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  1. I do think the name Lemuel is rarely used. I do have a distant relative named Noah so maybe there is no bias./
  2. Maybe there could be a chatbot that does all the interviews. 😎
  3. Hopefully conclusion jumping, pearl clutching and knee jerking will become Olympic events ,soon after to be joined by blanket burring and knickers twisting.😇
  4. True. The ability to have a home and a middle class lifestyle is quickly fading . That and the 50% failure rate which is financially and emotionally very costly, makes marriage much less appealing. Of course , society's acceptance of hookup culture does not help.
  5. Cars pre 2000s had engines that were much more exposed so that a " tinfoil dinner " could be put on them to cook. Now the engine compartment is all covered in black plastic covers that make it very difficult to access a spot hot enough to cook anything. I blame the liability lawyers.
  6. It should be noted that there are areas of the world where owning shoes of any kind is a luxury. Celestial thinking ???
  7. FYI : Not the norm but wide spread and accepted.
  8. Sure, just use two large print leather bound Quads for weights.
  9. Again, my favorite orson pratt - Bing images
  10. Anyone want to suggest which member of the 12 will be the first to have a beard ?
  11. There was a time when neither Jesus nor Brigham could get a temple recommend. Hopefully that time is ending.
  12. I think so. Gentile nations established it for a " gathering place for the Jews " , a homeland if you will. For a short primer : The late 19th century saw the widespread consolidation of a Jewish nationalist movement known as Zionism, as part of which aliyah (Jewish return to the Land of Israel from the diaspora) increased. During World War I, the Sinai and Palestine campaign of the Allies led to the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire. Britain was granted control of the region by League of Nations mandate, in what became known as Mandatory Palestine. The British government publicly committed itself to the creation of a Jewish homeland. Arab nationalism opposed this design, asserting Arab rights over the former Ottoman territories and seeking to prevent Jewish migration. As a result, Arab–Jewish tensions grew in the succeeding decades of British administration. In 1948, the Israeli Declaration of Independence sparked the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, which resulted in the 1948 Palestinian expulsion and flight and subsequently led to waves of Jewish emigration from other parts of the Middle East. Today, approximately 43 percent of the global Jewish population resides in Israel. In 1979, the Egypt–Israel peace treaty was signed, based on the Camp David Accords. In 1993, Israel signed the Oslo I Accord with the Palestine Liberation Organization, which was followed by the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority. In 1994, the Israel–Jordan peace treaty was signed. Despite efforts to finalize the peace agreement, the conflict continues to play a major role in Israeli and international political, social, and economic life. Typically with political decisions , they made a mess of it. The current situation sends shivers though the " signs of the times " community.
  13. We see the state of Israel as a fulfillment of an end times prophecy.
  14. I just think that eternity is a really long time to be going around in circles with one foot nailed to the floor.
  15. Does the addictive nature of the substance have anything to do with the addiction thereof , or is it always about a mental defect ?
  16. I watched in amazement as President Nelson , at age 99 , smoothly read from the teleprompter for many minutes.
  17. If God can change a mortal body into an immortal one with a particular glory , does that preclude Him from being able to change that body's glory to a higher one ?
  18. Hey, where does the" turn the other cheek " stuff come in ? Of course there is always that " If thy right eye offend thee " stuff to fall back on . 🤤
  19. Joseph was familiar with the tendency of folks to " shatter like glass " at new ideas or old traditions . Today it is called " triggered" . Some people have a hair trigger while others have theirs well rusted.
  20. I assume they have ruled out those pesky ear crystals that can make you dizzy when you move your head ?
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