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  1. Never been a Laurel, Mai Maid, or Beehive, but I've been a Librarian, Scoutmaster, and Young Men's Councilor. Is Executive Secretary, Clerk, or Nursery Worker on the hit list next?
  2. I think it refers to Stake Relief Society Presidents. The Bishop was the one who called my wife.
  3. The bishops storehouse absolutely is an essential service, it's providing food to those in need. At my particular storehouse they sent home all volunteers over 60 and the whole place is mostly being run by 20 year old missionaries, with some exceptions. It's basically a drive through operation now where the missionaries bring the food orders to your car and even put it in your trunk if needed. You never need to leave your car if that's your concern.
  4. Back to the original flyer, I don't see how a Bishop or any other priesthood authority should "stop it." The flyer does not contain any association with the ward and makes no claim as to operating under the authority of any church organization. I am also a tad bit concerned that people may think that you can only discuss the gospel as a group only under the direction of your local leaders. That (only studying approved materials and in approved venues) IMHO leads into a different kind of apostasy than the kind you might see from more focused "study groups" focusing on particular "gospel hobb
  5. Bankruptcy won't affect the councils, or so the national BSA says. Camps are owned by local councils except the 4 big national ones (philmont, northern tier, sea base, and summit). Because they've had this affiliate setup since before most of the scandals I think they won't pull the local councils into the case. But I'm not a bankruptcy lawyer so reality may not match my expectations.
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