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  1. You need to become a Catholic. Then you can talk to the Virgin Mary all the time. There are dedicated altars in many churches to Mary, who, incidentally, is considered a Saint. Mary can even help you get to Heaven, and the Catholic Church has even been criticized for allowing a cultish following of Mary. And yes she is the Mother of God. How much better can you get!๐Ÿ˜‡
  2. I think these pervs come from all walks of life and backgrounds.
  3. Do not refine too much on any of these verses. It is very clear that anyone who accepts the Gospel will enter into the Celestial Kingdom. The Spirit World is very much an extension of our mortal life here on Earth and repentance is allowed.
  4. Legally speaking, it's a basic rule of evidence. AFAIK
  5. I can only repeat that, from the profane POV, there is only circumstantial evidence. You could get real evidence, but apparently you are disinclined to do so. Please continue pontificating. It's really quite amusing.
  6. What is the Lord's test? Clearly abortion is not murder, which is an unforgivable sin, because one can repent of being part of an abortion. In addition, our Church, unlike others, carves out certain exceptions in which an abortion is is allowed after thoughtful prayer. So obviously, life begins for the Lord's purposes, at conception.
  7. Of course there is empirical evidence. But it is Spiritual. One can only experience it for oneself. One can temporarily convey that Spirit to another person, but not permanently. That person needs to build on that spiritual experience to create his/her own testimony. Most people are apparently too indifferent or skeptical to give this a try. From the profane POV, of course, there is no empirical evidence. Only circumstantial evidence obtains. Which I would assert is significant. But it can all be rationalized.
  8. Wait. Wait!!!??? Not just adultery. Fornication was also prohibited last time I checked. That means ALL out of wedlock pregnancies could be avoided!!!! You mean all the abortion angst could be avoided by obeying the Lord's commandments??? What a concept!
  9. Interesting thread. But even a cynical pundit like Howard Stern said that no matter how you โ€œdress it upโ€, abortion is still killing babies. It is one of the greatest evils of our time.
  10. That horse has left the barn, so to speak.
  11. Lidar has made us realize that archeologists are just scratching the surface of what is out there yet to be discovered.
  12. Proof of nothing. I believe that we will not see any genuine Verified Nephite artifacts in my lifetime. But there have been interesting discoveries. We are not even sure weโ€™re looking in the right places. The Church has gotten out of the proof business for very good reasons. Mostly because no one really knows where BoM events took place, but more importantly the leaders realize that the members need to walk by faith.
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