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  1. How is same gender attraction not an affliction, especially for those born LDS? You're dang right there's a huge nurture component to it and the left knows this as well. That's why they're fighting so hard to be able to inculcate their homosexual propaganda to Kindergarten through third graders in compulsory public education. I see plenty of fire and brimstone on the horizon for our culture if they succeed.
  2. It'd be nice if Disney provided a conservative version for American conservatives like they do for China. Why do they not do that given that it would more than likely make them more money?
  3. I didn't say all. I see it happening a lot though. And the right to have sex with anyone or anything at any time while teaching your children to do likewise seems to be where the argument is headed politically. How else do you explain my old companions father deciding he was gay after being married for 25 years and having three kids? He claims he's gay now and not attracted to women. How did he manage to have kids? They didn't have test tube babies and surrogates back then. How does the affliction of same gender attraction persist in the population if not through bisexuals?
  4. No, I just think someone's struggles with same gender attraction should be a private discussion with the bishop. It shouldn't be something that is put up in a pride parade, especially not at Church. And I certainly don't want my kids being taught at church that they might be homosexual. I think most of them just want to be able to have sex with anyone or anything they want. Actually having no attraction for the opposite gender is very rare and has a lot more to do with nurture than it does nature. That's my judgment. If that lacks charity than perhaps you think Jehovah of the Old Testament lacks charity as well. If you've read the scriptures Bluebell, you don't understand them.
  5. Absolutely I would not. What percentage of the exploding number of people who identify as LGBTQ #&$$$(( are as disgusted by the opposite gender as I am of homosexuality? I'd say 0.001% at most. Evolution would dictate that this trait would be selected against. The number of people who come out as gay in society today is due to education and how they're programmed at an early age. The idea that the Church should be placing gay men into leadership callings for young people to turn to and look up to is something I hope never comes to pass.
  6. One of my mission companions came home to find out his parents were divorcing because his Dad decided after 25 years and 3 kids that he was gay. You're telling me that he has no attraction to women? I'm not buying it.
  7. Disney had no problem cutting homosexual scenes when the CCP demanded it. They're not going to show that same courtesy to conservative American parents.
  8. But he has foregone marriage because of his same sex attraction. I guess I don't really understand. Is he really that repulsed by women that he couldn't function in a marriage?
  9. I was just surprised when I read an lds living article in which an openly gay man was serving on the high council. I thought you had to be married in the temple to serve on the high council but apparently not.
  10. Does a man have to be married to serve on the high council? What about a bishop or his counselors?
  11. Isn't that what we're all told to an extent? What about yourself? You're heterosexual and you're not married. Most marriages are either unhappy or end in divorce. We all have to live by faith.
  12. There was a good article from Breitbart that spoke of confusing tolerance with acceptance. It was in response to Maryland public school teachers being bullied into putting a gay pride flag up in their classrooms. Look I'm sorry for your struggles and I don't hate "gay" people. I just don't want them teaching my kids to make the same choices they did. And when society starts forcing people or private businesses to wear pride pins or lose their job, etc. that's way over line and in my opinion a violation of my civil rights and freedom of religion.
  13. But do you believe God will indeed or perhaps should instruct the brethren to do this in the future? Is this what you're yearning for?
  14. Do you think government pressure forced or even influenced the official proclamation ending the practice of plural marriage on earth?
  15. I wasn't saying there was a government mandate. I was just asking Nehor in particular what it might take for the brethren to receive a revelation to give practicing homosexuals the priesthood as they gave blacks the priesthood?
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