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  1. Hey, buddy, glad to see you handing out pearls of wisdom once again on the faux Elder Jensen quote thread. Knock 'em dead!

  2. Geeze Selek you are a reputation point machine. Stop making good points. You are making the rest of us look bad.

  3. While I do appreciate the support, I don't think Chaos, Nemesis, or the other powers -that-be want to give me that kind of microphone.

    And they are wise...... ;)

  4. Dang non-editing of comments. Thinks, not things...

  5. Evidently someone things highly of your posts. Perhaps you can be a commentator on the pundit side of things - color commentary.

  6. aw Selek your more than just a common tator

  7. Pundit??? Nah!!!!!

    Commentator? Perhaps......

  8. Man, you have LOTS of reputation points! I think we have a new potential pundit here.

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