stalking your post. I read you post, then I commented about a potential surge in Utah; then browsed to random website and saw a glimpse of the making of a conspiracy. The unversity medical center if el paso did a public news conference of medical staff receiving the vaccine; however one of the nurse appeared to not have receieved it during the news conference https://cbs4local.com/news/coronavirus/mishap-occurs-during-covid-19-vaccination-of-umc-nurses The random video i saw was a collection of vaccine administration videos porpurting to show that it is be
  20. From my understand there was not a Thanksgiving spike in Utah, dont know why Utah might have a Christmas spike.
  21. The study was mentioned on the news this morning. It got about 30seconds. It is an important message to get out.
  22. Masks not enough to stop COVID-19's spread without distancing, study finds https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/12/201222132057.htm
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