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  1. " After " by Bruce Greyson M. D. A psychiatrist discusses NDEs
  2. I am currently slogging through the complete works of Josephus. I have reached point where he talks about the Temple and the sacrifices made there daily. I find there to be a great incongruity between a sacred and holy place and the slaughter of what is said to be tens of thousands of animals regularly. The noise and stench would have been horrendous. The smell of the offal would have been ...awful let alone the burning bodies. I must be missing something about the rituals . Any insight ??
  3. This may be true in general but God specifically disapproved of particular marriages.
  4. You mean that there were "other " horses here when the Spanish horses arrived ? Sounds familiar .
  5. I wonder if Chase was asked for his ID at the Pearly Gates .😈
  6. I'm not sure why they worry about chemicals for the death penalty. Fentanyl seems effective and is available everywhere.
  7. I was thinking the mormon experience compared to the jewish experience.
  8. No comparison here. To say there is, is to say being nipped by a chihuahua is like being mauled by a grizzly .
  9. Statistics , the goat entrails for the modern era. 😁
  10. I think it depends on the reason for the criticism. If one attacked Joseph over doctrine , maybe. If the attack is over Joseph's appearance or personal behavior , then probably not directed at God unless you think God would not call a prophet who dressed badly or used the word 'like ' too much.
  11. I think I MISINTERPRETED that one finger salute.
  12. Ya, except that guy who cut me off in traffic yesterday. He is going permanently to hell!
  13. I'm so unsophisticated that my last fiction books were the Tarzan series by ERB.🙃
  14. Though possible, there is no need to immediately jump to polygamy as a solution. Take a guess at how many single men have passed through mortality that could become worthy in time .
  15. Sounds like the , " we are all in a simulation " theory. Or perhaps the Shakespeare idea that all the world is a stage and we are merely players.
  16. So why blame the snake and have God punish it ? Eve didn't seem to want to take responsibility for her intellectual musings and Adam was quick to blame Eve. Personally , I think that eventually God would have rescinded that " no eating the fruit " rule.
  17. On a related note , this article also speaks of young men having relationship difficulty. Most young men are single. Most young women are not. | The Hill
  18. Men in the church should restrict themselves to traditional roles like setting up tables and chairs for meetings and parties, taking crying children out into the foyer, and participating with the EQ moving Company , etc.
  19. I see the big snows in the Sierra. Hope they don't melt too fast.
  20. It was a joke! I'd explain it but... whatever.
  21. FYI , the record for the number of children from 1 woman is 69 from , I believe, 27 pregnancies. One should also note that slavery was a well accepted societal practice in biblical times, so much so that rules were given, by prophets . to regulate it. Also, in our much more enlightened times , there are about 30 million slaves in the world. More than in ancient times. But polygamy is the evil Satanic practice.
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