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  1. In other words, her perception is colored by her culture. If they didn't actually get whiter, why assume they got darker? Add to that culture affects how we talk about and label things, the idioms we use...the whole alleged skin change could be purely a cultural perception based on a cultural, nonphysical label...all that would be needed to render one group unenticing to another. After all, there is nothing inherent in skin color that makes one less attractive (outside of actual disease), only culture makes it so.
  2. If a person doesn’t truly view it as subjugation, is it? Do they not have the right to define their own experiences? There are those who see any marriage relationship for women as subjugation. If your wife doesn’t see herself as subjugated, do you think it makes sense for these individuals to insist she doesn’t understand her own situation well enough or do you believe she knows her own life and choices best?
  3. Did you see the link to the dissertation providing evidence of Native American claims the horse was not given to them by the Spanish, but here all along? That dissertation has nothing to do with the Book of Mormon.
  4. Unfortunately, the shelter is not commenting until after the litigation and that hasn't happened yet so we have only one side of the story. http://www.kmjnow.com/2018/10/05/poverello-sued-for-protecting-transgender-individual-in-womens-shelter/ This may provide more, adding quickly before reading before I get locked out of the post: https://casetext.com/case/mcgee-v-poverello-house https://www.leagle.com/decision/infdco20190702774 This doesn't really make sense to me. If a biological woman was doing this to other women, would this not be against the law?
  5. Looks like I used the wrong search terms in my first search they only pulled up the report. Went a bit vaguer and got a hit, wonder why they didn't give the details...possibly because the transgender community isn't responding with outrage about the lawsuit? https://abc30.com/3514544/
  6. Given that other incidents had names or places attached to them, I would like to see an actual report with such details before accepting this as an actual occurrence. I am not saying it didn't happen, but given the evidence of transgender being attacked themselves, it needs to be established as solid fact to be used in an argument that such incidents are not just fears, but actual occurrences.
  7. Roger K Young seemed more mainstream to me, but that may be just because I had to dust his books when I worked at a church bookstore in 2001-2. He had predicted, iirc, a Y2K disaster...can't remember if there was anything specific about it, so his books a few years later were obviously faulty at least in that area. Who would buy them if he got that prediction so wrong? Don't remember ever selling any, but we had a lot, so at one time they would have been popular since that was how books were ordered (how well they sold in the last several months).
  8. Yeah...I am just not seeing this happening. Leaders have too much to keep track of to register this. And the books are being kept in the home so who are the leaders 5 years from now correcting when the first version gets taken from the shelf to use as a reference for FHE or whatever? I added to my post above, my experience dealing with new and out dated materials as a ward librarian, getting people to follow basic policies....pretty slim. Having one set policy (insert online info into book) as opposed to two (ignore book or throwaway book and get replacement) makes it more likely imo t
  9. For background on the movement Daybell is involved in, this Facebook page is excellent...and disturbing: https://m.facebook.com/1557462021236368/posts/2504032356579325/
  10. They need to return them to the leaders who keep count at the very least if they want to replace them. Otherwise there is no way to ensure they are dumped instead of put on the shelf as a backup copy. The effort won't count for much if what results is more confusion by having for many families and maybe even ward libraries two almost identical copies out there with no indication of what was done wrong in one of them. My approach may be from 15 years off and on being ward librarian and trying to talk people into disposing of out of date, but usable materials.
  11. This isn't a business where leaders can exact penalties for noncompliance. There is no way in creation those books which have been handed out worldwide in urban and rural areas most likely (assuming nonEnglish have the same text translates) are going to even close to be mostly returned in order to be destroyed.
  12. For those critics that complain the Book of Mormon imposes its beliefs on Native Americans taking away their special accomplishments and yet insist they got the horse from the Spanish as the horse is an anachronism in the BoM... Want to see this documentation. This is similar to the Johnson paper Dan is referencing.
  13. What is strange to me is when it comes from people who personally don't view the scriptures in such a literal fashion, but they insist that literal black skin has to be viewed as the Church's official interpretation.
  14. If they are recalled and reprinted, there will be no real need to talk about the error ever again even though if the manuals are passed out already as they are, there is a huge chance a good portion, maybe even a majority won't be returned as they will be forgotten one or two Sundays and then they get mixed up with the new manuals and so the hassle of trying to figure out which goes back as one is trying to get the kids in the car, etc....well, it goes to backburner and then forgotten. And then when the new manual gets lost or gets babyfood on it or chewed by the dog, there is the 'perfectly
  15. You are capable of being sick from people pretending to suffer and yet you deny the ability of Saints at that time to feel the same way when seeing the reality? Why is it so hard for you to imagine that even people with messed up ideas about superiority or twisted beliefs that 'blood' should not be mixed, can still care about another human being enough to want to protect them from physical harm. That is rather sick to condemn an entire generation based on your own feelings...but we should give you a pass because you are all emotional and in pain because you watched a dramatization that l
  16. I also believe that this means beyond our ability to recover from after having access to the Atonement postmortality, so one shouldn't judge another as choosing pleasure or wickedness or whatever over the Gospel if they reject the Church or lose faith. I have just seen too many I can't see as having a fair chance at knowing what the truth of the Gospel is as well as the inability to make the best choice each time...which would mean we are all failing our tests if nothing in this life is too much for us. For example, a child who grew up in a family of drug addicts or compulsive eaters....
  17. Just to be clear, Dan Peterson is summarizing Daniel Johnson's paper which cites Steve Jones's papers but deals with more. My quote is also from that paper, one of the times he refers to Jones' research. The rebuttal I linked to was specific to Jones' work, iirc it didn't deal with Johnson's paper, I would need to go back and see what besides the bones overlapped. So iirc the rebuttal will not address all of .Johnson's points and therefore may miss some of Dan's.
  18. Sunslight: Could you point out the specific verses in 128 that state those in hell can only go free through repentance and vicarious baptism? Hell is only mentioned once and I am not seeing anything else jump out at me, but since I am about to go to bed and am dozy, happyto be corrected. And does this mean to you those who were baptized already who are in hell are stuck there perpetually since we don't do proxy for those who received it in mortality? I assume you point to this part of sec 138 to support your point:
  19. I thought Johnson's paper had a good discussion including a map with years of citings on the strange, spread out appearances of the pinto and other multicolored horses so quickly after the arrival of the Spanish horses, of which solid colors were preferred, plus heavier numbers on stallions rather than mares and apparently they kept close track of them, recording deaths in battle and dinner pot and actual losses of the mounts. I would be interested in hearing horse breeding experts to see how fast a herd of the multicolored favored by the NA's would be able to be developed from a stallion
  20. So you disagree with the revelation or do you believe prophets have misinterpreted the scripture? And if the latter, how could prophets go so wrong since not only are they guided by the Spirit, but scripture is simple in your view? https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/scriptures/gs/hell?lang=eng
  21. I am not seeing much attempt at understanding themselves by those putting up these quotes time and time again. More often they are acting as if they understand others' hearts and intents and therefore have the right to judge others without any examination of what similar behaviours and views they might have against others. There is a difference between using history to explore the human experience and to try to put ourselves with humility in others' situations and using history to stand on a pedestal, certain in our judgment, and condemn others for failing your standards.
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