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  1. The other day, I could hear my neighbors, crying about so and so pushed me, I heard a male voice respond "SHUT THE blank UP, JUST SHUT THE blank UP". The household is single mother of 3 (the male could have been the dad but all in all, the household does not have a male authority figure), the person being told to shut up is 8 - 11 and a very nice intelligent girl.

    For a brief moment I was worried I might hear, physical punishment occurring, then I thought, "If I hear the male hitting the girl or the other two children should I call the police, call the Bishop, call the EQP"

    I quickly ruled out the EQP, because I have seen his temper, and it is not good.

    I debated about the Bishop, simply because, I know how overzealous the law and law enforcement is when child abuse is the issue. My thoughts were, well if called the Bishop then someone from Church might show up, things could settle, problems could be known and advice for appropriate counseling could be given.

    A second incident, different family and this was at Church.

    I was standing outside, when in a quick rush the Church door opened and a man was holding his wife by the elbow and leading her out. They were very rushed and is seemed as thought he was pushing her rather than walking side by side at the same pace. What seemed odd about this situation was that it gave me a vibe that the man might be abusive. I told my wife about this, and she said she got the same vibe from the man a few weeks ago.

    I think this man might also be my hometeacher (I find out this Sunday).

    Was there a question in this insinuation, or are you merely gossiping about people we don't know?

  2. The other day I wrote a blog post about my thoughts on being a Mormon skeptic. I thought maybe some people here could relate and tell me what you think (about the thoughts, not necessarily the prose). Link

    Is skepticism okay in the Church? And if so, how much of it is okay?

    The cynical plea for attention notwithstanding ;):P:crazy:, my answer when I read your title was, "Skeptical:yes, Cynical: no".

    Having read the article, I must say I agree with you in nearly all particulars.

    Your panic may now begin in earnest.

    That having been said, I have always understood "Mormonism" to be a reasoned faith- and never a blind one.

    Despite the numerous attempts by others to paint the Priesthood and senior Church leadership as somehow demanding unquestioning obedience, those claims always evaporate when their mined quotes are examined in context and understood properly.

    It is an inescapable tenet of the Gospel that God wants mature, reasoning servants who have (and will) made the most of the talents- and the key to becoming a wise steward is the ability to think clearly.

    I think the question is less one of, "Is skepticism okay in the Church?" and more of "How can one be a wise steward (and a faithful Mormon) without it?"

    All in all.....well done, Sir!


  3. He was terrified of me for the first two weeks, but slowly came out from under the furniture, etc. Now he is so bonded to me...

    Not to be callous, GG- but that sounds an awful lot like many of our newbie posters, as well.... :P

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