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  1. If you’re not Christian you can ignore the Bible. I’m not doing anything. That’s God talking. God owns your body. Use it wisely.
  2. According to Christian doctrine 1 Corinthians 6:19-20. Your body is not your own. This is the great fallacy of the pro abortion group. Of course it’s likely the vast majority are not Christians. Or if they are, they don’t really believe. We have examples of this in Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.
  3. Pizzeria Uno is best for Chicago deep dish. Amici’s for NY style pizza.
  4. The sources I have from another forum indicate that this may have been a FBI setup. No one from the area had ever heard of this.
  5. No one who has ever given a legal deposition has any problem reconciling the three or more versions of the JS Vision. Going round as you all are is silly. We have a final version, approved by the “deposed”, of what JS saw and I for one, am happy with it.
  6. Please do not read that into my words. God “controls” his wife the same as most husbands. Not at all. When you marry, you will gain this insight
  7. I think heavenly Mother does as She pleases. I have no opinion about what or why She does as She does. I’m sure that She and our Heavenly Father are in total agreement with one another. As a hypothetical, I can easily surmise what my wife would be doing. Upon waking she’s served breakfast in bed. Upon dressing, she immediately starts communicating with her special friends about where to go for lunch. After that, shopping. Later on, if not too tired, she may check on what’s happening with temple work. It’s a pet hobby horse of hers. Of course in late afternoon, dinner with family. She’ll be selective who she invites, of course, because the family is likely to be large. After dinner, if nothing better offers she will enjoy TV or the heavenly equivalent. Then after a long eventful day, to bed. I personally think she could do this for millennia. Eternity is good.
  8. A speech like this, with some ambiguity of meaning, is why I really dislike the Conference talks used as lesson material for priesthood classes. We believers know what he meant, and I don’t get all the angst in this forum when even the slightest shade of meaning of every GA utterance is parsed out to the nth degree. It’s quite ridiculous, and indicative that many of you need to get a life. BTW have you husbands out there have any serious degree of control over your wive’s actions? My experience is that my wife does what she wants. I doubt even the Great Almighty controls what his wife does. 😉
  9. The fact that Christ is Jehovah should be understood along with the doctrine of fore ordination. It is very clear in the scriptures that Christ had not achieved perfection until He had resurrected and ascended to heaven.
  10. To an atheist, ultimately, everything is relative. Religion is the anchor that holds humanity in place. But many don’t like it. They want to do their “thing”.
  11. Unfortunately, for many of us, he has a point.
  12. For you single guys: I personally know several guys who converted their wives before they married them. The church offers a lot to women. Mainly, dependable husbands. 🙂
  13. Traditionally they have been paid. Over 60 years ago my father was the first early morning seminary teacher in our stake. He received a stipend. Which he refused.
  14. In general, the Church has historically been against birth control, but has had the common sense to realize that we have our free agency, and that every situation is different. So no strict prohibition.
  15. Are Catholics less Christian for being Catholic? Lutherans, Methodists, Baptists, Episcopalians, etc?? Mormon are not less Christian for being known as Mormons. Just saying......................🤫
  16. The word Architecture in the LDS Church in the last 50+ years is an oxymoron. Maybe a few temples are OK, but they are also descending into what I call "generic Mormon". As for visiting, we have visitor centers, but in general our chapels are not open. IMHO having an open chapel can be a great missionary tool but only if the chapel has great architecture and art. None of which our chapels or even our temples have. There is an exception to this of course. The Rock Church is Cedar City Utah is very interesting and is open quite a bit to the public.
  17. I think that there is a misuse of Christians in the context of this discussion. I think what is being referred to is the Protestant movement. They call themselves Christians, but scripture says “their hearts are far from Me”. So let us distinguish the true Christians of the restoration, namely the LDS, from the Protestant movement. When you refer to Christians, other than Catholics, you should substitute the word Protestant.
  18. The Ten Commandments. At least for Christians.
  19. I can more or less “buy” this. But it has always been true. Recall my experience in 1967 being told by a GA that of a group of missionaries, 60% would go inactive. Or leave the Church. AFAIK, that’s probably true today. Reasons are all the above. Has this increased? I doubt it. I’ve never lived in a Ward in this church that had more than 30% activity rate. Most were less. I agree that growth is slowing. That’s what the study said. It’s probably worse with this pandemic. It’s something that should be addressed very strongly. My observations of missionary actions and their general supervision are negative. A lot could be done to improve results in the field. I’m not particularly concerned as I feel the Lord will provide the leadership required for reform. Lets not be chicken littles. One unverified and untested study should not contribute to the frenzy I see on this forum.
  20. Interesting discussion. Of course, the laws of physics are immutable, as far as we can understand them. God understands them all. Of course, the supposed miracles in the Bible and Book of Mormon are all explained by God’s laws. From a technical point of view, there is no such a thing as a miracle. I’m not a flood literalist. From the POV of the observer, I’m sure it seemed like all the world would seem flooded. When explorers came to the confluence of the Amazon and Marañon rivers they could not see the shore. Marañon literally means sea or not. The explorers were unsure if they had discovered a new ocean or sea. It is interesting, however, that almost every culture has a flood myth. Everything in the Bible should be looked at and interpreted in context. Like the Book of Mormon, it is primarily religious, and intended to promote faith in Christ.
  21. Most leave after High School now, never having lived away from home. Most are urban and have never done any actual work. Sad.
  22. An interesting statistical study, but I advise the following counsel, as stated by an English prime minister. There are lies, damned lies and Statistics. I don’t know how true any of this is. Likely some is. I don’t think the growth of the church is what it was historically, but that’s true of any large organization. But that’s my anecdotal experience here in CA where no one with a family and a stay at home wife can afford to live. The Church is shrinking here. As to members leaving the church, all too true. I went on my mission in 1967. At a meeting at the mission home that year we were all informed that 60% of us would either go inactive or leave the church. This is a true statement. Is it worse now? AFAIK there is no analysis of this in the study. Remember, the speaker was speaking to missionaries, supposedly the best and brightest. I don’t have time for more now, but I would suggest that it’s too early for doom and gloom.
  23. I don’t think we have a problem until the church announces that the GAs need upgraded housing from which to perform their duties. That’s my exit signal.
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