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  1. I wonder if any of these companies pay for travel for other types of procedures or medical care. I’ve known a number of people who had to travel to a different state for cancer treatment, for example. I bet none of these companies do that.
  2. Apparently, your hatred for America affects your critical thinking skills.
  3. Many years ago, a relative in her first pregnancy found out her her child was anencephalic. She chose to carry to term, and was induced at the appropriate time. Her baby lived for almost a week. This gave the parents precious time with the baby. Something they cherish to this day.
  4. Way to be ridiculous. D & C does not always equal abortion. I had a D & C after the birth of my child because I retained placenta. Another friend had one after cancer surgery. No pregnancies involved. I could give many more examples. If you’re going to make an argument for either side, do it from truth and facts. I’ve seen this argument frequently from the pro-abortion side. That all D & Cs will be banned because Roe was overturned. What do abortion laws have to do with cancer surgery?
  5. Of course you don’t. Most rude and arrogant people think they’re right. And believe being rude and arrogant is a good thing.
  6. Refusing to address a person by their requested name or pronoun is anything but polite. It is rude and arrogant.
  7. I have no words to describe my feelings at the thought that it’s better to end an innocent life, than it is to end a relationship that is so fragile or abusive that a pregnancy threatens that relationship.
  8. Have you not been paying attention? This is a common belief among abortion advocates. Some even participate on this forum.
  9. I’m flabbergasted at some of the comments in this thread. The baby I carried for nine months was not alive during that time? It was dead? Then why did she have a heartbeat? Why could I feel her kicking and moving? Why did she get the hiccups or suck her thumb? Amazing the the things something dead can do, isn’t it? 🤦‍♀️
  10. The therapist sounds like a jerk. They won’t even call her by her nickname? I don’t understand that attitude in anyone. I’ve encountered people like that before and it’s always baffled me. If someone says they prefer to be called a certain way, whether it’s a name or pronouns, it seems just plain disrespectful not to. What does one seek to accomplish by doing that?
  11. We’ve also been told in this thread that a miscarriage is not the loss of a baby. There’s apparently no baby involved in a pregnancy. That surely must put the lie to the saying “with child”. I guess when people announce their pregnancy by saying “I’m going to have a baby”, they’re simply delusional. And when a couple are grieving after a miscarriage, we should just tell them to suck it up, because there wasn’t any baby involved.
  12. Implying that abortion is okay because a certain amount of miscarriage happens is bizarre. I guess that means it’s okay for me to deliberately kill a person because natural deaths happen.
  13. In other words, you cannot provide the source that you personally used to base your statement on. Got it.
  14. Can you provide your source for this statement regarding miscarriage- “babies dying at rates orders of magnitude above abortion rates”? I’m not finding numbers that support this statement.
  15. My daughter was born with a number of birth defects. All of them existed before I even knew I was pregnant. Yet some will argue that she somehow was not a human being at that stage.
  16. Your posts make no sense. A pregnancy in the Fallopian tube cannot survive. That’s a fact. Even the article you linked states “there is no procedure to save ectopic pregnancies”. A very few states have attempted to call removing an ectopic pregnancy an abortion by attempting to pass idiotic laws not based in science. Ignoring facts to try to pass an “abortion” law that will endanger lives is lying. CFR. Provide documentation of cases whereby women were denied treatment for ectopic pregnancies.
  17. Ectopic pregnancies have nothing to do with abortion. An ectopic pregnancy cannot continue, the baby will not survive past a few weeks, the Fallopian tube will eventually rupture, which can be life-threatening. Intervention must happen. I don’t care if a person is for or against abortion, don’t tell lies to argue your side. Ending an ectopic pregnancy is not an abortion, despite the fact that a couple of states are trying to twist science and the law to make it so.
  18. “Rules encourage deception”? The mental gymnastics some people will go through to justify lying. And always blaming someone else for one’s choices. Then refusing to accept the consequences of said choices. Once again, if you don’t like the rules, or the terms of the contract, don’t enter in to the agreement. I work in contracting. Both parties freely agree to sign the contact. Or not. If either party violates the contract, there are consequences. It boggles my mind that members of the church support lying and deception in order to save money.
  19. I’ve worked at both public and private universities. They all have rules, policies, etc., that students agree to as part of attendance. As do faculty and staff. Students know the deal going in. If they don’t want to abide by it the rules, there are plenty of other schools to attend. Most students have more than one acceptance from which to choose. No coercion involved. I worked at a Catholic university. Some students got all outraged that the Health Center didn’t provide free condoms. Not that it’s anyone else’s responsibility to provide you with free birth control, but to expect a Catholic university to provide it was a special level of stupidity and entitlement. If you’re old enough to have sex, you’re old enough to go to the drugstore and buy your own condoms. it’s pretty simple, actually, the concept of honoring an agreement you’ve freely chosen to enter into. Surprised that some can’t or won’t grasp this, and even think it’s laudable to not live up to your end of the agreement.
  20. The paperwork that the veteran fills out has a place that allows you to choose “an emblem of belief”. Illustrations of the emblems are provided and you choose from there. Various styles of crosses and the angel Moroni are among the choices. Your choice must be made from these, no free-lancing allowed.
  21. You’re very much into victim-blaming, except when you perceive yourself to be the victim. A 10 year old girl was raped and murdered in Wisconsin this week. The perpetrator admitted these were his intentions “from the get-go”. Do you blame her as well? Because, as you say, she could have “probably stopped the behavior”.
  22. No one can answer that last sentence except for Elder Packer. Once again, you fixate on sexual orientation. The sexual orientation of a sexual abuser is irrelevant. A gay person is not exempt from the consequences of their actions simply because of their sexual orientation. Assault is wrong whoever the perpetrator is. In your eyes, taking the gay man to the ground who attempted to sexually assault me was wrong because he was gay and hadn’t yet raped me. But according to your standards, if he had been straight, different rules would have applied. Do the rules differ yet again if the abuser is female? Between gender, sex, sexual orientation, there are a huge variety of possible scenarios, how are are we supposed to know all of the special rules involved? Must we take a complete sexual history of the abuser before we can defend ourselves? I’m not advocating violence. The reality is that words or rules or laws don’t always stop people from doing bad things. Sometimes only physical intervention will stop a bad thing from happening Taking someone to the ground in order to stop an assault- sexual or otherwise - can be the necessary and right thing to do. Sexual orientation shouldn’t even be a factor.
  23. I’m not sure you completely grasp the situation. Also, I don’t believe all the details of the missionary companions situation have been revealed to us, so we cannot actually know if it was a situation wherein “decking” someone might have been necessary in self-defense. You tend to have knee-jerk reactions when it comes to sexual orientation and/or the church.
  24. What I am getting out of California Boy’s post is that unless someone has been raped, physical resistance is not allowed. At least in the case of the aggressor being gay and the victim being straight. Gosh, I didn’t know that when someone was being sexually harassed/intimidated/attempted to assault/assaulted, that we had to inquire about their sexual orientation before being allowed to defend oneself. And that the “allowed” responses depended upon sexual orientation. Is it only the sexual orientation of the offender that matters? Or do the “allowed” responses also vary depending upon the sexual orientation of the intended victim? Does what sex they are factor in? So many rules! A number of years ago I was being sexually harassed and intimidated by a man. He ignored my protestations and took it to the physical. This man was a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier than me. Fortunately, someone else, another man, was in the vicinity and physically intervened. The aggressor was a self-identified gay man in a long-term live-in relationship with another gay man. According to CB, physical intervention was not appropriate because the aggressor was gay and I hadn’t been raped. I wonder if the sexual orientation of the man who intervened mattered? If someone is attempting to touch or is actually touching my body without my permission, I’m damn sure going to use physical tactics to stop them. If someone is doing such to my daughter, I’m damn sure going to use physical tactics to stop them. And I’m not going to inquire about their sexual orientation before I act.
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