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  1. Read it over again. He was directing it at The Nehor.

    The Nehor can be abrasive, but he can also be kind. He is a jokester much of the time, too.

    And calm down. You're taking things waaaay too personally.


    It is hard to tell what he is meaning in a short statement as he made so I did the right thing and asked without assuming.


    Please do not tell me what I am doing cause you don't know me or what I deal with.


    So, you started the topic in order to generate discussion that you don't need to give any more time and thought to, so thanks anyway?  Why then did you bother?  Just to watch us go into gyrations over it?


    Oh, that's right, this is the Social Hall, and no arguing is permitted.  That's great, I think I will start a topic about how much I like chocolate ice cream then. Who could argue with that? :D


    You wrote:

    As to evidence, there's tons of evidence. I provided some to ERayR. If you've studied it as extensively as you claim, you must know that there have been thousands of pages of scientific papers written that support the Big Bang. So you cannot possibly claim that there's no evidence. Perhaps you can say that you think that every physicist and astronomer who supports the BBT is wrong (which would require you to say that they are ALL wrong -- and that's quite a stretch). But you can't say there's no evidence for it.

    But of course you are correct that the only explanation is God. I completely agree with you -- since God initiated the Big Bang as the mechanism for creating the Universe.

    Let me ask you a question: did God create the Universe, or not?

    I suppose that you would answer that question with a "YES". But what if you answered "NO"? It would then follow that since He did not create the Universe, then the Universe is co-eternal with Him. And this also makes Him NOT the Creator. Since there was no Creation or act of Creation. So let's assume you answered YES.

    But since God did create the Universe, it must needs be that He is the Creator, and he must also exist outside of it (because He couldn't have existed inside something that didn't yet exist). And what did the Universe look like at the moment that God created it? Did He make it so it was all put together looking exactly like it looks now? Or at the moment of creation did it start in some kind of primitive and disorganized state and become more organized over time?

    The question is answered by both the biblical book of Genesis and by Science. Genesis says that in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, the earth being without form, and void, and dark. Then God said "Let there be light," and from that time on things went from unorganized to organized real fast. Plants, then animals, then Man. He didn't do it all at once, but in a very logical order.

    The funny thing about all this is that nothing Science knows about the Universe contradicts a single thing in Genesis. In the beginning, says Science, the Universe didn't exist, not even as a point (active or inactive), until suddenly there was light, and quickly it all started building up from basic materials and energy to the enormous vault of the heavens we see today when we look up at night.


    I started a subject to create the sharing of different insights. This not only helps me, but others better understand the subject matter. I have invested my time in talking about this subject, but there comes a time where it is healthy to close a matter out and move on. This is what I have chosen to do for me with this subject.

    As to the rest of your reply... You are just being rude and insulting without just cause for it. I won’t engage you in such immature behavior. Have a wonderful and bless day.

  3. Okay, there seems to be an over lapping of 2 similar yet different subjects being address here when my post was only addressing one. My fault for not clarifying it.

    I am not talking about a near death experience ( NDE ) as not actually being dead, but having an out of the body experience. I have had one of those in 2006 after a major heart attack. For me, they are real cause I experienced it first hand myself. Never the less, this is not what I was talking about in this post.

    I was talking about people who claim the have actually died and crossed over to the other side ( heaven or hell ) and have come back and shared their stories in the form of books, movies and other money making forms. I don’t believe these people actually died, crossed over, and then came back. If that was true, I would expect them to forgo making money or fame on it and rather have some sort of message or positive to share that did not cause people money to receive it. If these accounts are real, why is it that they seem to all be only willing to share in a medium ( books, movies, so on ) that they can charge for and make money and fame on? Plus, the details at time of such stories seem to greatly contradict scripture. I honestly don’t believe these people are telling the truth and that they are liars and a tool being used by the devil.

    I am not judging others for seeing it differently and not opening up my views for debate. I have said what I wanted and now moving on from this post. End of my “real life experience” story and I made no money off this one or fame. Hmm... Imagine that.

  4. You don't realize how much power you're giving up by denying the Big Bang. I am going to suggest that you get ahold of the book, Why Science Does Not Disprove God by Amir Aczel.  There's a lot there which ought to be help you understand why the Big Bang is the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to destroying atheist arguments which try to bring physics to bear in support of atheism.  The Big Bang is an important part of that.


    Hah. The Big Bang Theory is indeed a theory. And so is the Theory of Gravitation. Yet I don't believe you can discount gravity just because it is a theory. You need to examine the word "theory" and understand what it means. It does NOT mean something that we have groundless faith in. And if you've researched the Big Bang and have concluded that it is false, well, you're deluding yourself. The Big Bang is so true that there isn't a lot else that is just as true. The theory satisfies virtually all the conditions which we have observed and calculated. It is so thoroughly accepted that there is NO other theory of the genesis of the Universe that has any traction whatsoever.


    The only other theory concerning the genesis of the Universe is the Steady State Theory (SST). That theory says that the Universe has existed forever in the same state it is in now, and will continue to exist forever in the same state. Well, if the SST is true then the entire notion of the existence of God goes right out the window. You cannot say that God created the Universe if the Universe always existed. Both ideas are mutually exclusive.

    So, if you insist upon SST, then Atheism triumphs. There is in fact no NEED for God in a Steady State Universe.

    Well, there might be a need, but there's no compelling need to believe there's a God if things have always been the way they are and will stay that way forever and anon.

    Another important point is this: in order to have created the Universe, by necessity God must have been outside it at the time, or, more to the point, just before He created it, it cannot have existed! This is a matter of extreme importance! For, if he was inside it, then it must have already existed. And if it already existed, then He cannot have created it. Hence, creation of the Universe requires God was outside it, and incidentally, that it didn't already exist.

    The only model that satisfies this necessary condition is the Big Bang Theory.


    Who's Sheldon Cooper ? I have the feeling that it involves the TV show entitled "Big Bang Theory", which, thankfully, I have never watched a complete episode of. Thus my brain remains untrammeled and unsullied. :D

    Well, getting back to the Real World again, the Big Bang Theory is in fact the greatest scientific evidence for the existence of God that can possibly be devised.

    I have researched and studied the big bang in depth and concluded it's lacking foundation and actually does go against God being the creator of everything. I have invested time and thought and need to give no more to this matter at this time. Thanks anyways,

  5. My take is one that a lot of people can't grasp.  There never was a before it has always been.  I know that is a hard concept to get ones mind around and I am not sure it can bee done completely but I have gotten to the point that I am comfortable with it.


    Fair enough reply. I don't get your take but it's all good.

  6. Let's get down to brass tacks here. OK?


    The evidence for the Big Bang is overwhelming. While many questions still remain no serious scientist doubts it.

    SEE http://www.big-bang-theory.com/

    SEE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Bang


    The singularity that started it all wasn't inactive it was infinitely hot and infinitely dense. All the known laws concerning matter and energy breakdown at that point. So the best way we have to describe it is the Big Bang. What, if anything, that came before it is at this time unknown, by science.


    A theory is just the best explain of a fact we have so far. IE; The Gravitational Theory is the explanation of gravity. No one serious question the existence of gravity. Newton explained gravity pretty well, Einstein explained it even better for the very large, and Quantum Mechanics explains it even better for the very small.

    However we still don't know exactly what gravity is.

    SEE http://bigthink.com/videos/gravity-doesnt-exist


    By definition science can't posit any God or Godlike force onto science and still have it be science. IOW It is many things but science it ain't. Individual scientists can believe or not believe as is their/your choice.


    My personal choice is to believe is the LDS explanation of God. Others are entitled to disagree.


    Okay. I understand what you have said and for the most part, fully agree with you. However, there is one thing. I have studied Quantum physics and isn't the spectrum of Quantum still based on a theoretical foundation? If so, than even quantum mechanics lack proof of anything before nothing so the logical conclusion for a faith based person ( such as myself ) is the answer to my original question would be God. ( Oh wow... I do sound more and more like Sheldon Cooper. )

  7. I am not LDS / Mormon. I have talked to many who are and been to the church that is very close to my home. I was studying the LDS / Morons to better understand before I drew a conclusion. I didn’t want to be like a lot of people and make an ignorant judgment on what I’ve heard or without direct attempts to become informed. I was and still am a “Doubter” to a degree...However, I was never once made to feel like I was unwelcome by others in the church or the church. Even with my doubts expressed, I was always welcomed in and treated with respect and kindness. I can’t say this is how it works everywhere, but this is exactly how it worked with those I have come in contact with and the church I went to near my home. This is also how I have some Mormons as friends even when I am not one. Just my experience and I’m good with it. :)

  8. Not to be too critical but your logic that the something before had to be God is not self evident. 


    Never claimed it was. Just stating my opinion based on what appears logical to me. What is your take on the answer to my question in this post?

  9. I know God is real. I am living proof of that. When my life failed and I fell, I turned to God and gave my life over to him. It was God or my own self destructions. Ever since that point, my life has changed greatly for the better. This is my prove that God is real. However, I have yet to see any prove these stories of dead to heaven and back again are real or actually happened has they where claimed to. The devil uses every trick to fool us and if we want to believe in something so bad as fact, we will give into that and the devil and be fooled by liars. I am not one of these people. Where is the prove ( not the money, attention, book/movie deals ) that these dead to heaven and back again stories are real?

  10. Ok, I was going to hold on sharing my point for this post and question, but because of some great insightful answers given, I will get to my point on this post.

    I totally agree with what some have said and thus, have to ask how can the “Big Bang Theory” have any factual creditability when it is based on a sudden explosion ( expansion ) of matter, time, and everything else from a single (inactive) point becoming active, and yet have no evidence of what caused it or came before it as in a pre-step to it going boom? The only explanation is God. God was there before nothing ever was including the single point the big bang theory is based on. God proves the big bang theory is just a theory and never a fact based on anything outside of God. Those scientists that say it was a big bang that created everything or started things in motion are wrong. The answer to my strange question proves it. I hope I did not over complicate my thought here, but as usually, I probably did.

    Also, to those who say the big bang is not a theory, but something that has been proven, that would be incorrect. I have searched alot on line about the big bang including NASA’s website and everything shows that the big band is still yet unproven as fact and still remains in a theoretical realm only.

    Also, the answers given to this question help show that atheists are wrong about God not existing. For what causes this Earth and people to come to be if not for God? The big bang? Already shown how that was not the reason behind Earth and people? If atheist are correct and God is not real or here, than it only stands to reason we shouldn’t be real or here either. If there was never nothing before nothing, than there was always something and that something has always been God. Atheist have yet to prove their point as valid on any factual level . They may not want to own up to God’s ways or responsibilities and fear his judgment, but wanting something isn’t prove of anything. They have no prove.

    This is the point of my question and seeking answers to it. To show it is and always was God for how we got here. No big bang anything and no he’s not there anything. God is and always was even before anything and before nothing.

    Okay, I think I way....over thought this. Sorry. ( I sometimes sound like Sheldon Cooper )

  11. Where in the scriptures does it say that they are different? The scriptures do not ever claim that spirits are not synonymous with intelligence. all the arguments presented here are conjecture without doctrinal support. 



    You make a valid point that all arguments presented here conjectures. However, I see them more as a shae and light debate of opinions on the subject. I was disagree with your comment that son and brother are the same thing and given you are the one who posted the first remark, it is on you to show scripture shows your remark as factual. As to my remark, it was not intended to be based on scripture, but logic. If a man is an only child, he can be a son but not a brother. Unless you are referring to a faith family bases, in which case I would be wrong in my opinion and you would be right. 

  12. The doctrine is not clear and many assumptions prevail. I am not convinced that there is a difference between an intelligence and a spirit. To me it is like the difference between being a son and a brother. Two titles for the same person. We require more light and truth on the matter. 


    I disagree with your remark “...To me it is like the difference between being a son and a brother. Two titles for the same person. ...” A son can not always be a brother and a spirit can not always be intelligent. If I only have one child and that is a boy, he is a son, not a brother. So as to a spirit is, but not necessarily intelligent. A spirit is a personality and intelligence is knowledge. There is a clear difference between the two and they don’t necessarily have to combine into one of the same. 

  13. The stars are not actually in the sky. They are outside the realm of the sky in the “outer space” area of the universe. The sky is the area above us that is limited to the boarder of sky and outer space. So he created all the stars that are in the universe cause there are actually none in the sky.

  14. I 100% believe NDE's happen.  I 100% doubt anyone who publishes them is being truthful about their experience.


    In short, I think people come back from beyond the veil.  I don't believe that making money is the goal of such an experience.


    I so agree with you on this. Can you tell this to those who spend hard earn money buying the books and watching the movies about this?

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