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  1. I don't think we chose this plan in total ignorance. I believe we had access to at least general info as to how rough this place could , otherwise Satan's plan might have a lesser ability to convince, As it was it drew a third( you can argue semantics here ) who likely feared the problems.
  2. Japan and Italy are discovering what happens when a nation does not have replacement levels of population growth. China is facing the results of its " one child policy " .
  3. In case you were wondering , the above was part of an old joke which ends " when you need an excuse , any excuse will do "
  4. I suppose they could have said " No cheering because we are having fried chicken for supper " 😁
  5. BYU grad has about 5000+ students walking . Imagine how long the ceremony would take with all the madding crowd cheering each one. " low , there is matter unorganized "
  6. Defining reverence should take into account the audience one is speaking to. For 6 year olds it will focus on not running in the halls and not making a racket in the chapel. For mature adults it may focus on not thinking about the football game while partaking of the sacrament. Controlling one's thoughts is generally more difficult than controlling one's feet.
  7. I'm way out of the loop. My experiences with BC groups was in the late 70's early 80's so I don't know what has happened to them since. They just don't show up on the radar here anyway.
  8. Duncan is correct in that most polygamous families moved into BC around the Creston area. Rumor has it that they would ship daughters to those groups in the southwestern US for marriage. It was a bit of a scandal. When I was a child there was only one polygamous family from the Cardston area, the Blackmores ( IIRC ).
  9. Cold Lake is named that for a reason. BTW it is a military area and I wonder if they sent equipment to the fire.
  10. I have a hard time watching action movies when the laws of physics are suspended or completely erased.
  11. Anybody here remember the angst over Joseph Fielding Smith becoming President. ? How did that turn out again ?
  12. I think I mis read this too. He was accused and arrested in March for behavior that took place in 2020.
  13. Has there been a court case/trial from any of the previous arrests and charges.? If not , I wonder why and would those be flagged for church leaders?
  14. You might find this one interesting. " The Apollo Murders " by Chris Hadfield , a Canadian astronaut . It's a novel.
  15. I've lived and worked around feedlots with a thousand animals, and been in slaughter houses before. It is amazing how fast a skilled man with a sharp knife can dis assemble a cow. I'm curious as to what was done with the hides and the wool and the feathers , not to mention the ... manure. Seems like there will be a huge culture shock when the sons of Aaron/Levi again offer sacrifices at a modern temple, unless those are purely metaphorical.
  16. " After " by Bruce Greyson M. D. A psychiatrist discusses NDEs
  17. I am currently slogging through the complete works of Josephus. I have reached point where he talks about the Temple and the sacrifices made there daily. I find there to be a great incongruity between a sacred and holy place and the slaughter of what is said to be tens of thousands of animals regularly. The noise and stench would have been horrendous. The smell of the offal would have been ...awful let alone the burning bodies. I must be missing something about the rituals . Any insight ??
  18. This may be true in general but God specifically disapproved of particular marriages.
  19. You mean that there were "other " horses here when the Spanish horses arrived ? Sounds familiar .
  20. I wonder if Chase was asked for his ID at the Pearly Gates .😈
  21. I'm not sure why they worry about chemicals for the death penalty. Fentanyl seems effective and is available everywhere.
  22. I was thinking the mormon experience compared to the jewish experience.
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