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  1. Humans are more than capable of producing horrid evil acts in this world without help from table lifters and cabinet door openers.
  2. Gee, maybe if they stopped growing alfalfa and switched to ... ummm. almond tree orchards and produced almond milk, that would be a win-win no ? Alfalfa is a nitrogen fixing plant.
  3. Always remember the rule that anytime the Brethren say something one agrees with , then it is true and revelatory , and when they say something one disagrees with then it is, by definition, false doctrine and should be rejected. ๐Ÿ˜‡
  4. To misquote 1 Tim 3:1 " He who desires the office of Bishop... has a screw loose "
  5. Hey, I have already been told to quicken my pace and lengthen my stride. what else must I do, leap buildings ?
  6. It seems Canadians are ahead of the curve...again. Michael Higgins: Catholic school has student arrested for expressing Catholic beliefs (msn.com) Note: this headline is misleading...duh
  7. " And I saw another angel ,flying in the midst of heaven " . With a couple of exceptions, flying requires wings. Even if incorrect, angels with wings is not an irrational assumption.
  8. Do we want God to be a " helicopter parent " ?
  9. You should know that the body does not burn to ash completely. There are parts of large bones left that must be ground down. True story #1. A lady came in to a crematorium with her husband's body. She asked if she could watch the cremation. The owner said she would only see a wall of flame. The lady said " fine " . While she watched through a small window she said, " Is it hot enough in there you , you old b%^&$#! ,? " True story #2 . I was being given a tour of a local funeral home and was shown a store room that had a nice looking but non commercial casket. I asked why it was there . The fellow said that a guy had built his own coffin ,but when he died the family refused to have him buried in it. That would make me want to haunt them for years.
  10. Anyone know why ? It is said that the 10 tribes will come out of the North. Perhaps they will need more room .
  11. I just looked at the Sermon on the Mount again. Good stuff still after 2000 years. One thing though, why are there not more one eyed and one armed Christians?
  12. I've wondered how the universe is about 13.8 billion years old and yet 92 billion light years across. Then again there is that cog-dis called WARP speed.
  13. If the government where to expand the safe zone until it encompassed 50% of the city, at what point, if ever, would the citizens be correct in protesting the law ?
  14. I watch a Sasquatch site with more subs and views.
  15. You would think that a person studying medicine might be interested in skulls and bones . ๐Ÿ˜‡
  16. I wonder if Jonah would be surprised or perhaps vindicated to see what Nineveh looks like now. And I also wonder if Moroni has seen his prophesies about Joseph and the latter-Day church fulfilled .
  17. Some probably would ask where the beards went.
  18. What a scene to come upon. Leos and first responders have an awful job.
  19. Yes, this one. I probably conflated members of the colonies with fundi groups.
  20. That's what I have understood. mismanagement over many years .
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