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  1. And my opinion is just as good as yours. What are your better parameters?
  2. Switzerland is a great country. But your statement that income there is twice that of Germany or even the EU is nonsense. It’s marginally higher, and the cost of living easily eats up any difference. Look it up. The Swiss are good stewards of what they have. There is a reason that many American cities are cesspools. I won’t get political by stating my opinion of why that is. But my statement as to living on a normal American income is still true. You would have a tougher time living on it in Switzerland.
  3. Please enjoy your visit. I've been there many times. Bring Money. It is the most expensive country in Europe. You could not duplicate your current lifestyle in Switzerland making what you make now.🤨
  4. I completely disagree with your conclusions. I think that there are some great countries out there, but 20 million illegal immigrants (and more coming all the time) can't be wrong.😀 The reality is, that when the SHTF, the US is the magnet for all the world's scared money. This has been true for over a hundred years now, and won't change in my lifetime. No other nation has the combination of geography, good people, good government, climates, economy, and etc. that we do. That's just a fact.
  5. I don't mind, but I'm not sure what good it would do for someone who has likely never ventured too far from Utah and relies on statistics as "facts". I have an international hobby, that has led me to travel to a lot of different countries and meet a lot of people. I've visited in their homes, and travelled with many of them. Mostly in Europe. I've spent a good deal of time abroad. Of course, what is the "best" country is certainly a matter of opinion and most people I've met favor their own by a wide margin😄. And of course "best" is subject to definitional variances as well. En
  6. Sorry, but have you travelled much? You are totally wrong. I’ve been in most of the countries that you probably think are superior, but they’re not. Statistics don’t and can’t tell all the tale. The US is truly exceptional.
  7. You all realize that American exceptionalism has nothing to do with the LDS Church right? From Wikipedia: American exceptionalism is the theory that the United States is inherently different from other nations.[2] This stems from its emergence from the American Revolution, becoming what the political scientist Seymour Martin Lipset called "the first new nation"[3] and developing a uniquely American ideology, "Americanism". This ideology is based on liberty, equality before the law, individual responsibility, republicanism, representative democracy, and laissez-faire economics. This i
  8. You realize this is a Mormon folktale, right? There is no scriptural basis......
  9. My wife has never worked outside our home. She gets half my social security amount. Mine did not decrease. Your wife will get half of yours or hers, depending on which is greater, come retirement age.
  10. You likely would have tested OK for Gymnasium. It's like an IQ test. Not what do you want to be.............................
  11. In Germany, for sure, you test how you test. Clearly if one does not want to go to Gymnasium one doesn't have to, but culturally, it is the goal of achievers.
  12. This is true. German society is very class stratified. This is not obvious to the casual tourist who has visited a few times, but it's true nonetheless. Many things are different. I belong to a club that has a lot of German expats as members. As we were sitting at our monthly meeting, one of the members who is a friend of mine observed that if he was in Germany, we wouldn't be meeting together, because I'm a professional, and he is in the trades. We would have different clubs in the same town for the same hobby.
  13. I stated INFORMED opinion. And the GAs are certainly entitled to theirs.😃 Prophetic pronouncements are in the four Standard Works.
  14. In a recent posting, I wrote about the GA informed opinions. It is very unlikely that the Cumorah in NY State is the same as that mentioned in the book of Mormon.
  15. There is nothing in the Book of Mormon that indicates that Moroni buried the plates he had in the original Cumorah mentioned in the Book. The current Cumorah was mentioned in the mid 1830s by Saints who assumed that since the golden plates were there, that it was the original. There are no prophetic pronouncements indicating that these folk stories are true. The Church adopted this meme AFAIK when the property was purchased in the twentieth century and has been holding "Cumorah" pageants there to explain the history of the Church and as a missionary tool. I agree that it's not likely
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