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  1. I just looked at the Sermon on the Mount again. Good stuff still after 2000 years. One thing though, why are there not more one eyed and one armed Christians?
  2. I've wondered how the universe is about 13.8 billion years old and yet 92 billion light years across. Then again there is that cog-dis called WARP speed.
  3. If the government where to expand the safe zone until it encompassed 50% of the city, at what point, if ever, would the citizens be correct in protesting the law ?
  4. I watch a Sasquatch site with more subs and views.
  5. You would think that a person studying medicine might be interested in skulls and bones . 😇
  6. I wonder if Jonah would be surprised or perhaps vindicated to see what Nineveh looks like now. And I also wonder if Moroni has seen his prophesies about Joseph and the latter-Day church fulfilled .
  7. Some probably would ask where the beards went.
  8. What a scene to come upon. Leos and first responders have an awful job.
  9. Yes, this one. I probably conflated members of the colonies with fundi groups.
  10. That's what I have understood. mismanagement over many years .
  11. I think you would be lucky to find 1 % that knew anything about it. I've been in the church for over 60 years and only know a bit about the Mexican colonies. I do recall a shoot up with members of the colonies and a drug cartel fairly recently.
  12. How much rain/snow will be needed to fill Lake Mead so they can stop finding those pesky barrels with bodies in them ? 🥴
  13. VS - No officer , I'm not protesting,( wink wink nudge nudge ) I'm just standing here silently thinking about praying. Officer - No ma'm , we are not arresting you for praying ( wink wink nudge nudge ) You are being arrested for silent protesting.
  14. It seems that the State will do all it can to protect the public from possible danger of physical and/ or emotional damage because it might interfere with a human abattoir .
  15. While we are getting picky, the original of Mary and child, Jesus looks like a two year old toddler and a bit deformed at that . I agree that the Church should not be changing original art unless they have full ownership rights.
  16. Condoms are about 80 - 85 % effective. If the man really does not want any more children, then he should get snipped. Then again ,they may be using condoms in order to set the timing between pregnancies. Good luck with that.
  17. The Handbook is good and covers the majority of situations. However , it CAN be adjusted or even over-ruled by a person with the authority and keys. It probably won't be, but it can be .
  18. From what I have seen, you are at least as much a " member " as many " members " I know. As for the questions, I would answer YES to all except those that would require a Bishops, SPs or GAs authority first ,which seems to have been done.
  19. All covenants are temporary, unless and until sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise.
  20. Unless you have personal direct knowledge , no.
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