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  1. Julie, i just wanted to thank you for your kind words.  But I really feel like I should take a break from this discussion group.  I however strongly object to some of the accusations that have been laid upon me.  I have NEVER said anything bad about church leaders nor the church in general.  If I was still posting, I would ask for a CFR.  But at this point, I think it is best to just let things be.  

    I certainly have voiced my strong opinion on the church policies that have been set up which I feel is an attack on gay families that started from what the church first did in Hawaii in 1995 and I believe continue today.  While I don't agree with the current church policies, I have always stressed that I believe the church has every right to institute any policy it wants upon its members.  I also believe the church does have a right to speak in the public square about any issue it wants, I also believe that they should be held accountable for those actions.  I strongly will challenge any institution that tries to take away the civil rights of others and will continue to do so.  And no I do not believe that the church has received any revelation on how to treat gay members.  

    These issues have totally changed the course of my life.  It is not some abstract policy written for others.  As a result, I am sure I carry a lot of resentment for what the church. has done.  Mostly because I really love the church.  I raised my family in the church.  I support my children and family in their church activities and believe that it enriches their lives.  I served in the church for many years.  Maybe the reason I am most passionate about this issues is because I believe the church has made it pretty impossible for a gay person to be involved in the church.  

    Anyway, Thanks for your kind words.  I am only on this board to listen and understand other peoples perspectives and to give them a perspective that they might not get from other posters here.  When that starts to go sideways, I believe it is time for me to take a break.  Maybe I will rethink that sometime  in the future.  


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